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for Pipe Dream

3/15 c34 Kyr
Time for Mirage to truly live up to his given name and possibly be all politician, family, spy, religious leader….
Thank you for sharing.
2/12 c32 Kyr
Mirage is out of detention center but thoughts and movements are more monitored. You truly do weave a story.
Thank you for sharing.
10/11/2022 c25 Kyr
Book clubs everywhere can be so complicated.
Enjoying your always, thank you for sharing.
7/26/2022 c20 Kyr
Delightful parental units. Thank you for sharing.
7/7/2022 c10 Kyr
I like the bit about Jazz. Nicely done.
Thank you for sharing.
7/7/2022 c7 Kyr
I am enjoying the development of your story. It will be interesting to see how Mirage reconciles himself as a spy and as a caregiver to the spark.
Kudos…never would have read this fandom but absolutely love your writing. Once again, it is the writer, not the fandom that can weave a story well.
Thank you for sharing.
7/6/2022 c3 Kyr
Although it has been a very long time since I have even crossed these cartoons, I am excited and enjoying your story.
Thank you for sharing.

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