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6/8 c15 AlejandraSI
Hola, esta historia es maravillosa!
Donde puedo leer el resto?
5/16 c1 06SRR
Donde se puede leer el resto de la historia?
5/11 c1 Guest
Tu historia es preciosa, me cautivo,lastima que esta solo hasta el capitulo 15,si es posible me gustaría saber donde encuentro el resto de la historia gracias
3/12 c15 Anne Petrelli
Ay no, que nervios.
Que le diría Darcy a Anne, le hablaría sobre Lizzy o sobre su padre, no puedo esperar hasta que actualizen, y espero que lo hagas pronto.
3/10 c15 MedeaRossini
Me encanta, me siento muy ansiosa esperando los siguientes capítulos.
3/9 c15 LouBrasil
Por favor, esta história está disponível só até o 15º capítulo?
Aqui, para mim, não tem mais sequência.
Suas histórias são profundamente apreciadas, deveria ter uma maneira de torná-las permanentes.
Obrigada por proporcioná-las.
3/9 c10 LouBrasil
Li e reli esta história todas as vezes que esteve disponível.
A cada leitura, fica mais envolvente.
Obrigada por compartilhar.
3/7 c15 Sooty85
I only recently found this story and have read it all in one go so far. It is a marvellous story which I’m thoroughly enjoying. I can’t wait to read the rest :~)

Such a turn of events between pre-memory loss and post-memory loss Darcy. He was a prideful unpleasant snob to start with but he gradually changed in time with the merchants company where he learned to appreciate them. His falling in love with Lizzy was magic !
Sadly after the accident which caused him forget Lizzy and the life he had made whilst staying in the home of his father’s mistress.
He reverted to the man he was previously only this time I found him to be an even worse snob than befor.
Deeply unpleasant and critical of nearly everything.
Poor Lizzy who never knew what had happened to her ‘William’ to finally meet him again only it’s his other horrible persona ‘Fitzwilliam instead.
She is heartbroken.

When he sees Wickham in Meryton, he clearly despises him, but I was surprised he go after him for the attack on him in Ramsgate. So I was wondering did he even know it was Wicky who hit him ?

So Jane, I understand why she doesn’t like arguments, but she has become this weak, spineless and miserable creature allowing the absolutely vile Caroline (plus Louisa who’s almost as bad) to rule her life and her home. I should have sympathy for her I suppose, but I don’t..
I struggle with people who don’t stick up for themselves.

Bingley is nice but also spineless and weak, letting Caro rule the roost. He should have taken her to task years ago. Maybe he will soon, although I wouldn’t count on it.
First thing he should do is kick Caro out of his home, Mr Hurst should do the same. Her dowry could be released and she can get an apartment of her own.

Now at Rosings I can’t wait to find out what Anne has to say to Fitzwilliam, who was a changed man and full of love last year. Does Anne know’ about Lizzy ?
[Love what a sweet, loving and doting Papa Collins is, what a lovely surprise ;~) ]
3/6 c15 liysyl
I really love this story poor Lizzy and Darcy with so many conflicting emotions. I am looking forward to the talk with Anne. Thanks for sharing your twist.
3/5 c1 3Ldibo
De todas tus historias esta es mi favorita. Me encanta que este en español
5/21/2022 c1 ChrisM0519
I tried to post this for Chapter 3 on your English version but it won't take:

Oh, we all know you're the very talented author of the Spanish version.

I do really hope we eventually find out why Darcy, Sr. was so cold to his children. Was his secret life and wife so important to him that his children were something he could turn his back on and ignore?

Normally, I would understand Elizabeth's feelings toward Mr. Thompson but if she knew the real truth about the man, she would be kinder.
5/4/2022 c1 LC-elsie
I already posted a comment to this chapter on the English version. I came to this Spanish version and translated it so I could leave another comment. A "guest" who read your English version made a comment about pronouns... his and her. As English is NOT your first language we understand how things like can happen and accept it. I may notice on occasion that the correct pronoun is not used, but I continue reading and it does not bother me in the least. I believe I speak for most of us who love your stories. Please do not be bothered by comments like the "guest" made. She/he does NOT speak for the rest of us.
4/8/2022 c1 Joan G. Brand
I did use the translator for this story! I didn't I would get to read it because it was taken down. I least I got to read the first chapter! Elizabeth doesn't know what happened to Darcy and that he lost the memory of the last year of his life?
4/1/2022 c1 liysyl
Great chapter I always love to reread your awesome stories. Thanks for sharing.
3/31/2022 c1 Luisa Castro Cascante
Hola. Iba por el capítulo 17. Y ahora ya no funciona.
Sé que lo ibas a bajar por eso iba leyendo rapidísimo.
Pero ni así me salve. :#
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