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5/1 c16 DogMonday
Did it again, pressed the button on my little teleohone too fast. I blame it on the heat in my whereabouts...;-)!

What I wanted to add is that you should remember your ability to really structure a good story. Therefore I dare to say that I’m a bit hesitant about the ”cliffhanger” in this chapter, it does not function as such. To me a cliffhanger should turn the story to some extent. We have heard a number of times that Anne probably has answers, and further, this is the third chapter we hear that Rilla will ask her. And then Rilla asks her. What kind of cliffhanger is that? To me a cliffhanger would have been either that Rilla wouldn’t have known whether to ask or not or if Anne unexpectedly had revealed something or -best - a line with a reaction of some kind from Anne (”Mum leapt out of the sofa/ Mum’s eyes narrowed/ Mum’s smile died/ died/ Mum beamed”) or whatever giving a small indication of the start of the new ride your are taking us on. I yawned rather than I opened my eyes wide. Pls understand I’m saying this only because this was a rare occurrence in your stories

I’m abroad for the first time since the pandemic started. I’m still within wi-fi reach, but will tomorrow travel into something which is closer to ”middle of nowhere”. So no reviews from me for one or two weeks. Promise to be back, wouldn’t miss your story!
5/1 c16 DogMonday
This chapter brings us into an Ingleside we recognize, which is nice. Walter is both canon-compliant and further developed and his boyfriend seems nice and interesting. Anne is how Anne should be, although Rilla is so distant. And at least Walter acknowledges that Rilla’s ability to recognize magic is a sort if magic in itself. Basically it is a very nice chapter but not without surprises.

One thing I really admire in your stories is your sbimity to structure them, so there is both a flow and an obvious development. This goes irrespective of if the story has chapters with separate and closed events or there are more of cliffhangers. This story has more of cliffhangers but again, it functions either way. I want to remind you of all these
4/27 c16 47Tinalouise88
I enjoyed this chapter, its nice to see another part of Rilla's life and more of where she came from and her siblings.

Walter seems interesting for sure, studying witchcraft and all. Especially given he most likely knows the animosity between fairies and witches. So it's definitely and interesting choice to make for himself. But it makes me wonder potentially common for males born to fairies to maybe try out once or twice in their life to try and understand their mothers or sisters. That aside, I always support a gay Walter, because I feel like it does suit him in modern times with his poetry writing of canon. Patrick seems nice enough, but I did have a same chuckle and I know its a different name and just a coincidence( nothing more) in my mind but both of them knowing Professor Ryerson just made me think of my own Rye, and also just of Ryerson University in general. It just made chuckle to myself that is all

I don't quite think Rilla's past with her family is under the bridge just yet, but my god I know how she's feeling to a degree anyway. I know what its like to love your family but also be extremely hurt by them in way they don't potentially understand. How parents never see it as you did, or just have completely separated events or forgotten things that happen when we were children. One can hope its never intentional, and I don't think Anne would ever cause her children pain intentionally. Though I am curious about only displaying magic at her birth and but never again. Or how her magical radar was never used to encouraged her self acceptance in having magic, because it is magic.

And I know leaving Ken out of the details is mainly to keep the whole, I've made friends with a witch out of the story for her mother, but part of me is giddy because it also feels like she likes him enough to not have her mother go off on her potentially falling in love with a witch. Though I wonder what Anne would do if Owen called Anne somehow to relay a message to Rilla about something!
4/27 c16 7Parnokianlipstic
Ingelside! Yay!

How wonderful chapter!

first there is Pat, and then Walter, who is not only a queer, but also engaged in witchcraft (aside: I love your Walter, and of course he and Pat go to Rainbow Valley, and of course the Blythes accept Walter, and Pat, but witchcraft, well...)

You write a wonderful gentle Ingelside, and of course a cake, and a tea, and a polite conversation. Anne's and Rilla's encounter was moving, and very lightly, but at the same time profoundly, you opened Rilla's own experiences of her youth, "the wrining magic out" that Anne denied, but Rilla could indeed experience those situations completely differently, as it turned out in this pov, though we readers do not know exactly what it is all about, yet..

And a gorgeous Cliffhanger-style ending, Does Anne know anything, and if so what? How much information have possible has been filtered through the matrilinear-generations of oral-traditions by Fairies?
4/27 c16 18Alinyaalethia
Hello Pat! I recognise you from one of the better TBaQ stories! Was his twin Jill? I do recall there was a twin but I’ve never reread anything except the vignettes, so...

Anyway, he seems lovely. Oblivious to the whole witch feud thing maybe, which is fair enough. He wouldn’t be the first one. Though it might have been nice to forward him, just because I feel his panic when he suddenly thinks the family might not be okay with him and Walter. Come, spend the weekend, my family can meet you followed by ‘don’t let on’ to the sister would be all kinds of confusing! Though I do like the idea that Walter is just sort of not fully present the way so many writers can be. (Me. Guilty as charged!)

Interesting that Walter isn’t a dwarf. His poetry could have made him a candidate. But I forget if that is heritable? Sorry, know you explained this. See above about absent minded writer syndrome! But anyway, they make a very lovely couple, and I like that not just Walter but also Rilla is quick to clear up what the thing we can’t talk about is.

Walter as some kind of magical anyway is a nice spin on Walter as Weirdly Sacrificial Symbol. As you say, he was always a bit other worldly in canon with his visions and his...say, is *Gertrude* a fairy?! Would that explain her dreams? Is she at least a psychic vampire?!

Mothers and daughters, eh? We talk to each other the way we would no one else. Very irritating. My mother always tries to find this funny and I keep saying that just because she read a book proving this to be a thing, does not mean she needs to perpetuate it! I love how you handle Rilla and Anne here. They obviously love one another, but there is a lot in between them that makes it complicated. I believe Anne when she says she doesn’t want to reopen old wounds but I also believe Rilla about them remembering stuff differently. (My mum has a book about that, too. It might even be another Deborah Tannin one. Might be Oliver Sacks. I am 90% sure Anne read it.)

Oh, and loved all the fun Cannon references, like the cake embarrassment! That one really tickles me because of the fairy/food association in fairytales. I too would be mortified to carry a cake in public if people were going to go around suspecting me of bamboozling them into spending forever in a hidden pocket realm!

Now, does Anne know about fives?
4/26 c16 4OriginalMcFishie
Mothers and daughters. What one thinks is helpful and encouraging, the other finds insensitive, demanding and ultimately not enough. Its clear however that Anne doesn't think Rilla is magical, and I'm guessing know about the fifths
4/26 c16 Andrea1984
Interessant, interessant.
Walter ist homosexuell und hat einen/den Freund Patrick mitgebracht.

Wer ist Hannah?
Was hat sie mit Di zu tun?
Freundin? Frau ? Tochter?
Gute Frage.

Jem und Faith sind verheiratet, haben einen Sohn.

Was ist mit Nan und Jerry und Una und Joy?

Rilla ist fast unhöflich, wie sie Anne unterbricht.
Doch in diesem Fall geht es wohl nicht anders.

Weiß Anne wirklich was über die Fünf?
Oder versucht sie, absichtlich zu verhindern, dass Rilla mehr darüber erfährt?
Oder ist Anne tatsächlich ahnungslos?

Es bleibt spannend, wie immer.
4/23 c15 DogMonday
So Rilla is in Glen. At home. She actually acknowledges that this is home because she has never developed roots anywhere else. She describes Glen as a place, as something she sees. But home is so much more. It is seasons, the way dusk or dawn sets in, sounds, fragrances, everything around us that we register with all our senses, often subconciously. But most of all it is people important to you. That does not necessarily mean biological family, but people with long and deep relationships. I won’t go as far as to claim that Mary Vance is home to Rilla but I would claim that the Blythe family is, and of course also Carl and maybe other people in the Manse. Rilla might not agree, at least not yet, but I think and maybe hope she will get there.

Then she also reasons around the people inhabiting Glen, often for generations. They are apparently all odd and that is why the Blythe’s can hide their peculiarities in the this small town. But excuse me, what are ”normal people”? When people claim they are normal and others are odd, that is often when trouble begins. I’d would prefer to say that we are all different and that should be seen as beneficial to all of us.

This was a calm chapter but something tells me we within a couple of weeks are in for a ride. I’m so much looking forward to that ride and also to the Blythe family.. Especially Gilbert of course ;-)!
4/22 c15 OriginalMcFishie
Edinburgh is gone and Rilla is firmly back in her small town. If there is any doubt, Mary is there to remind her like a sentry keeping an eye on all who comes and goes. Rilla feels quite young here, visiting Carl to get the courage she needs to go home. What has happened that makes facing Anne so difficult?
4/21 c14 OriginalMcFishie
I get a real 'Nancy Drew Mystery' sense here. Ken and Rilla are now definitely friends, bonded by the mystery they uncover, doing what they need to do to get to the answers. (Like holding hands. Necessary to get them to where they needed to be and not a hint of romance, though it may come back to their mind later, a reminder of how natural it felt). The time in the library was necessary to do the research but I think they both always knew at some level they needed to go to the deepest source of history and knowledge - that which is passed down from mother to daughter. Buckle up for a home coming Rilla!
4/20 c15 7Parnokianlipstic
An excellent description, and indeed Glen seems to be in a place that time forgot.

That line about the various oddness of the people of the Glen was funny, because indeed, each of them has its own specialties, and certainly more in your hands.

So I wonder if Mary Vance is coming, and that cameo, and the conversation was very true to form, it’s true that the two of them never really see anything the same way, even though Mary has a golden heart, under all her exaggeration.

I adored your description of Glen from different angles, and Rainbow Valley, all the endless shades, of childhood, and Rillas complicated feelings towards her growing up in the Glen, always trying to fit, and somehow not, shades of Annes presence, was very vivid almost haunting, and here you really brought up the bond between Carl and Rilla, they have an almost short hand, in terms of how they read each other, it was obvious in the past, but in this chapter it really shines.
And Carl’s gentle teasing was perfect, and of course Methodisth Manse is probably more fascinating as a rat form.
4/20 c15 47Tinalouise88
So not much to really say, but I’m tired and a tad hungover from last nights concert and ice cream. But I’m glad Rilla went home or had enough in savings for everything. By the way she was thinking about rent earlier I thought she was going to have to ask her parents for help or something but glad that she didn’t have to.

I guess we’ll see more of the Blythes next week though I get her hesitation with family to a degree. Plus hopefully get some answers for things some!
4/19 c15 Guest
Here’s keeping my fingers crossed for some middle-aged Gilbert scenes next! Would be interesting to explore how he’s dealt with vein magic-adjacent all these years. Did Anne effectively hoodwinked him into this? Hmmmm! Also... Rilla/Walter interactions. They were truly special in canon.
4/19 c15 18Alinyaalethia
Oh god, does anyone want to feel 13 again? But it’s kind of the perfect encapsulation of what going home entails. You are however old you were the last time you were there and you’d better believe your parents treat you accordingly.

Mary is amazingly herself even in modern life. I see Rilla still doesn’t like her and without a Jims to save I’m not holding my breath for a change. I love all the observations about Glen life though. It really doesn’t seem like the obvious spot to hide out but the gossip and protectiveness of everyone and their dog working in their favour is kind of the perfect cover. Especially if it’s one of those little pockets where stuff is just strange generally. Small towns have a singular flavour and you do a nice job rendering this one.

Verily glad to see Carl and Rilla friends again. Let’s face it - a week ago ribbing her about Ken and his nice manners might have ended with an eviscerated Carl. Seeing them laugh and joke together again pleases me. Especially since there was fault on both sides. It’s obviously the kind of friendship that withstands acknowledging this kind of thing though. I approve. I sort of also love how blasé Carl is about their lack of funds and that apparently they are still no ads together. Very, very curious to watch them get answers. If fairies are capricious I feel like those answers might have strings attached...
4/19 c15 Andrea1984
Rilla ist in Glen. Zurück in der "alten Welt", die sie eigentlich schon verlassen hat.
Vielleicht stößt sie gerade hier auf eine richtige Fährte des Weges?

Mary Vance spielt mit und Rosemary auch.
Ich mag beide Frauen auf ihre Arten.

Möglicherweise könnte Mary Vance eine der Fünfe sein? Über ihre Herkunft ist wenig bekannt, je nach Canon oder deiner Interpretation.

Interessant ist auch, dass du Joy oft am Leben lässt.
Ein Klischee gut und schön, doch bitte übertreibe das nicht, sonst wird es nur langweilig.

Was wohl Ken unternimmt, während Rilla in Kanada ist?
Man wird es nicht so schnell erfahren, wenn überhaupt.

Zu Carl habe ich schon alles gesagt, bzw geschrieben, in vorigen Reviews.
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