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4/19 c15 Andrea1984
Rilla ist in Glen. Zurück in der "alten Welt", die sie eigentlich schon verlassen hat.
Vielleicht stößt sie gerade hier auf eine richtige Fährte des Weges?

Mary Vance spielt mit und Rosemary auch.
Ich mag beide Frauen auf ihre Arten.

Möglicherweise könnte Mary Vance eine der Fünfe sein? Über ihre Herkunft ist wenig bekannt, je nach Canon oder deiner Interpretation.

Interessant ist auch, dass du Joy oft am Leben lässt.
Ein Klischee gut und schön, doch bitte übertreibe das nicht, sonst wird es nur langweilig.

Was wohl Ken unternimmt, während Rilla in Kanada ist?
Man wird es nicht so schnell erfahren, wenn überhaupt.

Zu Carl habe ich schon alles gesagt, bzw geschrieben, in vorigen Reviews.
4/19 c14 Guest
I hope we get to see Rillas family. Im excited to read about them !
4/18 c14 Guest
Is Rilla really going home?
4/16 c14 DogMonday
Wow, I love that invisible high-lighter! I have read a fair amount of heavy educational as well as professional texts in my life, and such a high-lighter would really have spared me time, energy and long, late nights. Indeed a creative invention! To be able to take out and put back books or other things in an orderly manner without having to carry them also seems really helpful. As my renovation works are coming to a close and I have to start putting all utencils and other things back in place, such a magic tool would be just wonderful!. Witches seem to have more practical use of their magic, fairies’ magic so far seems to be more about punishing or cursing somebody?

This brings us to what the Fifth power is in Rilla’s case. The idea of Wood or Metal not only seems farfetched, it is far to concrete in my view. I think it is something more abstract, more related to the mind. But difficult to figure out more in detail.

I don’t quite get why Anne will have something to tell Rilla now when the family has been struggling to get some magic out of Rilla for years? And will Rilla go alone to Canada or will Ken come along? If so, how will he be received by the Blythe family and not least by Anne? I would imagine even less friendly than Owen was towards Rilla, as fairies seem to be more prone to hold grudges.

This is a week when all the major monoteistic religions hold important celebrations. Such a coincidence doesn’t happen every year. We ser a lot of additional violonce occuring because of that in different countries. I would like the Fifth power to try to adress that and other hateful interaction.

Take care!
4/15 c14 47Tinalouise88
I am a little disappointed that there is no fairy court or court of the Fae that the fairy resides in. Mostly I would think because fairies can be flighty or temperamental they would be governed by some sort of Fae to keep them in check? Even when most things are just passed down from mother to daughter there has to be some sort of defining consensus of laws for fairies? It seems really disastrous for each fairy family to have their own rules?

If I let my mind run away with me I can see some fairy court being a modern-day spa-like place with a large garden and pools of water. Or maybe it was just the desire for Ken to walk into the court of the faeries as a witch? Or that's what fairies do at those magical conferences! just relax and bathe about discussing fairy things?

Though it seems Shakespeare really got it all wrong in a midsummer's night dream in this world, didn't he? Titania and Oberon were my favourite character in Shakespeare, possibly because of the names, but it is one of the few plays I enjoy by the author. But I wonder what fairies think about his fairies now!

Covens and councils for witches are common enough. This style of one definitely gives me some vibes from the watchers from Buffy so that is fun! meddlesome, strict and more of a nuisance at times they were! And the libraries are always fun. I do love a good library and the smell of old books. Though it seems like that doesn't give much of a lead for Rilla and Ken at this point. Though I do enjoy a good fake girlfriend moment, fleeting as it is!
4/15 c14 18Alinyaalethia
Somewhere Puck’s namesake us very sad at his court not existing any more. I know you have made this very original, so it sort of makes sense there’s no fairy high court, especially if they are basically ungovernable whimsy, but still. Is there not a whimsical court you can wander in to once when a month is all Sundays and the moon is gibbous? Oh, and talking of Puck, what do fairies think if Shakespeare? What does Anne think?! His fairies are most definitely capricious. Is he a special lineage?

You brought back lo s of memories or he national library and poetry and cake excursions, so that hat as fun. Once we neatly lost Gavin, and he had elf ears. Genuinely. They looked like elf ears. He married a lovely girl enough had them too and I remain convinced they were elves because all pictures since gave been if their wildernessy adventures.

These two are also drifting inexorably towards the other side of friendship. Not in a hurry or anything, but that would seem to be where they are ambling.

The fifth element remains intriguing. So far none if their research has born fruit, but they do have some answers. And I’m looking forward to learning more eventually.
4/15 c13 Alinyaalethia
I can see how that he reveal that you are secretly potentially really quite dangerous might be, shall we say, a bit much. Ken does a good job lending an ear, and I’m pleased he gets her to reach out to Carl again. Even if she immediately switches the phone off afterwards. But hey, progress is slow. And chocolate is always a good idea, so that’s not a bad way to process bombshells about power levels either.

I am amused by the way Rilla continually sidesteps the classic tropes. I mean, I get it, I wouldn’t be climbing into bed with this one on minimal notice either, but I might have taken up the offer if a mattress ;) I like creature comforts, me. But Rilla is also acutely aware of how dependent she is on Ken, so I can see why she’d want to keep that to a minimum where possible.
4/15 c12 Alinyaalethia
The thick plottens! I neglected to mention that I enjoyed seeing more of a theory fleshed out last chapter, so will fold it in here. The vampire is quite a lot of fun. I enjoy her curmudgeonlyness and the fact she borrows her name from the elderly gossip in Sense and Sensibility.

Now, if only someone could explain Rilla’s powers to her, hmm? I’m not saying we need the obligatory nineties training montage, but she might appreciate it. But I’m enjoying the way you ration the answers. And Ken certainly can be charming. This maps with Cannon but it’s a different way to spin it, chatting with ancient vampires!
4/15 c11 Alinyaalethia
Oh god, that takes me back. Having watched my share of vampire stuff, I’m about 90% convinced bad music taste is up there with outdated fashion choices as part of the job description. Also, love seeing Miss Cornelia’s catchphrase make an appearance.

No interview with the vampire! This is very sad. But perhaps next chapter if I look hopeful? Anyway, you make it up with an excellent description of that B&B. It reminds me of that Gilmore girl’s episode with the horrifyingly kitsch inn. Road trip to Harvard? But anyway.

Ken and Rilla seem to be developing - dare I call it a friendship? I love the only sort if affected despair at the idea they actually have a hole army on their hands and the way they start finding the humour. And Ken fessing up to the alarm spell makes for more fun. A necessary evil, as Rilla observes.
4/13 c14 7Parnokianlipstic

Archive and library atmosphere perfect.

I almost smell the dust from Ken's books. Extremely handy highliter, a kind of keyword index. Even if in real life there was something similar for archival trips, without databases.
Because I just watched Killing Eve Season 4 to the end, I immediately began to think of witch-conclaves, and secret societies, and shadowy goverments.

Rilla’s and Ken’s relationship seems to be taking relatively fast but at the same time slow steps, and fake-girlfriend, intimacy of handholding, to gain credibility, but their friendship is still very tentative stages.

You interestingly continue to creating fun fairy mythology. I like the idea that history has passed down as an oral tradition, matrilinearly through the centuries.

Best wishes!
4/12 c14 Andrea1984
Langsam entwickelt sich die Handlung und nimmt Fahrt auf. Ich bin überrascht.
Ken hilft Rilla so gut er kann, doch sie misstraut ihm nach wie vor und ist - leider - sehr nachtragend. Armer Ken.

Wie soll man in einer öffentlichen Bibliothek etwas finden, wenn es das überhaupt gibt, dass streng geheim ist ? Klarer Fall von nicht mitgedacht, ähnlich wie Harry Potter aus der gleichnamigen Buchreihe.

Was hat Rilla gegen ihre Mutter ? Und warum sollte gerade die ihr helfen ?

Ken ist der gute und Carl ist der böse, dafür kenne ich deine Fanfictions inzwischen zu genau, auch wenn du versuchst, mich auf eine falsche Fährte zu führen.

Eine Antwort von dir ist wohl zuviele verlangt, ebenso wie eine Anredeform zu Beginn und eine Grußformel am Ende. Daher spare ich es mir.

Was ist aus der versprochenen Fortsetzung von "DarkCloud" geworden ? Ich wollte dich nur daran erinnern, falls du es vergessen hast.
4/10 c13 DogMonday
It seems I lost part of the last sentence in the second paragraph. I meant to say that maybe they should have formulated or phrased the questions more in depth before heading to the llibrary.
4/10 c13 DogMonday
Not much happens in this chapter but obviously Rilla and Ken are heading for something, at least according to the title of the chapter. In the meantime they continue to take their bantering to a higher level in the most subtle manner. In between all the chocolate and the interiour decoration we get to know some few things of interest. Ken had a girl-friend named Vanessa (human according to Persis?) who broke up with him and moved out with some of the furniture. He is trying to understand the relationship between Rilla and Carl, but does not quite get it. Andnot only is Rilla afraid of Anne, although she has not explained fully why, but Ken is also afraid of Leslie! Obviously they are afraid for different reasons.

But I missed something in this chapter. Rilla has just been told something absolutely life-changing. How come they don’t get into a real conversation on what this means? They start on such a conversation but somehow both seem equally happy to let it go in the midst of all this chocolate. They must be wondering not only of the history and background of the Fifth, but also what it will mean for Rilla, how it will affect her and her life. At least we know it is the witches’ library next. Hopefully they will find something there. But maybe they should have formu

So there is a connection between Rilla’s Fifth power and. Ken’s Witch power. Different groups need each other. We need to be constantly reminded of that.
4/10 c13 4OriginalMcFishie
Road trip! Personally I like road trips . You are there until you arrive and it gives you all sorts of opportunities to bind, which is what seems to be happening here. Rillas family must be frantic knowing the danger she is in and having no contact (though no doubt thet have other ways of knowing she is fine). It feels as if Rilla is finding her own way here , even more a person in the own rite than before, and settling into an easy friendship with Ken. (bonding over chocolate is always a good idea). I like that they are both working together, albeit frim different perspectives, to work this mystery out and support each oher- colluding over not telling Lesley Rilla slept on the couch firmly puts them in space of their own. I'm curious what the archives will reveal
4/5 c13 47Tinalouise88
I suppose it is a head-rolling turn for Rilla to even grasp fully yet, but she hasn't fainted or panicked about it yet which is a good sign I suppose. Though Ken seems to be very nonchalant about it all as well, not sure if that's just him mimicking her in a way to keep her calm or if he's just in over his head as well. Though he is right, chocolate fixes a plethora of things!

Rilla's fairly is strong-willed to not turn her phone on ever in the past three days, but it's not like she needs it for directions or anything with Ken knowing his way around. I'm sure her whole family is going bonkers along with Carl.

While I am rooting for some sort of bad storm and nightmare to have one of the seekings out the other in the middle of the night. I am pretty sure that is just me dreaming about romance, I do have some random feeling like one of her siblings will be showing up in England to bring Rilla home or try anyway or something or another.
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