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4/10 c13 DogMonday
Not much happens in this chapter but obviously Rilla and Ken are heading for something, at least according to the title of the chapter. In the meantime they continue to take their bantering to a higher level in the most subtle manner. In between all the chocolate and the interiour decoration we get to know some few things of interest. Ken had a girl-friend named Vanessa (human according to Persis?) who broke up with him and moved out with some of the furniture. He is trying to understand the relationship between Rilla and Carl, but does not quite get it. Andnot only is Rilla afraid of Anne, although she has not explained fully why, but Ken is also afraid of Leslie! Obviously they are afraid for different reasons.

But I missed something in this chapter. Rilla has just been told something absolutely life-changing. How come they don’t get into a real conversation on what this means? They start on such a conversation but somehow both seem equally happy to let it go in the midst of all this chocolate. They must be wondering not only of the history and background of the Fifth, but also what it will mean for Rilla, how it will affect her and her life. At least we know it is the witches’ library next. Hopefully they will find something there. But maybe they should have formu

So there is a connection between Rilla’s Fifth power and. Ken’s Witch power. Different groups need each other. We need to be constantly reminded of that.
4/10 c13 4OriginalMcFishie
Road trip! Personally I like road trips . You are there until you arrive and it gives you all sorts of opportunities to bind, which is what seems to be happening here. Rillas family must be frantic knowing the danger she is in and having no contact (though no doubt thet have other ways of knowing she is fine). It feels as if Rilla is finding her own way here , even more a person in the own rite than before, and settling into an easy friendship with Ken. (bonding over chocolate is always a good idea). I like that they are both working together, albeit frim different perspectives, to work this mystery out and support each oher- colluding over not telling Lesley Rilla slept on the couch firmly puts them in space of their own. I'm curious what the archives will reveal
4/5 c13 47Tinalouise88
I suppose it is a head-rolling turn for Rilla to even grasp fully yet, but she hasn't fainted or panicked about it yet which is a good sign I suppose. Though Ken seems to be very nonchalant about it all as well, not sure if that's just him mimicking her in a way to keep her calm or if he's just in over his head as well. Though he is right, chocolate fixes a plethora of things!

Rilla's fairly is strong-willed to not turn her phone on ever in the past three days, but it's not like she needs it for directions or anything with Ken knowing his way around. I'm sure her whole family is going bonkers along with Carl.

While I am rooting for some sort of bad storm and nightmare to have one of the seekings out the other in the middle of the night. I am pretty sure that is just me dreaming about romance, I do have some random feeling like one of her siblings will be showing up in England to bring Rilla home or try anyway or something or another.
4/5 c13 7Parnokianlipstic
Secret Archives, chocolate, and Edinburgh!
Insightful as ever as you subtly describe how Ken notices Rillas moods. I smiled as I read Rilla's characterization of Anne. The whole phone thing was very true to life, as was Rilla’s guilt of not being in touch for a couple of days with Carl or her family. Otherwise, I can’t wait to see if Anne and Ken meet at some point, it will definitely become epic. The Rilla and Ken on the couch vs. the bed. After all, havent we have all, sometimes had similar discussions with our probable respective others or friends.
4/5 c13 Andrea1984
Die Handlung zieht sich in die Länge wie ein Kaugummi. In diesem Kapitel passiert nichts, absolut nichts spannendes oder dramatisches oder was auch immer.

Das kannst du besser, wie bereits bei Apoy, DarkClouds und der TT.

Und es spielen zu wenige Figuren mit. Bis jetzt gerade mal 5 Hauptfiguren und nicht einmal halb soviele Nebenfiguren. Auch das kannst du besser.

Antworte mir öffentlich oder lasse es einfach.

Von wegen, du hast keine Zeit, deinen "Fans" antwortest du ja auch öffentlich und ausführlich obendrein. Also lasse ich das nicht mehr gelten.

Ganz oder gar nicht.
4/4 c12 47Tinalouise88
So it's a variation of the 7th in a way? It's different sure, I don't think I have come across such a fairy thing before in my readings. Maybe the closest was Winter Fairies being rare and the most powerful of fairies as not many flowers grow in winter or cold weather in one certain series. But it does work, and it does help clarify and help me push other things to the side and just go with the flow of things. I didn't think my random faerie trivia would be a nuisance for me.

But in essence, Rilla is a type of chosen one in a way? Fifths are dangerous, but dangerous can be two-sided. Dangerous to one, can be another saviour in a way. Though Saviours or the bringer of balance never quite work out in any sort of fiction. Either they turn evil or they die and I really don't wish Rilla to die!

I've never heard of Girls Aloud before and after looking them up I learned they never made it to Canada. But if she likes the music I can see her watching Much More Music international music weekends to find bands or music from outside of Canada and North America? But along with the spice girls here, S Club 7 was rather popular for pop music though, Atomic Kitten though did get some play as well.

I am curious how Gilbert and Anne have managed to be together for 30 years if it's difficult. Gilbert must have a heart of gold to just go with the flow and her brothers as well! to not have powers? there had to be jealousy and fights over the years. It must have been quite a house to live in!
4/4 c12 Rach H
It normally takes me a bit longer to feel invested in stories, but I already feel like I’ve been drawn into the world building here.

This Rilla (like most of yours) is more independent and driven than canon Rilla, but I’m enjoying the dramatic flair and impulsiveness which feels very true to form. Similarly Ken has the same teasing banter, and power/knowledge gap over Rilla (for now, I feel like when Rilla comes into her powers, we will see some changes to that power dynamic) but is definitely a lot more involved and present.

I’m excited to see how this story unfurls. And I’m interested about the witch-manipulating-magic as working for showing some of Rilla’s magic, opposed to fairy-exercising-their-magic which never did. Maybe the Fifths and witches have more in common than we think. Either way, I’m sure Owen and Anne both know more than we do at least!

(Also, as an aside: I reread a decent portion of BSTF, and somehow still get emotional despite knowing what comes next. You do have a beautiful way of writing and immersing the reader!)
4/2 c12 DogMonday
So Mrs Jennings had recognized something in Rilla that she was scared of! Mrs Jennings, with all her experience! But Fifth power does sound scary. When I guessed that Rilla had a magic power beyond her mother and sisters some chapters ago I saw that as something positive. Now I don’t know whether to be mighty proud of my more general guess or more scared of Rilla turning into something dangerous? I also wonder why nobody had seen this before? Had Owen actually seen it? Had Anne seen it but suppressed the knowledge also from Rilla because she was scared? And Nan’s ex-vampire, should he not have seen it? So yes, we - and Rilla herself - know something more of Rilla’s magic but this knowledge opens us for so many more questions and a bit of concern.

There is some mentioning of the Blythe men here. I like that. Gilbert has always been my hero. Here you realise what an incredibly brave, mature, independent man he is, being married for more than 30 years to a strong fairy, and with 4 fairy daughters, out of which 3 already have demonstrated their powers. I’m looking forward to seeing more of him as your story rolls along!

Finally on this chapter I am happy to note that Rilla is åtaking a constructive lead in the conversation with Mrs Jennings (she is not yet dangerous!). She has matured from her stubborn, almost obnoxious stage.

Take care.
4/1 c12 Guest
i knew it i knew it. Rilla has a hidden power she din't know about! Curious to hear more about it!
3/31 c12 4OriginalMcFishie
you do weave a good mystery, unfeeling information slowly and tantalisingly hinting at more . I had am inkling that Rilla had lower beyond her hopes, but what is it and why is it dangerous. ? and dies Anne know? I suspect she suspects which is why she tried to get Rilla to come home. are our intrepid explorers off to PEI?
3/29 c12 Andrea1984
Langweilig, zu konstruiert.
Rilla hat also magische Kräfte, irgendwie.
Miranda vielleicht auch?
Ist sie eine von den Fünfen?
Hat Carl sie deshalb entführt?
Kennt er ihr Geheimnis?

Rilla ist so verbohrt, dass es nicht mehr schön ist.

Antworte mir öffentlich oder lass es.
3/29 c12 7Parnokianlipstic
The Scottish idyll and hearty inn breakfasts are extremely delicious.
You were absolutely right, I love Ms. Jennings. She is wonderfully grumpy and sarcastic.
In fact, I thought Rilla would have something like that, which was revealed in this chapter. Fairy elemental powers, for I hadn’t remembered that Rilla’s sisters all have different elements. Cleverly too, and you answered my question about whether Gilbert also has magical powers.

Now the threat is clearer, so someone wants to awaken Rilla’s dormant magical powers, somehow, or it/they wants prevent them ever happening? Useless rambling and speculation here, far, far off the mark.
Rilla and Ken’s relationship and mutual teasing was fluid, and trust has really begun to build for both.

Fascinating, I look forward to more, even more enthusiasticly if possible.
3/28 c11 Mammu
Spice girls! I've been actually listening lot of Spice girls too lately, since my daughter likes their music. Especially wannabe and spice up your life. 1,5 year can have way too cute dance moves :D So vampire can't be bad if she likes Spice girls! I wonder if she reacted to Rilla like that because she knew something else or if it was just unexpected that there were two behind her door.

Nice that Rilla and Ken are opening up. Becoming friends. Not romance yet but don't think she finds him that bad anymore or as a threat.
Short one this time :)
3/27 c11 DogMonday
Mrs Jennings (Keaton?) seems to be a pretty cool type - she certainly contradicts any idea I have of vampires, being a middleaged woman AND liking Spice girls. We’ll see, i guess, how much time she needs to warm up to Rilla. Or does she already know something about Rilla that makes her withdraw immidiately?

But the major issue here is the relationship betweeen Ken and Rilla. They have now reached the stage of easy bantering. Your writing clearly shows a new step every chapter although they are (still?) far from any romance. Ken’s interest in Rilla from the very beginning continously becomes more and more clear. And she is warming up but obviously still not as ready as he is. At the same time Ken remains an enigma. There is a lack of equality between them in this whole situation and he is using that, although in an amicable and pleasant way. How is Rilla to rise to find her own power, while she is still se dependent upon him?

Didn’t we all recognise the British countryside in its akward charm? A safe haven in turbulent times.
3/25 c11 47Tinalouise88
I’m with Rilla there is nothing wrong with Spice girls and I was about 10 in their prime and Spice World the movie was on repeat when I got it on VHS.

We mostly get some slight development between Rilla and Ken. Though we do find out about what Ken does. Marketing and PR is always more interesting then it usually is. I know enough about from a radio stand point to know that is true.

I can’t help but wonder why Mrs Jennings went all weird when she saw Rilla. Clearly she knows something.

Sorry this is short. I spent the evening packing and making sure we are ready for our trip and I’m on my phone since my laptop is packed.
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