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for Chasing Pavements

3/19 c4 7Keia21Sprenglewski
This is such a moving and painful, emotive story. Great writing. I like the fact its not all roses and easy to deal with. I hope you will feel better soon, know all your stories are appreciate d and loved
2/10 c4 Nanaden13
Hey there. Hope you are feeling a little better. Always a great big thank you for your fics on E and H.
2/10 c4 Guest
Thank you for the update, it's just so painful but your writing is amazing
2/10 c4 29Brendalwood
Sorry you are struggling

This is a good update- interesting to see Nadine and Mike stepping up to be a friend

So hard for E to have her medical issues discussed …. Looking forward to the next update.
2/9 c4 14lil'mousie323
Thank you, thank you, thank you for the update. You know how much I love your angst!
2/9 c4 Guest
That line about her not living to see a second term really hit me hard. This is sad but also beautiful.
2/9 c4 Kimesita
So sad:(
2/8 c4 2timeafanx
OMG this one was hard... they will have to face a lot to overcome this! I just hope this story has a happy ending! Can't wait to read what's next!
2/8 c4 8Kimber1983
Wow that was full of angst. This will be a tough story to write.

Sorry that you are ill and I will say a prayer that you recover with no lasting side effects
2/8 c4 Hetwaszoietsals
Love the update! Thank you!
2/1 c3 2timeafanx
Wow i had tears in my eyes the whole chapter… hope they can figure it out…
1/31 c3 7kneelinfrontofthequeen
OMG, I am so into this story alreadyso many complex feelings on the table! I hate it that Henry couldn't be there for her at that momenteven though I understand it. anyway, I'm really looking forward to an updateplease continue soon and thanks for writing!
1/30 c3 Guest
Oh my, the tears! I'm going to need a tissue!
1/30 c3 Guest
I’m so thrilled that you are gracing us with your talent yet again. I missed your writing so much.
1/30 c3 Guest
This is so sad, but also v v good. I hope you update soon
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