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for An Affair of Honour

5/26 c1 139rebecca-in-blue
What a delightful story. I really enjoyed the flashback of young Marilla taking off on her own adventure (although I'm sure she'd argue that riding a stallion vs. walking a rooftop are two different things) with all the Avonlea adults looking on. I think this really adds to her character and her relationship with Anne. Wonderful work - I'll be sharing this at my forum. :)
3/4 c1 hi its me guess
I like the line about your brother knowing all your secrets. I also like watching the world pass by while youre stuck sitting in a school room. I also liked she admired Rachel as long as she was not the brunt of it. I liked how you wrote she couldn't tell if it was her heartbeat or the hooves. Is Fergus the dad of tillie?It was cute how she said she never had a more exhilarating time. Aw the line about hidden talents and motherhood a new one was sweet. I like that Matthew wants her to tell Anne someday and she doesn't want him to.
1/21 c1 18Alinyaalethia
What a delightful one-shot. I do like that the problem with the Cuthbert parenting Anne together is they know everything about one another and a bit extra. You do write a spectacular disaster. Truth or Dare is an age-old staple and the half-wild horse is an excellent challenge. Though what really joins them as kindred spirits for me is the ghost stories. It’s not just that Anne and Marilla both have spirit (even if they show it differently) but they both indulge in imaginings that end up terrifying them. I’m sure the rest of that summer never quite lived up to the thrill of that first picnic. I mean, how to top galloping on the pye stallion?
1/18 c1 7Parnokianlipstic
Oh! This is a stunning, and comforting gem, your Marilla is so Marilla, strong and powerfully independent, and so warm. An Affair of Honor indeed. What a joy!
And Matthew, so understated, but wonderful, and Anne in her purest italics, so sweet.
1/17 c1 AnneNGil
Such a delightful glimpse into Marilla's girlhood. Loved it!
1/15 c1 6TLWtlw
Marilla was more like Anne than she would ever let on.
1/15 c1 74kslchen
There's just no hiding anything from siblings, is there? The other day, when visiting my sister, she apologised for not having tidied up her place. I could only laugh and remind her that I grew up with her and know *all* about her general untidiness. I was there for the years when she never tidied or cleaned her room, so there's not fooling me anyway. In the same vein, there's no fooling Matthew either. Marilla might have adopted a prim and proper personality, but he remembers and he knows better. You don't get things like that past a sibling!

I know that you and I agree about Marilla changing the most of all characters during AoGG and I like your interpretation of her actually returning in some ways to be more similar to an old self of hers. This Marilla is clearly also won over by Anne because she glimpses the girl she once was in Anne and her antics. They do share the same headstrong and proud personality and while time might have turned Marilla into a less reckless and foolhardy person, I like that she can still look back and remember her own childhood follies in a realistic way. She even, it seems, appreciated her wild run, which shows that she's much more adventurous than society gives her credit for!

Of course, I absolutely approve of all horse-riding happening in stories, but especially when it feels as realistic as you write it here. The descriptions of the wind whipping around your ear and having to duck beneath branches when sitting on a bolting horse brought me right back to the times I myself, sat atop one - with no more control over it than Marilla has over the Pye stalllon, because once a horse truly bolts, there's nothing you can do but hold on for dear life! That moment of hanging in mid-air as the horse jumps away from under you and the bafflement after finding yourself down on the hard ground are also right on the mark. Been there, done that! ;)
1/15 c1 26Mauryn
OMG, this is brilliant! And so funny!

I can easily see Marilla doing this. I wonder how Anne would react if she knew?

Thanks so much for posting this one. It was marvelous!
1/15 c1 4OriginalMcFishie
I often thought Anne awakened in Marilla a long repressed desire to live more fully than the tight bounds of society allowed. We know little of young Marilla, frim the books which gives FF a wide open field (and reminds me I shoukd read thst new Marilla book). Chikdren always (almost universally) think parents are dull and never did anything exciting. This is a lovely moment of the hidden adventurer within strict laced up Marilla and a reminder that there was probably much more to her than Anne ever knew

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