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6/20 c9 gruntled
Can't lie, I was procrastinating on reading this story but oh my gods, was it fantastic! I usually don't like stories where Lucy and Natsu are smitten for each other right away but you definitely opened my eyes to something great. Awesome writing and I so look forward to more works from you!
4/20 c1 2Jellal Frenandes
I loved this story so much! I'm not gonna lie, I was a liiiittle hesitant to read it, but I'm glad I did! Gosh I stayed up till 2AM and had to force myself to put my phone down. Then I read a little at work and couldn't stop daydreaming. I may or may not have left an hour early on accident. I blame the story for getting me distracted, lol.
4/18 c9 Guest
Genuinely enjoyed reading both of your completed works. They were a breath of fresh air in this fandom. Keep up the awesome work
3/23 c7 11LadyNerdyNerf
I'm not a fan of Natsu's dirty talk here. He went from 0 to waaay over 60. He seemed kinda like a virgin almost, I get he wasn't but he didn't seem experienced enough and your portrayal of him has always been a bit clingy, nice, sweet, giving, and nothing like this so it was... Unexpected and a bit of a turn off. It should have been sweeter and passionate and more worship like since that's what he's basically done without having sex already.

Also, I know some people like to write the moaning sounds and stuff, but it's unneeded when making a sex scene and when used it's kinda cheesey. You can write out that they moaned, not the actual sounds in quotations.

For example.

Natsu's arms gripped her back as he deepened the kiss causing her to moan out softly, and in turn the kiss suddenly became frantic as he groaned in gutteral fashion back at her.

For example end.

Also avoid having them actually say their names so much, instead you can say

Natsu whispered a mantra of her name in her ear as he moved with her, repeating it as if a prayer over and over again between kisses and touches.

Just for the future.

Yes people want some sexy times, but not all sexy times are the same and should fit the mood and characters within each story.

Your story is good I'm just trying to help you improve! Keep it up!
3/23 c7 Copperreign12
Holy F#*k that was freaking awesome! It was about freaking time they F#%ked! The lemon was freaking amazing! Loved it! Natsu and Lucy finally together is the best! Thank you for updating! I absolutely love this story!
3/18 c6 ULYANA
I was hoping there would be NSFW in this chapter, because NaLu is going so slowly in their relationship, even despite the hot moments. I felt really bad when you just glimpsed that moment with Natsu's fingers and how he brought her to orgasm. I would like more details, otherwise it turns out a little crumpled ... Thank you for your work and I look forward to continuing) Don't delay with the next chapter) P.S. I don't know English well, so I wrote from a translator...
3/18 c6 Guest
OC and crime against men, children and nature.
3/18 c6 Copperreign12
Awesome chapter! Felt so bad for Lucy, totally embarrassing for her all the questions about her first time! Since it was Natsu it was so weird to be asked that in front of him and everybody! Absolutely loved the chapter! I loved that Natsu thinks she will be moving in with him forever! Love that! I can’t wait for more, thanks for updating!
3/16 c5 Guest
An amazing story. Don’t stop.
3/15 c5 Copperreign12
Omg! Natsu is a naughty boy! The way they banter back and forth and how Lucy keeps him on a leach is impressive but just wait til he is off bed rest! He is going to tackle that girl and pin her to the bed and not relent! Oh I can’t wait,I’m so excited for their moment! Thanks for updating!
3/15 c5 samurai of sunflowers
Oooh that last part was SPOICYYY, hahaha! Can’t wait to see more!
3/15 c5 2savwafair
this chapter is entirely too adorable and sweet with just a pinch of spice in all the right places. I love it! thanks for sharing with us!
3/13 c3 1Glassygirl
My Mavis! This story is adorable! I was grinning like a ninny the whole time! Thank you for writing this!
3/6 c3 7UranoMetriaPrincess
Wow, tooth rotting fluff. I’m so in!
3/5 c3 Copperreign12
Omg! I love their shenanigans, they are definitely hot! Even though Natsu is supposed to be resting, he still wants to fool around! Natsu giving Lucy hickies so Loke backs off to me was so Natsu very possessive! Loke was an ass what he said to Lucy! I love how Lucy banters back at Loke and even more with Gray and especially about him and Natsu are a couple! Love that hilarious! Thanks so much for updating! Can wait for more so excited!
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