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2/9/2023 c1 38Sumguyinavan
I loved your introductory premise. Thinking about future stories for this world, I always envisioned it as inevitable tragedy that eventually the outside world will discover them and try to take the land and the magic for selfish purposes. And I then can't help but think how everyone's powers could be used for war against an invading enemy- healing the wounded, using weather to hinder invaders, predicting and hearing when attacks are coming, using the flora and fauna of the jungle to hurt people. I don't want the Madrigals to have to use their gifts to hurt, only to help. I really don't think Abuelo Pedro would want that for his family.

But I like the idea that this has become a magical safe haven that avoids those concerns. Where people who need protection and community can find it, but those who would abuse the people and magic never can. If they were to ever make a sequel or series around Encanto, I hope they would use this premise.
1/20/2022 c1 Guest
I'm just pretending that the OC is a grown-up Miguel.

I love it!

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