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for Story of a wraith

4/30 c5 2Lazy limits
Sorry for the rewrite but as I said this story follows my whims. First chapter will be out at some point I’m still gotta graduate first.
4/26 c11 Lazy limits
Suggest a few fights within the crew y’all wanna see y’all got a month before I just write my own.
4/25 c11 Lazy limits
Aight ima be on a temporary break. I gotta focus for the last month of school I should have a chapter up by the end of may. Luckily I finished this arc first and when I come back hopefully im a better writer since I ain’t got nothing else to do. I’ll write here and there so y’all might see another chapter before the due time but if not I’ll see y’all then.
4/25 c11 Greer123
Hope you are doing well.
4/24 c1 Lazy limits
May or may not take me till tomorrow I need 2000 more words till finish so I’ll try but no promises
4/11 c10 Greer123
Thank you for the new chapter of this story.
4/10 c1 Lazy limits
The chapter will be out tomorrow I just gotta finish editing but I’m tired for the night so ima take a nap
4/6 c1 Guest
So far the story sounds good. You sound like your younger and have some issues irl but that's ok man. The book has a few Grammer errors but overall sounds good. I will keep reading and give you a review on each chapter. Good luck and strive on young man
4/2 c9 Lazy limits
The enemies will be getting stronger if I hadn’t mentioned that. In Alabasta I added an extra enemy and I’m doing the same for a lot of the arcs, it’s like a One piece xenoverse 2 complete with two very important enemies that show up from time to time.
3/31 c9 PraiseTheSun63
You should name the dragon similar to the one on warship island maybe ryushi or ryuku or something like that. You should probably calm down on giving you’re character stuff at least after skypiea. Will enemies be stronger or are you just beating every enemy with ease?
3/2 c4 Greer123
Sorry I forgot you said the character Roger was talking about was a marine.
3/2 c7 Greer123
Is your character looking for the fruit of Rocks D Xebec?
2/14 c6 Greer123
Thank you for responding to my review last chapter. It seems like your character got an upgrade.
1/31 c5 Named one
So they hate him for knowing there past because he read or watched something that he had no way of knowing was real
Granted he was rude about it but it just seems forced to me going to still countiue reading kno
1/31 c5 Greer123
It seems like Luffy and Zoro turned your character away.
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