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for Daphne Greengrass and the Preemptive Adulterer

3/17 c12 1Darknessdawns
This was an absolutely spectacular story. I honestly loved how things developed and found myself amused most of the story. Overall I think you did a wonderful job with this and I love how you wrote each of the characters, Tori was a definite favorite of mine.
3/13 c12 pointer31091
Could swap the ending for a field of sugar cane...
3/12 c12 Akvis
3/12 c12 3AcerbicOrb
This is a superb story, I loved the characterisations of both Daphne and Harry, Tori was a real ray of sunshine, and Ron and Hermione were both captured faithfully which is really rare, so well done! The humour throughout kept me smiling, and I couldn’t help but binge-read the story into the early hours of the morning.
3/10 c12 WhatHaveIDiscovered
Really enjoyed this story. I loved the interactions between Daphne and Hermione, and the chair remarks had me rolling haha. Well done and thanks for sharing!
3/6 c12 s0ra5000
nice story
3/5 c12 iChaos
Great story. Very creative.
2/28 c5 13Freddie Rindklip
Harry is in pain due to casting spells at Draco. Yet, somehow Draco cast an unforgiveable on another Black and was fine?
2/23 c9 Guest
Wouldn't magical logbook list Daphne's name as Black?
2/20 c12 thebetawholived
Delightful story!
2/20 c6 thebetawholived
. . . omg . . . the Ward Book!

You set that up beautifully.
2/20 c5 thebetawholived
Oh, I *love* where this is going.

Delightful story. Thanks for sharing!
2/16 c12 Guest
Going on my list of favorites that I'm going to come back and reread several times in the future. Congratulations on finishing it.
2/8 c11 16fvdv123
Great story
1/24 c12 ParzivalexPrime
This was a very fun story to read! The beginning of it reminds me of another story I've read here though it was Harry going off the astronomy tower and Daphne saving him, but that's basically where the similarities end. You managed to squeeze a good amount of plot development into a fairly short story and I find that admirable, especially by having a few minor time jumps and leaving a few bits up to the reader's imagination. Congrats on a well written story, thank you for all of your hard work. Cheers!
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