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for Daphne Greengrass and the Preemptive Adulterer

5/7 c1 fleah2
5/6 c12 suziq968
I don't know how I've never seen this until now but I'm thrilled to go read more!
5/6 c3 suziq968
I love these people! So great, "He who molests sheep" lol.
5/6 c1 suziq968
One of the best first chapters I've ever read!
4/16 c12 Charlesdalby
Best hp short story Ever !
4/3 c12 Marshman101
Now this is such a teary eye ending
4/2 c12 Pointer3109
Good one.
Got better.
4/1 c12 Lawhai
You know, usually when I change from KT to M the quality of the stories drop. But for some reason, they massively increase for the Haphne ship. Anyway, this was awesome.
4/1 c9 Lawhai
For some reason, Gryffindor Astoria just kinda works.
2/25 c12 WanderingWhacko
Thanks for a great read! Very Nicely done.
2/16 c12 Jake the Snake
Excellent ending of the story.
2/16 c9 Jake the Snake
That was clever to imply she was dating Harry on Voldemort orders .
2/16 c8 Jake the Snake
Nice job with double innuendo.
2/12 c12 peggy77
Aww, what a sweet ending. This was a short but fun story.
2/12 c7 peggy77
Loved the pies but, lol! And Yay, Daphne! Vanquisher of Snake face.
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