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5h c516 9Thanatos's Scribe
A small thought for a followup to the omake: If Izzy recognized Tamamo as her daughter, and Aphrodite is Ouranos's daughter from being born out of his decapitated bleeding body, does that make the removed Tamaparts (specifically TamaCat and TamaRider) Izzy's granddaughters?
15h c516 2Lord of Seven
Y'know, some of your side stories are intriguing enough to stand as their own stories if Nascent Kaleidoscope doesn't exist.

Also, I know it will be awhile before we reach at the point, but I'm excited to see the Campione world again. It's the only setting that I'm largely unfamiliar with (unless there's a couple I forget). I wonder how they're going to interpret Wilhelm's anomalous existence.
5/25 c516 2MrTwistr
I REALLY want Izzy to meet Tamamo in the main story now.
5/25 c516 vparadox12122000
lol nice omake and chapter dude
5/25 c516 Muze85
Missed opportunity to have Utsumi Erice show up in that omake, would have been funny if she was the one that got summoned
5/24 c516 blaqstat95
thank u for d chapter, this is wat jeeps me going somedays
5/24 c516 sawyannaing
Welcome Back and hoped you had a good rest
5/24 c516 ObsidianUnknown66
Between Yama and Surtur I wonder whose flames are stronger?
5/24 c516 RoyalTwinFangs
Nice chapter here.
5/24 c516 3Drowyen2500
Although the official release is ten chapters ahead on you Patreon, and as such, later chapter plots have already been created; all I could see in my head after reading that Will gave Ichigo *The* Brick was Ichigo’s inner hollow (won’t spoil a 10 year old reveal for new readers who also love fanfiction) manifesting in the real world to the shock of all present, looking Ichigo dead in the face and saying, “We are going to be using this. We are going to be using this A Lot.”
Later on during Ichigo’s fight against Aizen, Ichigo uses a fully powered Getsuga Tenshou and throws the brick with it. Unlike in cannon, this attack devastates Aizen almost as bad as Mugetsu does in cannon.
5/24 c516 GigsGilgamesh
Hope whatever came up was pleasant and an actual vacation, and if not. I hope everything is cleared up quick and you get to relax for a bit. Thanks for the chapter.
5/24 c516 Jack1nTheBox
I'm imagining Ichigo pulling a steambun invasion from king's avatar. throwing bricks is a legitimate combat strategy!
5/24 c516 Ryperion
1. Love the Omake
2. Bricks for the Brick God
3. Yama for the win
4. Thanks for the chapter
5/24 c516 Pjo crossovers
Always fun to see interactions between Izzy and her children. They’re either hilarious or hilariously awkward!
5/24 c516 Jamerz06
Can’t wait to see the next chapter
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