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6/11 c522 Jack1nTheBox
dammit wilhelm!
6/11 c522 Genesis Draconian
Awesome chapters so really loving your Through the Glass omakes and can't wait for more. Quite a surprise in this chapter didn't think you would bring pandoras box into the mix and some bad things happening to Gabriel because if it. Can't wait to see where you go with this. Looking f9rward to the next chapter
6/11 c522 Pjo crossovers
What the hell?! This is very confusing. This is also a terrible situation.
6/11 c522 scyfly
yeah this is just stupid. he just kept that box not knowing anything and expected what? it to solve itself? i love a good plot twist but when an Mc is just incapable of making logical decisions you start rooting for the enemy to just kill them.

taking a box of evil into heaven... if its just gabriel that gets fucked he should consider himself lucky
6/11 c522 1YeTianshi
Well... that came out of nowhere.
6/11 c522 Reader20448
Well that escalated quickly
6/10 c521 StormySpartan
Oh god that omake was great, I can totally see Yoruichi reacting like that too. XD

The chapter was great too, but my half-awake slightly migraine induced brain doesn't want to remember enough to gush about it.
6/7 c520 Ashes and souls
Oh my goodness I love the Through the Looking Glass omake! As always amazing chapters. I said amazing chapters this time because well it's been a bit since I reviewed. Keep it up! Right so I want to possibly petition you too possibly I don't know make the non Cannon omaka This brilliant piece here into a possible Cannon omakay. As in the full name is possible Canon omake. Mainly because Through the Looking Glass just the most adorable and interesting sort of Side Story that I've seen so far. Don't get me wrong you've done some amazing omaka before but this is just Peak! Possible Cannon omaka. It's just that good. Possible Cannon makes it pseudocannon as well so there is that. Anyways keep up the amazing work and keep up this amazing story!
6/9 c521 Awarboah
Will really doesn't know when to shut up
Says he doesn't want ruin the trip for her yet does this
6/9 c520 1Archangel Xireon Chaos God
ngl. karma. Will deserved it. The Kunouchu Moment had me rolling though lol. Chappy was nice too.
6/9 c521 Citrine Quartz
Smooth Wilhelm, verrrry smooottthh.
And the mental image of Female Mayuri sound pretty cursed.
6/8 c521 Pjo crossovers
Yes, the first thing you should do when talking to a bunch of conditioned/raised on the evilness of devils is introduce yourself as one. (Even if it’s only half)
6/8 c521 HeWhoShouldn'tBeNamed
Dude, I read "oh god, hes hot" in squidwards voice. i spit out my coffee.
6/8 c521 rqspears
Feels like chapters are getting shorter recently
6/8 c521 To live and let live
I had Two ideas for what the secret weapon Could be But this wasn't one of them. Great chapter
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