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for A Nascent Kaleidoscope

7/5 c530 naruto
great chapter keep it up
7/7 c530 Derpysense
Oof they are screwed
7/5 c530 Guest
Praise The All Rabbit!
7/5 c530 Kouteikuro
Wahahahahahaha. This is going to be a total explosion.

By the way, considering the nature of Goetia, wouldn't it be something similar to one of the curses from Jujutsu Kaisen? I mean, it would be fun for Will to meet Gojo.
7/6 c530 6Etsize
If the Strongest Steel had Arthur Pendragon side, Modred would be unacceptable inconvenience to Guinevere.
7/6 c530 2greenarrow679
530 chapters in, and i still find myself wishing the next chapter would suddenly appear with every update.
7/6 c530 BloodBorneFool
7/5 c530 4hellz swordsman
knight *i'm Lancelot*
Modred *izzat so?Die BITCH*
7/5 c530 1Wakiyamani
I sorta LOVE that the Lancelot from Campione is ALSO a woman... And that Mordred has gone full-on berserker with demon-blade Clarent. You can almost hear the Super-Saiyan transformation activation noise when Mordred launches into the attack!
7/5 c530 4hnh058513
And for further fun, Shouldn't Mordred call Lancelot "Sister" Because Lancelot was actually raised by Morgan in her Aspect of The Lady of The Lake, which is why Lancelot can't resist Her
7/5 c530 Bakuto Masaki
Artoria: WILHELM!

Wilhelm: Ok, this time it was not me!
7/5 c530 1BrokenLifeCycle
That... that escalated quickly. Nothing short of Artoria calling to check on things could possibly make this worse.
7/5 c530 rqspears
Great! A fun little Mother and Son outing to defend Artoria’s honor!
7/5 c530 avid11read11er
7/5 c530 Temsen
Next Princess Alice is gonna appear with a bottle of whiskey in her hand to shout at them for the massive headache she's suffering.
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