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for A Nascent Kaleidoscope

7/5 c530 rqspears
Great! A fun little Mother and Son outing to defend Artoria’s honor!
7/5 c530 avid11read11er
7/5 c530 Temsen
Next Princess Alice is gonna appear with a bottle of whiskey in her hand to shout at them for the massive headache she's suffering.
7/5 c530 NecrorexSparda Juubi-No-Kishin
oh dear, welp lancelot is boned
7/5 c530 5Lander Blazer
Mordred is about to kick some major ass and its going to be awesome
7/5 c530 Pjo crossovers
Well this is a clusterfuck. Wilhelm and mordred are just going to escalate as much as they think they safely can
7/5 c530 Adarkshadow4056
its just getting better
7/5 c530 1Archangel Xireon Chaos God
Bro. Nice Chappy! But. We readers gonna gank you these cliffys one day Fr! With Rusty Flimsy Plastic Spoons. And Succeed. We will draw blood. Then cry about what we've done. Then appologize as we read the next glorious chapter lol
7/5 c530 heavenlymaelstorm
Damn this is so hype, im so excited for the next chapter, i it chills reading the st oart with mordred since i was listening to Judas and the chorus dopped ad gave me the literal chills, good chapter and continue your work.
7/5 c530 Reader20448
Good chapter and shit hit the fan, so damn fast
7/5 c530 AkihitoTheExiled
My small Lizard Brain hurts.
7/3 c529 naruto
great chapter keep it up
7/2 c529 Guest
i dont think thered be a fight tho?

more of an tense ass conversation about how the fuck Willhelm is Odins brother when they havent even met before

hope willhelm deflects deflects deflects all them questions XD

Gas light the shit outa Odin

you dont remember me? could it be an on set of dimensia?
7/2 c529 Kouteikuro
It would be funny if MoMo considered Liliana a true knight, compared to Erica, that would surely bother the blonde.

I also hope that Lily goes into Will's service, since she needs a suitable lord to swear her allegiance to, and as a witch, a king expert in magic, and a demon, could be her best choice, or she could become MoMo's subordinate.

I never really liked that Lily decided to serve Godou because of Erica's plots, she deserved a better cause.
7/2 c529 Kouteikuro
Woooooah Odin heretic god. I wait the meeting of the Odins.
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