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2/13/2022 c91 FateBurn
2/13/2022 c89 1tsun
2/13/2022 c88 tsun
Why not collect their gears? It could prevent future problems.
2/13/2022 c90 M2R
ah rwby
2/13/2022 c91 1Fate-RWBY ODST
I honestly don’t know what to feel about you invading the rwby universe. If it were done by a different character, then I wouldn’t mind, but getting to read and slowly learn Wilhelm’s character, I have mixed feelings about this, even more so it tells me to lean towards being against it. If it were a some stories out there where the characters personality would be fine in the different worlds, it would be one thing. They need something that allows them to be somewhat okay, which Wilhelm has, given he can travel to different universes, but his personality, I would say is iffy to me. I don’t believe he has the right personality to use the ability to travel to different universes properly. Like taking whatever which could tack into his own karma and go against him and so forth. There is some exception to that where removing something or taking something from a world wouldn’t changing anything or if it did, would be a benefit to the universe that it is happening in, so if the universe that had something taken from it had something similar to Gaia and Alaya’s counter force, then it would mean that you aren’t a danger to it enough to warrant a a universal counter force coming in. That aside, if this isn’t written well and what Wilhelm does some how fucks over another universe in a way because his own lacking of foresight and his own foolishness and idiocy, then I do hope he gets an extremely rude awakening soon. He already fucked shit up in his own original universe in the dxd universe with some exception of helping others and building good relationships with some people and doing other shit. Wilhelm is doing without thinking about the consequences at times. It is frustrating, given he is supposed to have some memories of some knowledge to allow him to have some intellect and wisdom, he shouldn’t be acting like and idiot sometimes. That aside, any whom.I still hope he will get an extremely big awakening that will set him straight.
2/12/2022 c91 11D'nnome
So something I wanted to say about Ruby since she's going to be included.

Ruby's potential has always been neglected by Rooster Teeth. Her Semblance isn't speed when in Vol 8 we learned she actually breaks down herself and those around her to their basic atoms and manipulates them to pass through solid steel. Not only that, but she also reassembles those she has deconstructed perfectly to their original form. What if Ruby chose to rearrange an object, or forbid a person, into something else of her design?

This means instead of speed, Ruby literally takes apart reality and if she develops it to a certain level can rearrange any sort of matter into whatever she wants. A building? A waterfall of water. Steel door? Her Semblance can disassemble the atoms and turn them into a steel sword if she wanted to. This Semblance is literally a direct counter to RWBY's God of Light; if GoL can create anything then Ruby can simply take whatever he creates and recreate it to her own designs.

Instead of "Red like Roses", her Semblance should have been called Reality's My Bitch!
2/12/2022 c91 2Mo Eazy
I think you may have confused Ruby Rose with Nora Valkyrie. Common mistake, fanfiction paints Ruby as a cocaine addicted ten year old with severe ADHD. Ruby’s a kid, not a squirrel. That’s Nora’s thing.

Of all the worlds you were going to take this story through, RWBY isn’t one I would have expected. Besides Dust (or the Relics) it just doesn’t seem to offer much excitement to the overall metaplot. And if you needed elemental rocks you could have gone with something like Final Fantasy 7’s Materia.

RWBY just doesn’t have the sheer breadth of resources Nirn does. It isn’t as exotic too, it feels like a disappointment after Elder Scrolls to go to something more “mundane” than RWBY. Mundane compared to high fantasy sword and sorcery. I mean other than Grimm, Dust, Faunus and Aura, Remnant isn’t much different from the Earth. Still got pizza, video games and guns. Even the wildlife is the same.

While I’m not saying you should have taken the story to Midgar and I don’t know what you have planned exactly but personally, FF7 seems like it would be a better alternative since it has everything RWBY has from a world offering standpoint. I don’t even particularly like FF7 (I’m ambivalent towards it) but it offers a much more alien and exciting ecosystem and reality than Remnant. I mean if you’re going to explore alternate worlds you might as well go for the ones that are real different.
2/12/2022 c91 Geek-God of Speed
That is so ruby
2/12/2022 c91 Misaka Phenex
does he have the anti God spear with him like ddraig also rwby? ngl I though he gonna go either grand order or that other holy grail war that actually work
2/12/2022 c91 AnimeA55Kicker
Huh, thought they would head back to Skyrim, but nvm then.
2/12/2022 c23 1tsun
... This is really wierd. Fast roamnce isn't my thing. But good story so far. Albeit, a bit jarring in the last couple of chapters on how it fast he likes and the romance/perverseness up a level.
2/12/2022 c90 Server lock
Devils are inherently lazy creatures that live extremely long lives, so I don’t truly blame rias if she hypothetically did keep up her training and looked for more strong, or potentially strong peerage members by the time college rolled around there is good chance she actually could beat Riser, Ironically enough it would probably be Issei who would push everyone through his desires to be stronger.

Humans are interested in growing stronger most of the time, a dragon with purpose, with an actual chance at making his dream reality is a dedicated being. Well that’s if they all don’t die first. Nice to see some world building happening in the background it has been quite some time… have we had any before this well maybe a bit in skyrim.
2/12/2022 c90 1Uberch01
huh, my previous comment got deleted?
It basically boiled down too:

Wilhelm should go to touhou and interact with the Scarlett Devil Mansion crew.
Just so that later on Wilhelm can be seen with Sakuya at least once.
The Questions that will be askedand Opertunity for comedy is literally too good to pass up
2/12/2022 c90 M2R
alright... I'll be honest. this fic is quite good. the mc is likeable as the story progress. and he also has fine taste of women! yes, all of his women are those at least smart, powerful and especially milf!

and regarding this chapter. true, Rias is an epitome of idiocy as a master and her peerage is dysfunctional one without her trying to even fix it until Issei came and solve everything. and even their strengths are laughable. i mean, Kiba is trained by okita souji supposed to be one of the strongest swordsman, but Kiba turned out to be pathetic and relied a lot of his sacred gear.
2/12/2022 c90 1Williams1996
Im glad the father brought all that up it always pissed me off that she was complaining about Riser marrying her but her and her peerage were just fucking around chilling in school and not training and getting stronger.
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