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for A Cobra Always Sheds Its Skin

7/4 c1 Carlosthebot
Please don’t abandon the story.
3/20 c6 Batzam29
Love it
3/20 c6 6SirenWolf28
Absolutely brilliant and I agree with you about the whole Tory and Miguel and Cobra Kai thing. No boyfriend should tell their significant other what to do.
2/19 c3 Carlosthebot
2/19 c4 Carlosthebot
2/3 c3 18LewisHamilton44
Keep it up! I'm loving this!
1/29 c2 LewisHamilton44
Loving the story so far! Hope to read another chapter soon!
1/27 c2 1C.Millzy
Nice to see some love for my favourite couple in the series. Great start.
1/27 c2 AndyFroemel
So glad you are writing a fic where Tory worries about Miguel, and doesn’t ignore the situation like in cannon
1/25 c1 NoMercy69
Interesting start. The fact that if Tory forgave Miguel and visited him in the hospital might have changed everything. I'm excited to see where this story goes!
1/24 c1 Carlosthebot
I love it. You write very well.

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