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for High School DxD: Inheritor of Malevolence

2/23 c2 Guest
can people find your projects on webnovel?
2/11 c58 Guest
Well dam shame to hear your giving this story up hope you can come back to this one day

Also hope you leave the story up on this site
2/6 c34 Appolyon
Critique I forgot to put down, and maybe something to consider if yiu ever come back to this - this "Five Element Mutual Generation" thing transforming a spirit of fire seems wrong.

It seems that transforming something that literally embodies Fire into anything but fire should not only require an extremely high-tier process, like high-tier to Longinus class Sacred Gears or equivalent level magic, & should also cause (possibly severe) aftereffects/backlash? by, again, transforming the core essence of a creature into something else - especially when that transformation is a momentary attack before yo-yo-ing back to normal. It seems like the equivalent of a normal person going into anime and deciding that a good attack is spring-loading their organs to burst out and smack people before manually reeling them back in.

Glad that it seems you're leaving the story up, thank you.
2/5 c58 Guest
The story is abandoned, but is able to be adopted. Meaning there is still hope for this story's future! Hooray!
2/2 c1 Dv880
Please people, can somebody adopt this glorious story? Please don’t let it fall into oblivion. Try to find at least some good authors who would like to adopt it and continue writing it. Please very much.
1/31 c58 Guest
Please great dvdryms, keep the story up until it's adopted. We can't let it all end here!
1/31 c58 gdoctor27
Hope this really won't be the end of this great story. I pray someone will adopt it and carry the magnificent torch you've created. Until then please leave this story up here on this site for fans to reread until someone is courageous enough to to take up the task of continuing your great work.
1/31 c58 Doc2green
The end is nigh, but hopefully this story will stay up until some brave soul comes to adopt and continue this great story, and the legacy of this great author will remain intact and everlasting. Stay well dvdryms.
1/31 c58 draconseer
ah man please leave this up.
i love this story but due to work/life haven't had time to read much lately.
also hope you are doing well/get feeling better.
1/31 c58 Hobo Joe
I understand your decision to stop writing this story, but please leave the story here to be reread by your fans, especially since you took it off ao3. It's just too good of a story to disappear because a writer decided to stop writing like with what happened to the dxd story devil reborn redux made by shirou fujimura/bamafelix/anothernamelesshero, such a beautiful story, now gone except in the memories of it's fans.
1/31 c58 Lance
If you're truly gonna stop writing this story, please leave what you finished on this website for you fans to reread. It's hard fanfics like this one, especially ones that actually include shinto mythology.
1/31 c58 Ki Master
I agree with grand ol' greed about leaving the story up, and tying up lose ends, just make sure to not only do so here but on the dxd fanon wiki please. Also, just want to say, this was a great and you are one of the best fanfic writers ever, sad to see you you go but that life. Wish you the best of luck!
1/31 c58 Guest
I've never really reviewd brfore, but I've been sticking to this story for quite a while. I've really enjoyed Takeshi, all the little references, and the changes you've added.

So please, leave the story up. Not only will I enjoy coming back to read it again, it's one of the better examples of fanfic I've had the pleasure of reading, and will undoubtably give more and more people inspiration for their own DxD spins. It would be a massive waste of your effort to consign it to oblivion, and of our thoughts, fondness, and in some cases contributions goijg off those little author note responses, so whatever else you will or won't do, leave the story up.
1/30 c58 Sabatty The
Sad to see you go, but don't make me hate to see youbleave
1/30 c58 Wiseman
Yes, curse them with despair
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