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10/5 c30 12Nautics
Hey! I left a lot of my thoughts on discord but I'm just going to leave a review as well. This was definitely my favourite chapter yet! First, let me just start with the fight scene which was just so intense. RIP Marquis and Dria. It’s ironic that Wren wanted the careers dead so badly and yet she killed probably the nicest one. The careers are down a member but so are the anti-career alliance. Theres only two of the anti-careers left right? However I predict something is about to go down internally in the careers so the numbers could be more even again. The asa-luz-cal alliance might also get involved at some point as well.

Now onto my favourite bit which was of course the Blade pov. You’re writing him better than I could have imagined and I’m not just saying that! this was my favorite pov, I’ve read it multiple times. I’m glad him and Alessio have found each other and began to open up through the way they are connected in their pain. Finding out that Alessio learned sign language because his sister is an avox really got me in the feels and the fact that this caused him to make friends with my boi is so special. There’s so many details that connects them. I love Alessio idk what else to say. I’m excited and nervous for what comes next but I know it’ll be great whatever happens. Great chapter!
10/3 c30 8QueenOfMorning37
Me two hours ago: “I’m going to go to bed early and read fanfiction in the morning.”

Me now: “I have a cold and I can’t sleep so I might as well read fanfiction now even though it’s midnight.”

Luz’ POV is so SAD and it’s sweet that she loves Asa so much and they had a cute little wedding but their arc is stressing me out so much. How is Asa living this long? How has he outlasted SIX tributes while he has the plague? Surely he can’t last much longer?

I love Cal getting philosophical, though. I’d like to see more of that.

Holy crap, Cady really screwed things up, didn’t she? I feel kinda guilty but also kinda impressed because it feels right that Cady would ruin EVERYTHING. It’s cathartic! Wren’s reaction to Cady’s death is really heartbreaking. Their friendship was so wholesome and it’s sad to see it end this way. And then the FIGHT!


RIP Marquis. He was such a sweetheart and he will be missed. The Careers have just lost their heart.

Dria’s death got me as well. My only complaint is that you misgendered them when Tremor threw an axe into them, which was kinda confusing. However, given the situation and that Wren is losing her mind a little with PANIC and GRIEF and GUILT, it’s not too implausible that she got confused and forgot Dria was agender for two sentences. It’s far less glaring than if she’d done it in a casual conversation.

RIP Dria. They had just found people they trusted when Cady betrayed them and then Wren decided to do something stupid out of grief (Jack did nothing wrong, tho, apart from hurting Alessio). That’s such a sad end to their arc! I can’t help but notice that that’s another one of Jack’s allies killed by Tremor. The buildup to that Jack vs Tremor fight is getting more and more intense.

Awwww Wren feels so guilty…

Blade’s POV is EVERYTHING! Maybe I’m biased because my chaotic son is in it but it just made me feel so many things and I love it. Firstly, more Blade v Tremor conflict. I love it! Tremor has just lost his closest ally and, based on Blade’s actions this chapter, I reckon Alessio is on Team Blade. I feel like, with Marquis dead, there’s nobody stopping the Careers from murdering each other. They don’t really have a heart anymore. They have Alessio but he’s more like the eye of the storm or the kinetic sun of death than the heart. At this point, I’m just wondering who’ll kill Tremor first, Blade or Jack. I love Tremor but he’s making a lot of powerful enemies.

Then we have the main bulk of the scene - Alessio being hurt and Blade looking after him. Just the fact that nobody helped Alessio *sobs*. See, Tremor! This is why Alessio is friends with Blade and not you! Because you didn’t help him! I LOVE everything about Alessio in this POV. He’s just so vulnerable but he’s still putting up this front because he just doesn’t trust anyone and that makes it so powerful when Blade finally gets through to him. I did not expect Alessio to mention his sister, but it worked so well in that scene, because Alessio and Blade have both been hurt by the Capitol and now they have something to bond over. And then Alessio tells Blade he can see ghosts and he’s SO SCARED that Blade will think he’s crazy… and Blade UNDERSTANDS!

*tries to form words but can’t*

I thought Alessio and Caldwell made a good pair but Alessio and Blade are SOULMATES! I don’t think they’ll have a romantic arc, especially since Alessio is still hung up on Caldwell, but they are well and truly platonic soulmates. They just work so well together. I couldn’t have asked for an angstier boii to be friends with my angsty boii. I am worried about the future of this duo, though, because the town crier’s warning this chapter seems to be aimed directly at Alessio. “Some might think they know the language of Death.”? That is Alessio, 100%. I’m so worried for him!

I’m so glad my son helped contribute to this chonky chapter that you enjoyed writing. I can’t believe we’re in the top ten already. I’m so excited for the next chapter. I hope to see some more of Queen Felicia because she is still my favourite character and she hasn’t been getting as much screen time as the others because she’s alone, but I’m also worried that, next time she appears, she’ll die. So I’m excited but also scared. This is so intense, wow!
10/1 c29 12Nautics
Hey! I just thought I should drop in with a quick review! You're doing so well with all the characters. My favourite pov here was Tremors. You're building up some really interesting conflicts between the different careers and I'm loving what you're doing with Blade. I feel like this was a really important moment for his character. Tremor is becoming the villain of this and manipulating everyone so I'm hoping he gets his justice soon lol I can't wait to see where this goes! See you next time!
9/20 c29 12rising-balloons
hello miri just here to say that you're doing a fantastic job and writing my kids (and all the others lol) incredibly well as always. crazy that we're at the top twelve already ahhhH! i'm afraid for both my kiddos tbh bc (gestures) why wouldn't i be. look at them. they are dying, sad, or both. i'm on edge for the rest of day 5 bc i think the rest of cady's alliance is screwed; fingers crossed for my 9s and callisto. i hope your stress subsides and you get some good rest, and looking forward to the next update as always!
9/20 c29 8QueenOfMorning37
Having a conversation between Asa and Callisto is such a brilliant idea! They’re both going through similar arcs, selflessly trying to protect their district partners because of their low self esteem that makes them feel like their own lives are worth less. The main difference is that Cal has lost Colby and Asa hasn’t lost Luz yet. It was really sweet seeing Asa begin to trust Cal and Cal reading to Asa. That is just friendship goals. Also, I’m beginning to get the feeling that Asa might not actually die of the plague because it’s been six chapters and he still hasn’t died. He’s managed to outlive FOUR TRIBUTES, while he had the plague. Maybe he’ll ACTUALLY recover. Maybe he’ll WIN, while he has the plague.

Okay, so… I guess it’s time to address all the Cady things.

Cady’s was a strange character for me. Until fairly recently, I loved Cady for being one of the most chill and positive tributes in the story and I enjoyed all of her POVs. I’d based her on something I really truly loved and never believed I would stop loving but then… I did. And then I just couldn’t look at Cady the same way, she would always be a reminder of what I’d let go. I knew she had to die, that I just couldn’t follow her any further and that was weird because I’d never made that kind of decision with one of my tributes before. I’m not sure what I was hoping for, maybe a dramatic face-heel turn. I wasn’t expecting Cady to just… walk to her death in the hope of saving Wren through some crazy misguided plan. It was kinda sad seeing her so empty in those last couple POVs, how she’d just given up on life. Maybe it just hit a little too close to home because of how I’d given up on Cady. But I do think this kind of ending is more true to how Cady was in the beginning than her suddenly, out of nowhere, becoming a villain. In the end, I didn’t see her as a tribute I’d based on something that’d given me so much joy and so much pain, I just saw her as a person who was flawed but human.

RIP Cady. You gave me some happy times and that meant a lot. I’m sorry I had to let you go but it was your time. Your death made this story a whole lot darker.

I always love a Career POV! At this point, the Careers are less an alliance and more ten incredibly complex relationships between five chaotic people that could fall apart at any moment. I’ve been hyped to see a Tremor POV for ages just to see why he was being so NICE to his allies all of a sudden. Now I know he actually likes Alessio and Marquis (despite the latter’s rather rebellious actions a couple chapters ago) and he’s kinda looking out for them. Also, he really hates Blade. I guess them agreeing with each other about everything for the last few chapters was just a coincidence. Naya choosing to pair up with Alessio is an interesting move. TBH, any Career pair is interesting because they all have legitimate reasons to actually despise each other. I wonder if Naya was planning to interrogate Alessio about his relationship with Caldwell. And then when Alessio has to go with the boys so he can interpret for Blade, Naya agrees to go alone. Interesting… Is she plotting something or is Tremor just paranoid? Perhaps EVERYONE in the Careers is plotting something?


I love how Tremor says he’s not looking for friends, only pawns and then he immediately gets jealous that Alessio is more friendly with Blade than him. Sometimes, I get the sense that all three of the Career boys just want to be friends with Alessio because a) he’s a mysterious edgelord they all want to figure out and b) he’s a vulnerable sadboii who they all want to protect. I just find it so funny how Tremor and Blade (maybe even Marquis to an extent) are just fighting over Alessio. It’s just so surreal but also so in-character for this alliance full of angsty boiis. It seems like Tremor’s slowly winning over the alliance, which is really interesting. He’s already used Cady’s death to turn Marquis against Blade! That’s such a smart move! I’m so excited to see more of the Careers! They’re such an intense alliance full of big personalities and rivalries and chaos and plotters and schemers that they could really go in any direction. They have infinite potential.

Aww, thanks for the lovely message at the end. You light up my day as well. This story has just bought me so much joy and we’re only halfway through the games so there’ll be even more joy in the future (and also a lot of angst!). These chapters are always worth waking up super early on a Tuesday morning to read.
9/13 c28 QueenOfMorning37

I’m so happy to see a Luz POV. I mean, Asa’s still dying and it’s still taking FOREVER and it still HURTS but Luz is so AWESOME! I love her so much. Part of me is actually kinda glad Asa gave her the vial (assuming it’s a working antidote and not poison) because I want her to win. Just the end of her POV where she goes ‘I hate you’ to the Capitol… I got chills. This girl is capable of absolutely RUINING SOMEONE’S DAY. Don’t underestimate her. At the moment (I know it’s a bit early to make predictions) I’m hoping for a Luz-Blade-Alessio final three because we’ve got the two most awesome tributes in the arena… and my angsty son who I am incredibly biased towards but he’s had CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT.

I’m so glad Cal has found Luz! They’d make such an interesting alliance! That scene where Cal finds Luz and he’s absolutely terrified of her… I got Rodney Sanchez vibes. I mean, I say that about any outlier who is remotely intimidating but Luz could actually win this. I think it’ll be nice for Cal to find some people who’ll be kind to him. Maybe it’ll help his self esteem. But also, maybe he’ll get philosophical about whether it’ll be kinder to let Asa slowly die and suffer for the rest of his life or kill him to end his suffering, and that’ll cause some friction in his alliance. I’m interested to see where this is going.



Okay, so this is kinda personal but about five years ago, I had a crush on my friend (his name was Asa LOL). He didn’t like me back. I listened to a song called Crown of Love by Arcade Fire and it just HIT JUST RIGHT… I cried. I declared Arcade Fire my favourite band. I wrote down some of the lyrics to Crown of Love on a piece of pink paper in red felt tip and I kept it in my room for five years.

Earlier this month, I discovered the lead singer of Arcade Fire had been accused of sexual misconduct by multiple people. That basically ruined the entire band for me. Their music had just meant so much to me and suddenly it all just seemed like a lie. I completely an utterly fell out of love with them. I’d felt so betrayed. I hid all of their CDs in the back of a cupboard, took their songs off all my playlists, changed my username because it had a reference to one of their albums in it etc. I just didn’t want to think about them anymore.

One of the things I did was tear up that little piece of paper with Crown of Love lyrics on it and put it in the bin.

So that brings me to Felicia… I never liked Felicia much. She was a tragic character and I always thought she was capable of something good but she never really stood out compared to Luz and Asa and Blade, etc… But here, now, watching her tear up that letter from Buck…


Her entire POV was just perfect. That is a POV that makes a victor. That is life-changing. That was the SYOT equivalent of listening to Never Going Back again by Fleetwood Mac at 3AM on Valentine’s Day, two days after being rejected by the guy you’ve had a crush on for a year. Forget what I said about Luz. Felicia is my victor. That POV has just given me exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. Thank you.

LOL, I gotta stop having emotional breakdowns in the middle of reviewing your story. Don’t worry. This was the good kind of emotional breakdown.

So… I hope school is going okay. Hamlet is cool! I studied Macbeth at school and I LOVED it. Especially Act 5, Scene 1. That might be my favourite Shakespeare scene of all time. Lady Macbeth is an icon. Also, IDK if enjoying writing and reading angst makes you evil but, if it does, I guess we can both be evil together *cackles*.

9/6 c27 QueenOfMorning37
I was SO excited for this update, I woke up early LOL. It’s morning where I am, which is pretty appropriate. Don’t worry about the long wait. I feel like everyone’s life has been crazy at the moment.

It’s always interesting to see a Marquis POV. He’s so out-of-place in the Careers. It’s so sad that he’s feeling guilt over Caldwell and Colby’s deaths, especially because he had very little to do with them. It’s also sad to see Alessio because he’s still sad and he needs a hug (and probably also therapy). It’s really sweet to see Marquis being nice to Alessio and trying to comfort him. I was kind of waiting for this moment where Marquis encouraged Alessio to come out of his shell because it felt like something Marquis would do eventually. Alessio keeps getting closer and closer to letting his guard down, and I’d like to see some more interactions between him and Marquis, just because I think it’ll be interesting.

The second part of Marquis’ POV is interesting but a little worrying. So he’s standing up to his allies? That’s really brave and honest and definitely true to Marquis but… I’m worried he’ll get into trouble. Will his allies turn on him? Will the gamemakers see him as a rebel and try to kill him? I feel like the only Career who Marquis didn’t just alienate is Alessio. I love these Career POVs. It always makes me intrigued what the future of the alliance will be.

I skimmed the first part of Asa’s POV but I read the last part for the plot and… DANG. How did you make Asa’s plague arc even more painful than it already was? I can’t decide if Asa’s decision to give Luz the antidote is brilliant or stupid, because on one hand, it is really romantic and heroic to try to protect your girlfriend from disease and on the other hand, DUDE, YOU’RE GOING TO DIE OF THE PLAGUE! DRINK THE ANTIDOTE, ASA! This also makes me a bit worried about Luz because we have no way of knowing that antidote will actually work. To quote Romeo and Juliet “What if it be a poison…?”. I can see so many possibilities stemming from this and all of them are going to end with disaster. And I thought Asa was going to die this chapter and we’d be done with the whole plague arc. It took Queen Darla two days to die of the plague. It’s Day Four. Surely Asa doesn’t have long left.

OOF, that sounds kinda harsh, so I just want to say, Asa’s plague arc is probably REALLY GOOD to someone who doesn’t hate the plague. It’s a really good exploration of how damaging his selflessness can be. I hate it for personal reasons and I want Asa’s suffering to end as soon as possible but that doesn’t mean it’s bad writing.

I had a feeling Dria would join the Outlier Monarchs Brigade. I already had a feeling they’d work well with Wren and Cady and then Jack joined and there was someone Dria trusted in the alliance and it felt like there was only a matter of time. The Outlier Monarchs Brigade is looking pretty tough now. The clash between them and the Careers might come soon, especially since the Careers aren’t doing anything today, and that worries me because I know we’re going to lose some good tributes in that clash. I’m especially worried about Marquis and Wren because of the town crier’s warning last chapter.

I’m so excited for the next chapter! I’ll wake up early for it :)
8/23 c26 12rising-balloons
oh shit... i think the younger girls alliance will make trouble, and i think that'll ultimately bring trouble for them. out of the group, jack seems the most capable, and i'd bet on her going the farthest. interested to see what you do with callisto... alessio was honestly a standout here for me. i think you write him really well and his concept is so interesting, and i'm really hoping he goes far. i'd love to see more of him and i think he has a lot of potential. and wow- that last pov? i was never a huge buck fan for some reason but i LOVE what happened here. this is so interesting for felicia and it makes sense that with the plague taking him down buck would lash out. very interested to see where things go from here. happy early birthday, and see you next time! rb
8/23 c26 8QueenOfMorning37
I think we all needed a Cady POV at a time like this. She and Wren balance out all the angst with their wholesome alliance. They are probably the only two people in the arena having a fun time. I do worry that Wren’s going to get herself hurt or killed because she seems so disconnected from reality but it’s reassuring that Cady is always there to give her a reality check. I love their little interactions, especially when Wren is about to do something stupid and Cady is like “DO YOU WANT TO EXPLODE?”. I love their dynamic so much! And now Jack’s joining the alliance… things should get EVEN MORE interesting. Jack seems to have some weapons skills so she’s probably capable of taking down at least one Career. I have a feeling it’ll be Tremor because she has plenty of reasons to hate him. Maybe that master plan will work. I just REALLY HOPE that Jack isn’t carrying the plague. I’m rooting for the Outlier Queens Brigade. Nothing will stand in their way.

Poor Cal. He’s so full of self-loathing. He really misses Colby, even though she was awful to him. He was the only character who knew her when she was young and innocent so maybe he was holding onto that memory of her. I hope he finds a new ally who can look after him.

Also, this is a bit of a tangent but I did a count and EIGHT of these tributes (Naya, Caldwell, Colby, Cal, Felicia, Asa, Jack and Alessio) have troubled relationships with at least one of their parents due to their parent/s being abusive or neglectful or a bad role model etc... That’s HALF of the named tributes and I may have missed someone. No wonder everyone is so angsty. Poor kids. I feel so sad for them.

Speaking of sad, ALESSIO! I love his POV so much! His perspective just makes Caldwell’s death even sadder because now we know what Alessio wanted to say to Caldwell as he was dying and it’s absolutely devastating. I know Caldwell would’ve loved to hear that someone found his art beautiful and that he’d be remembered. I get the sense that Caldwell and Alessio would’ve been so happy together if they’d not been able to let go of their insecurities and that makes it even more painful that they split up and Caldwell died. I’m also really happy to see Ghost!Caldwell. His scene was so spooky! I can tell this is the first time that Alessio has truly been afraid of a ghost, just like he was afraid to connect with Caldwell while he was alive. I hope to see more of Ghost!Caldwell in the future.

Also, I love the mentions of the other Careers in Alessio’s POV. It’s always exciting to see Career interactions. I’m particularly interested in what Tremor is up to. I get the sense he’s slowly taking over leadership of the alliance from Naya, based on how he took first watch instead of her. I’ve also noticed he’s been having friendly-ish interactions with the boys. He agreed with Blade last chapter. He also possibly said something comforting to Marquis so I’m interested to see where that leads. Marquis looks like he needs some comforting, the poor guy seems so anxious. I’m also particularly interested in that conversation between Tremor and Alessio at the end of Alessio’s POV. Why is Tremor so curious about Alessio’s relationship with Caldwell? Is he suspicious? Is it a genuine attempt to connect with Alessio? A mix of both? I’m excited for the next Tremor POV. I just want to know what he’s up to. I am worried about Naya, though. It occurred to me after I’d posted my review for last chapter that her leadership decisions have alienated Tremor, Blade and DEFINITELY Alessio. Now Alessio’s anger towards her in this chapter has confirmed that he’s not on Team Naya and Tremor seems to be sowing the seeds for an angsty boii coup. I wonder how much longer the Careers will stay intact.

As for Felicia and Buck… I didn’t expect a betrayal at this point. I thought Buck wasn’t going to betray Felicia once he’d been honest with her about their relationship. But I guess he was either lulling her into a false sense of security or he was being genuine but then he realised he was dying (I KNEW he had the plague!) and attacked her in a desperate attempt to win sponsors and get medicine… IDK. Buck’s final motives were pretty ambiguous and that suits him.

RIP Buck. I liked all his schemes and internal conflict, which made his POVs entertaining but I wasn’t too attached to him (he was my brother’s favourite tribute, tho. My brother thought he had the coolest name LOL). I’m actually pretty glad Felicia killed him because getting stabbed seems like a better death than dying of the plague.

Speaking of the plague, I was okay with that brief mention because it was pretty brief and Buck was already dead. However, I am a little worried about Felicia and the Outlier Queens Brigade because they’ve all been to the market and Asa and Buck, who are both confirmed to be infected, were both there. Hopefully the Outlier Queens Brigade didn’t go anywhere near Buck or Asa. Biti zdrava my queens! That also includes Felicia because I’m interested to see where she’s going.

I’m also fascinated by the Town Crier’s message about fires burning out. Is that a clue for one of the tributes who’ll die soon. It could mean Marquis or Wren, who are both really bright and passionate people, Luz and Asa because of the sparks they feel for each other, or even Cady, since she has a bit of a connection with fire. Or - I’m hyped for this - it could mean the Great Fire of London! I really want it to be the Great Fire of London! Despite the destruction it caused, it also killed a lot of the rats who carried the plague, and it led to new houses being built that were a lot less packed together and made it harder to spread disease. I see the Great Fire of London as something that put an end to the Great Plague of 1665.

I’m so excited for next chapter! I’m hoping for a Tremor POV, the Great Fire of London and maybe also for Asa to die. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about Asa and he seems to be really suffering at the moment. I don’t have much hope for him recovering from the plague, since he’s had it for three chapters now, and I hate the thought of him having a really long, drawn-out death from my least favourite disease. I always knew he was going to die but I was hoping his death would be quick and painless because he’s been through so much and he REALLY doesn’t deserve this. It’s sad but I’m ready to let Asa go.

Also, three POVs per chapter sounds like a really good idea. I’ve always thought two POVs were a bit short and four were a bit long (unless you’re doing a finale chapter or something) but three is JUST RIGHT! Especially if you’re going back to school. It’s ALWAYS really stressful at the start of the school year. I go back in September and I’m ALREADY worried about it. Usually things get less stressful after a few weeks so I hope things improve for you.
8/20 c25 2KatDog42

I wasn't expecting any of this.

When Asa ran away from Luz, I was so sad! It's sweet that he wants to protect her, but WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO DO THIS TO THEM MIRI?! *sobs* I just hope they'll reunite before one of them dies. *wimpers*

I was not expected Caldwell to die this soon. I was honestly expecting him to be in the top five. It was a well written death scene though. I felt so bad for Caldwell. He put up a good fight.

I wasn't expecting Colby to get very far in the games, but I certainly wasn't expecting her to die this soon in the games. I know she was kind of a villain, but her POV's were always so interesting! I'm kind of going to miss her.

I was definitely expecting Colby to live longer than Cal and Caldwell to live longer than Naya. Now we have two more people without an alliance (Luz and Cal). Maybe Jack can ally with one of them. Great chapter, as always! I can't wait to see what happens next!
8/16 c25 8QueenOfMorning37
I skimmed Asa’s POV because I knew it would leave me an emotional wreck and, from what I’ve managed to pick up… dang! Poor Asa. There is something so SAD about him running away from Luz because he’s scared he’ll infect her. Someone please sponsor Luz a biohazard suit or something so she can give Asa a hug. I feel sooo sad and scared for him. Biti zdrava, Asa! Get well soon!

RIP Caldwell! I was not expecting this guy to be the first named tribute to die! I loved Caldwell and it was really sad and infuriating watching Colby bait him like that. Alessio showing up as Caldwell was dying DESTROYED me. Their interactions were always so sweet but also really sad. They had a connection but both of them were holding back from getting closer because of their own personal demons. I never expected it to end like this. Also, the Careers must’ve been near Caldwell when Colby stabbed him, so maybe Alessio had the chance to save Caldwell but hesitated and now he’s going to be beating himself up about it for the rest of the story. In a way, Caldwell will still be a huge presence in this story because Alessio will always remember him and his art and I think there’s a high chance that Ghost!Caldwell will make an appearance in Alessio’s POVs. I think Caldwell would’ve wanted to be remembered.

RIP Colby. I must admit, she was my least favourite character out of all the main characters. I don’t know why but something about her rubbed me up the wrong way. Maybe she just took too much pleasure from manipulating and hurting other tributes, especially when compared to Buck, the reluctant schemer. However, I also found the little hints that there was someone under the mask intriguing and I also felt a little bit sorry for her given how awful her parents sound. I’m interested to see what direction her death takes this story in, since I saw Colby and Buck as the two big outlier villains and now one of them is dead and one of them has reformed and is possibly dying of the plague. I have a feeling this games will be dominated by angsty Careers and plucky outlier heroes.

Speaking of angsty Careers and plucky outlier heroes, the deaths this chapter have had a major effect on the Careers and also Cal. Alessio is probably going to have a lot of angst over Caldwell’s death and Naya is making peace with her former rival now he’s dead. I’m wondering how this will affect the alliance between the two because it was Naya who made the decision to let Colby kill Caldwell instead of interfering. Will Alessio be angry at her? Also, the reactions of the other Careers are pretty fascinating. Marquis is still too pure for this world and is shocked by all this death. As for Blade and Tremor, I find it interesting that they’re thinking the exact same thing despite their opposite political views and rivalry. I also have hope for Cal. I want to see what he’s capable of now he’s no longer being controlled by his sister. Maybe he’ll be strong enough to stand on his own.
8/8 c24 12rising-balloons
oh my god... miri you're doing really good but like. oh my god. you're a fantastic writer and idk if i've ever seen someone get my kids so perfectly. oh my god? eagerly awaiting the next update? oh my god...
8/8 c24 8QueenOfMorning37

I was SOOOOO PARANOID reading all these POVs because I hate the plague… It is sooooo scary. ANYONE could have it. Alessio could have it! Cady could have it! EVERYONE COULD HAVE IT! I just gotta hope my kids are active enough in the games for the gamemakers to pass them over. Alessio’s in the Careers so he’s probably doing stuff. Cady and Wren are possibly planning to attack the Careers.

Poor Jack. She’s lost both her allies. Also, RIP Darla. Her last actions were to push Jack away to stop her getting infected. Those are the actions of a true hero. I salute you, Darla Delaney. The true queen of the fillers.

Poor Cal! The more I see of his alliance with Colby, the more I worry about him. He’s really traumatised and she’s really manipulating him. But I get a hint towards the end of her POV that she’s warming up to him… or maybe she just has the plague.



Poor Buck! He’s sick and he’s just told Felicia the truth so yea… he’s going to die of the plague. I feel really sad to see him go because I liked his character development but someone has to be the first named character to die and I know a lot of characters I’d rather not see die. Luz and Asa for example.


Okay, breathe, breathe, Asa has Luz looking after him. She has medical training. She can save him. Please, please don’t let Asa die of the plague. I will now commence the Serbian health chant for Asa.

BITI ZDRAVA! *claps*
BITI ZDRAVA! *claps*
BITI ZDRAVA! *claps*

Lady Konstrakta, fifth place icon of Eurovision, please protect Asa with your magic soap and your many towels. GIVE HIM HEALTH INSURANCE!

I love how you predicted you would get yelled at about certain things in this chapter because… yeah. You just gave my favourite character my least favourite disease. It was fun revisiting all my childhood trauma from reading a book about the plague when I was six. And also that Horrible Histories song about the plague that scared me so much that I hid behind a cushion whenever it got shown on TV. And the time everyone in my family got a vomit bug over Christmas apart from me because I hid from everyone and washed my hands like I was Lady Macbeth. Anyway… I am not okay right now. Hopefully this whole plague business will be over soon and we can go back to normal (LOL that was the most British thing I’ve ever said in my life). *laughs hysterically until I start crying*

I don’t know why I’m putting myself through this. Normally, I see one mention of the plague and I’m like ‘Ha, LOL, nope, I’m outta here’. Probably because I love your story so much and I’m invested in all the characters. One last biti zdrava for Asa, until we meet again next week.
8/8 c24 2KatDog42
The Black Death. That's a game-changer I certainly wasn't expecting! Poor Darla died, and poor Jack is all alone! That's so sad! I wonder if she'll end up teaming up with Dria since they're both alone.

Colby's character development is certainly interesting. I would have never expected her to be unsure of herself or to feel any sympathy for Cal. Maybe Cal and Colby will end up getting closer throughout the games...

Does Buck have the plague?! I really, really hope not, but he said himself that something is wrong. I'm kind of relieved that Buck set things straight with Felicia. It's awkward now, but hopefully they'll end up being able to work together easier now that they're both on the same page.

Finally, no, no, no, no, NO! I can't believe that Asa has the plague! I knew something bad was going to happen to Asa and Luz, but I wasn't expecting it to happen so SOON! Hopefully Luz will be able to help him since she worked at an apothecary, but maybe she won't. If Asa dies, I don't know how Luz will go on.

Although I'm not necessarily happy with this chapter (*sobs*), it was still very captivating and well-written. Well done! I can't wait for the next one!
7/26 c23 12Nautics
Yay day 1! This felt like a kind of rest chapter or calm before the storm but its setting up a lot of interesting plot points.

Cardwell: I'm still not really sure what I think of him. He seems to be in his element with the renascence painters. He seems to be becoming a lot more calmer here though.

Wren: They are planning to take on the careers? it's not actually a terrible idea since they will have to beat them eventually if they want to win but Cady is right they will need some help. I wonder who they will recruit? Buck and Felicia? Asa and Luz? Anyway I think Wren is the more reckless of the two so she may die first.

Blade: I really love this pov. Here we see Blade had in his mind a view that all the careers are evil but he's starting to realise they are human as well and is growing close to them. I'm really loving the character development your doing with him here. You're doing so good with him! A Blade vs Tremor fight seems to be on its way. Of course I'll be rooting for my boy but excited to see what happens! I loved that little moment where Blade realized he's also a killer and looked away.

Felicia: IMO I feel like Felicia is getting manipulated here and Buck doesn't care as much about her as she does about him. I didn't actually realise there was a romance going on here. I hope Felicia realises Bucks true nature before its too late, I feel bad for her. Or it seems like Bucks character could change and he'll get attached to her as well? I think I'm a bit confused with his pair lol I really liked that town crier appearing it was funny, this arena is really unique and cool, I cant wait to see more of what it has in store or if there will be mutts what they will be like?

Great work!
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