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4/27 c10 12Nautics
Yay its my tribute! I've been excited to see this and how he'll be recieved. Anyway i'm going to get on and review the chapter.

Buck: First we have Buck and it's suggested that his character is manipulative and maybe a bit mischievous but given that hes going into the hunger games I don't really blame him for wanting to use those tactics. Of course he hasn't done anything awful yet so he could turn into a villain.

Blade: Excellent intro of Blade! Thank you for bringing him to life! So interesting that he's going to join the careers that will certainly be very interesting (I've just realised I say the word interesting too much lol) anyway i cant wait to see where you take him and whether he is perceived as evil because I think thats an interesting question (oops I said it again). Although I doubt his plan to kill the president will succeed he should proably keep it to himelf as well if he wants it to lol. Thank you Miri!

So close to the pregames now! Youre doing so well with this update speed. I'm so impressed.
4/25 c10 7QueenOfFunerals37
Buck is very interesting. He seems quite cold and manipulative but he’s also very close to his family, which means he has a good side. I can’t wait to see what he gets up to in the arena.

I love Blade. I got the sense he was deaf from his reaping scene in the Capitol interlude and I was wondering why he’d volunteered. He just seemed so mysterious. Now I know he’s a vigilante! That is just so unique. His backstory really fits District 6. He’s probably one of my favourites but all the tributes so far have been so good! I hope Blade doesn’t win, though. Then he’ll end up killing Signet.
4/24 c9 12Nautics
Asa: Ok we have our last pair here and i've been excited to see these two since I saw their mb and man they are going to be sad for sure. I really like both characters so far. At first I got the feeling Luz was going to be the protective one and Asa would rely heavily on her but then the ending of the pov made me think Asa has the same idea. So maybe they'll both be trying to make sure the other gets home.

Side note: I really like Luz name and i've been purposefully reading it as "lu-th" because thats how it would be pronounced in Spanish spoken in Spain although I'm sure it's intended as "lu-z" like in most other Spanish. I just think that sounds cute anyways sorry i've got side tracked.

Callisto: This was a great pov. I really got a sense of their dynamic compared to Columbias. So far I think I prefer Callisto of the two. He volunteered to protect his sister but she doesn't seem too grateful but it seems like they have history and a lot to work out which I think they will have to if they want a better chance. Cal also sounds like hes had a rough upbringing. So far i'm liking his character a lot!
4/24 c8 Nautics
An interlude chapter? That was unexpected but it was great and full of surprises. Honestly, your writing is so good and i'm so impressed with your update speed its been so good!

The biggest surprise for me was the fact that both Naya and Caldwell volunteered!? I predicted one of them would but both? Also it's funny that many of the traditional career districts have reaped tributes while many of the outer districts have volunteers. This cast is fulll of surprises. Also, Blade made an appearance in this chapter! I was not expecting to see him so that was a really nice surprise!

You're doing so good cant wait for the next update!
4/24 c7 Nautics
Alessio: Now this pov was really interesting, I got the feeling he talks to ghosts? Or they talk to him or at least he thinks he does. It depends on whether ghosts exist in your verse. Anyway, so far I like him. It sounds like hes had a sad backstory and got bullied. The tragic backstory seems to be a running theme in this cast which i'm all here for!

Columbia: Ah yes one of the twins! So Callisto has volunteered to protect her it seems. I'm a big fan of twins in stories and I cant wait to see their dynamic together and how they operate. It sounds like Colby might be the more mischievous of the two but yeah twins can be really dangerous if they work together well.
4/23 c9 2KatDog42
Luz and Asa make me so sad! It's sweet that Asa volunteered, but he has no idea what he's walking into. Since the Games aren't well-known/understood yet, he doesn't understand that only one person comes home alive! That means that only one of them can live... unless neither of them do!

I'm not sure what to think about Callisto yet. It's really sad that he suffered abuse while Columbia was her parent's favorite. However, Columbia seems like a pretty capable girl. I don't know if she truly needs Callisto's help or if his volunteering will just end up weighing her down. Callisto did mention that Columbia has a lot of pressure on her shoulders, so maybe he'll be able to help free her from that... or maybe they'll end up trying to kill each other. Either way I'm excited to see what becomes of these twins!
4/23 c6 12Nautics
Two new people! And we are onto the reapings!

Cady: Interesting detail that she doesn't know about the hgs. Cady has a really cool backstory though like its especially unique for D3 as well I feel. Since she comes from the streets she might know how to handle herself in tricky situations and I just realised that when her name was called her full name is Acadia! Anyway its a definet like for me and I really liked the descriptions of the sharks that was a nice detail.

Wren: A prankster! That's always fun, a likeable personality as well like it seems she doesn't do the pranks out of maliciousness like some pranksters. A nice group of friends as well.

Great chappie!
4/23 c5 Nautics
Hi I'm just gonna do a quick catchup!

Interesting pair here i'm just gonna review them together because I believe they were subbed together so Naya is like an environmentalist? Which is good and all, never seen that in a syot I do think saving the planet is important yh but Caldwell makes sandcastles so hes a sandcastle sculpture and an incredibly angry one at that, he seems to really hate Naya for destroying his sand castles. I'm not sure if he volunteers when she gets reaped to get revenge on her or if they just both happen to get reaped. As for their personalities Naya seems a little socially awkward and Caldwell very angry. Those are my first impressions anyway. Anyway I guess we'll find out!
4/23 c4 2TheatreKidUnknown
Dria - I love Dria, and I love how they're portrayed here. They're a character I hope will go far, and I can't wait to see how they fare in the games.
Jacqueline - Jack has lived somewhere else? Interesting. I wonder how she ended up moving to Ten.
4/23 c9 7QueenOfFunerals37
Asa is such a sweetheart. His POV is so sad! I love how the nature of the games is still a mystery. That just makes it even more painful. I’m not usually a fan of couples getting reaped together (I prefer it when tributes gradually fall in love with one of their opponents in the arena) but damn, you wrote Asa so well, it’s hard not to root for this pair of star-crossed lovers. I think the Nines are probably my favourite tributes so far.

Now I can see Callisto’s reasons for volunteering, I understand his decision a lot more. He seems to have really low self esteem because of his abusive parents. I understand why he might be willing to sacrifice himself to protect his sister, who is their favourite child. He might have been conditioned to think his sister is more worthy of life than he is. That’s really sad and I hope things improve for him. Maybe he’ll find the strength to overcome the harm his parents have done to him. I also really like his curiosity and can relate to his lack of social skills. I’m rooting for him (but not as much as the Nines).
4/22 c9 2Very New To This
Great chapter and great last chapter as well! Can't wait to meet the other tributes! Caldwell is still my favorite! ;)
4/19 c8 7QueenOfFunerals37
I’m so happy to see Mirabelle and Signet again! I was worried about Mirabelle. I’m glad to see she’s still alive and her bodyguard hasn’t hurt her yet. I also like how she’s maybe beginning to make friends with him… maybe? I like how she can relate to the tributes so easily, since she’s a victor. I also like how she sees a bit of her younger self in Cady. That’s a good sign.

Awwwww Signet. I feel so bad for him. RIP Signet’s dad. Also, his reaction to tributes being reaped is like “Why are they so sad? It’s just a game.”. I am worried what Signet’s reaction will be when he finds out what the games actually are.

I like seeing all the tributes in one place. It’s hard to judge them just from these little snippets but I think Asa stands out to me. But maybe that’s because I have a friend called Asa. It’s also really interesting to see who was reaped and who’s a volunteer. The Careers don’t seem to have that much influence since THREE of them were reaped. And then we’ve got THREE outlier volunteers… WOW! I am really excited to see how the Careers shape up in this games. Will there even be a Careers alliance?
4/18 c8 2KatDog42
*gives standing ovation*

No seriously. You deserve it! I fancy myself pretty good at predicting the endings of books (and stories), but every chapter you write leaves my second guessing myself and wondering what will happen next! I also want to take a moment to compliment your writing style. It's very short and to the point, but still amazingly descriptive and colorful! It sounds very professional and if you ever published a book I would read it!

Now to review the chapter itself... Mirabelle's bodyguard is really interested. His brief shock at seeing the games makes me wonders if he'll eventually ally with Mirabelle. I also noticed that Mirabelle has a meeting with Linnet and Rima. It's probably just a mentor meeting, but it made me wonder if they'll end up working together against the Capitol that scarred them.

I originally thought Signet was going to reveal a darker side of himself, but I didn't realize how naive he was when it comes to the Hunger Games. And his father's dying words were incredibly mysterious. What does he by when he talks about "the whole truth." His words almost sounded like regret. What will Signet think when he realizes what the games truly are? Will he embrace them or try to put an end to them? Either way it will be very interesting. This was also the first time we got to meet Felicia (my tribute), and even though it was only for a brief moment, you captured her perfectly! I can't wait to see more of her!

Once again, amazing job! I'll be counting the days until Friday!
4/16 c7 2Very New To This
Hi Miri! I'm sorry I haven't reviewed lately. I've just been really busy with work. Anyways, I love meeting these tributes! My favorite has to be Caldwell simply because I find it hilarious and original that he's a sandcastle artist/creator.
4/16 c7 2KatDog42
Wow! You post chapters faster than I can review them! :P I guess this is going to be another two-chapters-in-one review.

I love how you wrote Cady! I hope her experience as a gamer will help her rise to challenge of the Games. Wren is also amazing! I like how she has a great friends/family like. It seems that more often than not all of the tributes featured in SYOTs are either broken or depressed (or both). Your story stands out because so many of your tributes are carefree and quirky. It's sad to think that by the end of this most of the tributes will be dead and the one who lives will probably be scarred like Linnet... but I digress. Long story short, your tributes are unique and they stand out and I love it!

However, there's nothing wrong with the occasional depressed/broken tribute, and the fact that there are a refreshingly small amount of them in this story really makes Alessio shine! His scene was so mysterious. Why is his sister in the Capitol? What does he have against his father? Alessio seems like he has a lot of angst. In the end will this make him a character we want to root for or will the games turn him into a villain? Only time will tell. Colby is incredible as well. She definitely has the strategy of a victor. If she can master some fighting skills I think that she could be a contender to win. Hopefully we can get Callisto's point of view soon so we can get a deeper look into the backstory of these twins!
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