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4/16 c7 7QueenOfFunerals37
I’m so glad you cut from Cady to Alessio. I was hoping that would happen. I like seeing the contrast between my two tributes. I LOVE Alessio’s entire POV. It’s so atmospheric and gothic. I love how, despite my tributes’ differences, both of them are experts in the field of ignoring the mayor. And that last line… I have chills. I can’t wait to see what kind of chaos my angsty boii is going to cause in the arena.

Colby seems very ambitious. Also, I get the sense her parents are very controlling. She certainly seems a lot smarter than her brother. My pet peeve is someone volunteering to go into the arena with a sibling. Only one of you is going to survive! Don’t force your sibling to choose between saving you or saving themselves! Still, I’m willing to cut Callisto some slack because I haven’t seen his motive yet and it’s possible he might not know how the games work. Colby doesn’t seem like a villain just yet but I can see some villain potential in her. All the tributes in this chapter are quite mysterious so I’m really excited to see those mysteries get solved.
4/12 c6 QueenOfFunerals37
I’m so happy to see one of my tributes! You wrote Cady so well! I just find her whole attitude to the reaping kinda sad, because of the dramatic irony, but also kinda funny because who listens to the mayor anyway? I’ve seen other tributes claim not to listen to the mayor because he says the same speech every year but this is District 3’s first public reaping ever. The mayor has never made that speech before and Cady still isn’t listening because she has better things to think about. I also love how chill Cady is about being reaped. Her entire thought process is “I’m in the games? Good thing games are my specialty!”. I don’t think she understands what the games actually are which fits really well with the world building and also how isolated Cady is from all the rumours.

Wren is really fun. I must admit, I got a bit of Six of Crows nostalgia when I read Wylan’s name. I was like “What is Wylan Van Eck doing here?”. I like her friends. I also find it interesting that her parents are rebels. Maybe she’s a bit more aware of how awful the games are than Cady is. She might be a dark horse. I’ve seen tributes who like pranks do really well. Also, based on the five tributes I’ve seen so far, Wren looks like the best potential ally for Cady. They have a lot in common. I can’t wait to see if there will be any more potential allies.

Overall this chapter is really sweet and wholesome and not very angsty. I feel like that sets us up for a massive mood whiplash next chapter if you want to pull out all the stops and give the angsty tributes POVs. That would be so funny.
4/9 c5 11rising-balloons
well these two are... certainly something! an environmentalist and a sandcastle artist? i do kinda love that. they're both a bit rough around the edges- naya is inconsiderate and caldwell does seem to be rather prideful/self-centered- but i'm with caldwell on this one. seems like he didn't mean to hurt her *that* badly, and also, she started it. she's one of those people with the right intentions but terrible execution and i can definitely see her righteousness getting on my nerves sooner or later. watching these two go at it will certainly be hilarious, though. they're so petty! they don't seem to be great people but they're cool characters and hey that's what really counts.

anyway, awesome chapter miri & see you next time!

4/9 c5 7QueenOfFunerals37
These two are so interesting. I love it when district partners hate each other! I can see why Naya and Caldwell are enemies. It’s clear they’re both very passionate about what they do and they have been annoyed by each other for so long that they just bring out the worst in each other. I do think this entire conflict could’ve been avoided. Maybe Caldwell could’ve found a way to make art that didn’t damage the environment or Naya could’ve helped him do so. I wonder if Naya started out smashing Caldwell’s sandcastles or whether she tried to patiently explain to him why they were harmful and he just refused to change his ways. I can tell it’s really frustrating trying to get people to protect the environment when they just won’t listen so I can’t blame Naya, or any other activist, for being obnoxious about it. It can also be frustrating being an artist and having your work destroyed by someone who doesn’t even recognise the beauty of it (though I can’t help but wonder why Caldwell puts so much time and effort into something that’ll be destroyed by the sea if he isn’t prepared to lose his art eventually). I am a bit worried about Naya’s foot. That looked painful. I hope it gets better.
4/8 c5 2KatDog42
I totally forgot to review chapter four, so I'm going to cover both chapters in this review. First of all, I love how every chapter starts with a Broadway song! I really hope to see a Cats reference in one of them!

Anyway, I like how Dria's the strong silent type. If Azalea's relationship with her cousin is anything like the rest of the family's, they seem to be pretty tightly knit. I'm not sure how Dria will do when it comes to killing people though... I absolutely love Jack! Her escape from two is interesting, and I love how she has dreams of being an artist.

Naya and Caldwell's relationship is awesome. I can connect with both sides of their argument. I wonder how they'll develop when they get into the games. Will they be forced to grow closer or will they be bent on killing each other. I find it interested how, like Jack, they have dreams that stretch beyond just surviving. I feel bad for Naya. I don't think her plan to volunteer will go as planned. A president who sends children to die is probably not going to care about the environment. Another great chapter, as always! I'll be looking forward to the next one!
4/8 c4 1paperthorn
ALRIGHT! A bit late to reviewing because my life is a mess, but better late than never. And I am already so deeply concerned about these kids, although maybe a bit more for Dria than for Jack.

Dria is clearly very smart and very capable, but I am already so sad. That kind of self-imposed isolation when they're so young...I'm kind of worried about how far they're going to be able to get in the Games if they don't look for some kind of alliance. I'm weak for the loners by default, and I can tell that I'm going to be extremely stressed out on Dria's behalf for the entire time. Truly sending them only the best vibes.

I know it's what everyone is saying, but I'm also super interested in Jack's escape from District 2. I doubt it's something that happens very often, and she's a total sweetheart, but I'm wondering what kinds of skills she brought with her. She might not have received proper Career training, but I'm curious if there's any advantages that living in Two might give her over tributes who have only EVER lived in the outer districts. I guess it probably depends on how long she lived there.

All in all: a wonderful first chapter! Man, I'm excited for the rest of these. Can't wait to get to know everyone and then immediately start crying about them.
4/4 c4 7QueenOfFunerals37
I’m so happy to see some tributes! Dria’s family are a bit of an anomaly in District 6. I’ve always pictured Six as really densely populated city, which must have made it really had for them to isolate themselves. They must’ve REALLY wanted to do it. I wonder why. I feel bad for Dria because it must be really hard to be the only agender person in such a small community. I wonder how they’ll do in the arena. They’re pretty young but I also see some strengths in their POV. A good memory and a knowledge of plants is a pretty winning combo. I also wonder whether Dria will find allies. I can think of a tribute they might get along well with but it depends on whether they’re open to an alliance.

Jack’s backstory is really intriguing. She’s escaped from District 2? That’s a pretty impressive feat. I wonder how that will affect her attitude towards the Twos in the games. Will they remind her of her father? I have a feeling she’ll do well. She seems to be pretty resourceful, especially if she managed to escape her district. She also knows how to hunt and how to use a spear so maybe that’ll help her out.
4/4 c4 12Nautics
Hey! This was an really enjoyable intro chapter, it was short and concise and I really got a sense of who characters were. You did really good with that! Starting with Dria, they are very interesting. They seem slightly antisocial, lonely and isolated but they seem content with that and thats a mood but I get the feeling their heart is in the right place. Jack is fasinating honestly, like she has such an interesting backstory being from 2 and with her father which was upsetting but now she's a boar hunter in district 10? I'm intrigued. Her personality is also really loveable which is a plus. Both of these characters were really interesting. Once again really good intro and i'm looking forward to the next one for sure!
4/4 c4 11rising-balloons
hi miri! this is such a cute chapter- i love short and sweet so this hit home for me. it's very concise but it's giving everything it needs to and i love that. as for the characters, jack is a total sweetie and i love her. wanting to make the world a better place so others don't suffer like she does- how can i not love that? and she likes drawing? poor thing is just trying her best and she's adorable i love her. dria i'm already a bit worried for because of the way they like to isolate themself. i think it'll be difficult for them to last long alone, both for survival reasons and meta reasons- i, at least, find alliances easier to write than loners. but maybe that's just me. they do seem real nice though, and they're smart which should help. anyway, great first intros chapter! see you next time!
3/31 c3 2KatDog42
Ava is my favorite character so far! I love her relationship with her daughter! I also really enjoy her sarcasm and haughtiness. Even though she's also been through pain and trauma, she's certainly no pushover! Signet seems pretty weak and incompetent, but after his suggestion to broadcast the games, I have a feeling that he might turn into one of the antagonists...

And if we're talking about antagonists, I obviously have to bring up Pericles and the mysterious bodyguard. I absolutely hate Pericles (in the best way possible). He and Mirabelle both seem to despise each other. I'd be interested in knowing how their arranged marriage came to be and what exactly happened. Another great chapter! Well done!
3/17 c3 7QueenOfFunerals37
There’s a lot of politics going on this chapter. The first time I read this chapter, I was kinda shocked that Signet didn’t want to end the games but then I looked back to his POV and it made a lot of sense. He did say he wanted a spectacle. That’s a pretty ruthless move. I look forward to seeing more of him. Ava is interesting as well. I like how much she cares for her daughter but she seems to have a lot of enemies. I hope Ava can protect Stelle.

I think Pericles may be my least favourite of the first few characters. He just gives off this evil vibe. He just hired a bodyguard to keep Mirabelle prisoner. That is so sinister! I hope the ghost ends up betraying him or something.

Now I feel like submitting another tribute. Maybe I will if I get any good ideas.
3/16 c3 2Very New To This
Great chapter as always!
2/25 c2 Very New To This
Great chapter as always! I can't wait to hear about their plans. :)
2/25 c1 Very New To This
Great chapter! I just realized at the end that Signet doesn't know what the Games actually are. Oh, I can't wait to see his reaction on the Games.
2/15 c2 7QueenOfFunerals37
I love this chapter as well! I love the way you describe how Chalet and Linnet experience the world. Chalet is such a tragic character. He was so innocent and then he was exploited by the Capitol and now he feels so much guilt for every tribute he’s watched die. *sobs*

As for Linnet, it’s sad how the games took her from her home and her family. That is the best description of District 9 I’ve ever seen and it’s so sad because Linnet’s lost everything. I’m glad she’s found some sort of family among the other victors and I’m excited to see more of them.

I regret nothing, because my District 12 Male is based on the most iconic sadboii of all time and he fits right in here. I hope you got his form. Let me know if you didn’t and I’ll send it again.
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