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9/29/2022 c2 3jiubantai-taicho
Ok him looking “like a Dragon” is kind of interesting imagine a small Lord, made great by his wit and inventions and turned Dragonlord by the wills of fate. Hell would that be a story for the Ages. Finally it would be interesting if after his death he finds himself reborn into his grandson or something like that and is named the same in a kind of “Durrin” way like the Legendary Durrin the Deathless
9/17/2022 c1 Guest
Wow I didn't know you had a said story , it was great hope you come back Author.
8/28/2022 c2 Tony McNucklz
Woah, good speech. That scene could easily have fit into the story.
8/28/2022 c1 Tony McNucklz
Probably because riding side settle needs a special saddle to do it. You can't ride side saddle in a regular saddle. Side saddles have an entirely different setup that would be just as difficult to fall out of as riding more normal saddles. You can fall out of either easily if you don't learn properly for anything more than a walking pace. Most people don't seem to know that side saddles are different, so they rightly can't believe that someone can balance on a normal saddle with 2 legs to one side, so they just write that the girl in their story rides normal as some sort of feminist progressive accomplishment. It isn't. It's farcicly obvious pandering, or ignorance of the different style of saddle. Hell, women perform all kinds of tricks and events in those saddles at competitions. Besides that, I think this was very well done. People trying to overly impose Bechtel buffoonery on medieval settings always write stupid crap that is always awkward and obvious as hell. Sometimes wokeism is a good thing, others (like in feudal settings) it is just terrible.
7/29/2022 c2 3Foxy-Floof
Wow... What a guy, Aelon Eastwood.

Damn, you gotta love that speech.
5/8/2022 c2 The Three Stoogies
a really good chapter liked it a lot keep up the great work
4/7/2022 c2 KEB
Great perspective. Excited to see the upcoming battle. Thanks for writing!
4/7/2022 c1 KEB
I like the side story. It was well written.
4/6/2022 c2 Arles
A warrior and a blushing maiden. Your protagonist is both, and I love it.
3/27/2022 c2 1Reina36
thanks for the interlude!
3/27/2022 c2 Deathchill
I greatly enjoyed this. Well done.
3/25/2022 c2 Basker
I love when these sidestories are updated!
This was so good! We get to see things from the ground so to speak! I loved this guardsmen and a look into how his life has been impacted by the events of the story.
It’s strange that I forget that Aelon has “the blood of the dragon” I think because his father dies right at the start and we don’t go much into his background for long that I forget.
Aelon’s speech was super cinematic hahahaha
The descriptions of the Lord of Eastwood and his family from the perspective of a random citizen was super cool. It feels so worldbuilder-y? Great update! Thanks for sharing!
3/25/2022 c2 PasiveNox
Great chapter wonderful
3/25/2022 c2 3coldblue2015
Thank you, Arkyn, for writing this chapter!

Lukas the Guardsmen, the Eastwood Smallfolk POV:

This is important. Lukas is a young man who grew-up under Lord Aelon Eastwood lordship of Eastwoods fief. Basically, this is the ONLY Lord that Lukas known and his parents grew-up WITHOUT a Lord. Already, we get the idea that Lukas and the native smallfolk of Eastwood being very happy under Lord Aelon rein as Lord. Good job mentioning the Bucklers Smallfolk immigration, where they realize the Lord of these lands care for the Small Folk, after suffering a Winter and Plague at the same time...It also makes them bitter that the Buckler Lands treated them so poorly and here in Eastwood Lands...It great! But people are bitter surviving the Winter, Shivers and changing to new Lord/Lands...People want something to blame. So we get a idea that peace between Eastwood natives and Buckler immigrants only get in small Pub/Wine Sink fights or when one Buckler immigrant become so disgraceful that local Eastwood natives straight them out with split lip and everything.

Now, Lukas is not abusive to his power. He follows his Lord will of the crime fitting the punishment, so not to cause a RIOT within his lands...And for the most part people are happy with Jobs, Food and Housing. Lukas has younger brother name after Aelon father, Daegon, and Lukas is happy to learn his Letters/Numbers...That is important, because most Guardsmen at Small Folk level, do not normal know how to read or write or know their basic numbers. Aelon is ESTABLISHING a Educated class that are his future Middle Class in development.

Another important thing this chapter was Lord Aelon and Ser James Potter spar...Lukas notice that they are WAY more advance with fighting Sword, Shield and Armor; but Ser James is the supperior in skill and Lord Aelon understands that being 'honorable' does not mean you survive. With this point, we know Lord Aelon Eastwood can survive against a Knight such as Ser James Potter reputation and skill...It is important to remember that in War, the only winners are the survivors.

The greatest and final importance, is Lord Aelon Eastwood actually opening up and putting himself on the level of his Small Folk...Aelon translate that he grew-up a Peasant without certainty of becoming a Lord to plow fields, survive Winter and take up a trade. It really something special to Lukas given his Lord was ONCE one the Small Folk and is rallying his people to fight against Borys Baratheon and his Bucker-Fell-Trant army; even going on that Lord Buckler grew fat/lazy and done nothing with their lands...But Eastwood has become something more valuable and growing with prosperity because they are NOT idle with their Labor and becoming better than even the Lords of Bronzegate.

I got chills when Lukas the Guardsmen thought that Lord Aelon Eastwood characteristic and animal nature resemble...a Dragon.

Sure, Small Folk like Lukas the Guardsmen will think that given that Lord Aelon Eastwood and his family have STRONG Valyrian features.

We even got Edwin and Aethan. Edwin Eastwood seems to be Tall and Slender, while Aethan seems to be a Warrior int he making. Both children mischiefs and cunning, but just little annoying to Lukas because of how young they are.


1) Will Eastwood Castle be called Aelons Keep/Castle, given that Lord Aelon Eastwood establish and created the first Castle in the Eastwood lands?

2) Is Lukas the Guardsmen comparison to Lord Aelon Eastwood being similar to a Dragon a foreshadowing towards House Eastwood bloodline connection with House Targaryen or Dragon Rider bloodlines?

3) After the conflict with Borys Baratheon and the Buckler-Fell-Trant alliance/army dealt with, will Lord Aelon Eastwood gain more Lands and territory from Buckler Lands to equal House Errol; for protecting Regent Goran Baratheon and future Lord/Heir Bormound Baratheon?

4) Will someone do reflection of Lord Rodrik Arryn, where the deal/trade agreement with Lord Aelon Eastwood is bringing new fortune to House Arryn and the Vale with the products/trade?


1) I like that...Kind of like Casterly Rock, but we won't have to worry about House Eastwood family going extinct and getting replace by a NEW Noble family. It seems fitting that Aelon would be remember as the FOUNDER of the Eastwood House/Family by having his Castle/Fortress take his first name.

2) I hope that House Eastwood has few droplets of the Blood of the Dragon in their veins. Bastard, Dragon Riders, House Valyeron or House Targaryen; I hope that House Eastwood gains some Magic in their bloodline or prestige. Something similar to House Arryn, who have TWICE wed or taken the blood of House Targaryen into their House. Perhaps even that House Eastwood having close blood ties with House Targaryen; given House Eastwood strong Valyrian features.

3) If this conflict leads to anything...More Lands and Territory for House Eastwood and his allies. That what happens with this type of conflict, the losers lose Land and family members are taken Hostage or executed. I want to read Lord Aelon Eastwood lands reach somewhere near House Errol status, where they are EQUALS in becoming the BREAD BASKET of the Stormlands. More Land means more Farming/Crops, which means House Eastwood could potential sell Grain or have more Grain for future Winter's to come.

4) I feel like once we get to that point in "Deeds, Not Words"; we should have Lord Rodrick Arryn POV. Why? He is a High Lord and Paramount of the Vale. It rather interesting to read how this type of character reflects doing business with House Eastwood and what his goals/endgame are heading too...It seems that under that Nobility and Knighthood or the Youth; Rodrick Arryn is very pragmatic and has mercantile ambition to keep his Vassals, like House Grafton, in check and to grow more wealthier...Perhaps even one Lord Rodrik Arryn parents come from the House Arryn of Gulltown, the Mercantile cadet branch. It not far fetch given Medieval Times have Cousins marry each other after all.

Keep up the good work, stay safe and stay healthy!
3/25/2022 c2 2JustAnotherFan217
Great little side story, kudos to the author. Honestly both these side stories could fit right into the main story and not be at all out of place. Can’t wait for the big showdown!
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