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5/24 c5 10tailsJinchurikiNaruto
Can you add Hinata, ino, kurenai and Yugao Uzuki (purple hair anbu) to the harem please
4/25 c4 1NarutoTiny0852
How dare you, you need to make it so the genra is romance there's to many romantic things in this story.
2/1 c5 Borello
interesting work.
2/2 c1 Vonta01
Just don’t add a female kurama
2/1 c5 SugamDewan
Interesting story Please continue
1/29 c4 Borello
good work.
1/31 c5 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Whoowee! Insane chapter! And ooooh crud! Not only has Zabuza been powered up (likely Haku as well), but both Kisame AND Itachi are here as well! This can only end up going one way: utter chaos! I’m already getting excited at the possible prospects this could bring! I’m also really enjoying Sasuke’s and Kiba’s interactions along with the former beginning to lighten up! And oh~? Seems Kurenai might consider Kakashi as a (possibly) better BF than Asuma! Fascinating…
1/30 c4 Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
AW HECK YEAH! Looking forward to what’s next!
1/30 c3 Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
NICE! Fantastic work!
1/28 c3 Borello
good work. but i wonder if naruto relate to a thunder god as zeus or thor.
1/30 c4 RealOverlord76
This story is really good. I hope you keep writing.
1/27 c2 Borello
nice work.
1/26 c2 Guest
I’m not sure on kuro for the harem maybe mei or haku or both instead. I like that I got rid of Sakura she’s just a worthless bitch. Mikoto as mage was a wonderful surprising twist. Maybe make naruto in the future learn kenjutsu to honor his mother besides fuin honors both parents
1/28 c2 Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Ha ha! What fun! Quite exciting! All of it!
1/26 c1 Guest
This is excellent! Truly amazing! U should however maybe make some fights close like with zabuza since he hasn’t learned kenjutsu yet maybe make it close but he still wins. Same with if he were to fight rock lee lee is a physical power house and naruto is honorable so he could fight him in only Taijutsu and still win or lose up to u just some ideas
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