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5/12/2022 c1 Kappa Girl
Still loving this. It's so interesting seeing it all from Laurel's perspective. I'll be eagerly awaiting the next chapter.
5/1/2022 c9 Kappa Girl
I absolutely am loving this story. Can't wait for you to post each chapter. I hope you have many more coming soon. Laurel was an intriguing character and I always wanted to know more about her back story and her affair with Jess. Maybe you will oblige. At any rate, whatever you post will be much appreciated. By the way, your vivid descriptions are among the best I've read. With your tight, spare words, you offer a Master Class in writing.
4/14/2022 c8 Kappa Girl
I am absolutely loving this. I always felt that with the way they left things, Laurel's story wasn't over. You are doing an incredible job with this and I look forward to each new installment. I suspect the plot will deliciously thicken.
3/2/2022 c7 Guestjh
An excellent portrayal of Laurel! Reminds me somewhat of Dorian Gray. Nicely written...Jo
2/27/2022 c5 Kappa Girl
Well, autocorrect is at it again. What I wrote was a comparison between Loreley and Laurel luring men to their doom, not room...although I guess room might work too. Sorry for that and again, great job. I am loving it.
2/27/2022 c6 Kappa Girl
This is simply brilliant. I love your comparison of Laurel...icy goddesses luring men who dare to fall under their spell to their room. I also love more of the back story between Laurel and Jess. This is just so good.
2/16/2022 c5 Guestjh
Eloquently written! Wasn't going to read until finished but I peeked and was pulled in. Anxiously await the "more to come". Jo
2/14/2022 c4 Kappa Girl
This is so good. I can't wait for the next installment. I love your characterization of Laurel. Most people dismiss her as a horrible woman and hate her for her treatment of Jess (a worse crime than her treatment of Arnold, LOL,,) but I like the way that you examine what made her the way she was
1/31/2022 c2 2Roxellee
I watched this episode today on Grit. (I re-watch all of them over & over & over) This time I picked out the subtle emotions passing on her face, with what you wrote. I think most of us viewers have contempt for this woman. I thought your story ended in Chapter 1 and surprise, a new chapter has been added. Please write something about that quick separation of her lips at her close-up when everyone was riding away. I'm looking forward to reading the entire story. Thank you
1/29/2022 c2 8Brosmom
I haven't seen an episode of Laramie since it first aired, but this caught my interest you've got me hooked. By the way, do you plan to finish your Combat story Endurance? I'd really like to know hoe Sarge got out of that mess!
1/28/2022 c1 Nakoosay
It took me until the end to figure out who was the statue, that is if I got it right. Could it be the evil, conniving blonde?
1/26/2022 c1 15SycamoreSunrise
Oh my. This is just lovely. Both the poem and the tag. So poignant. I wonder if indeed the scriptwriter was inspired by Heine. Thankfully, our beloved dark-haired hero avoided the "jagged cliff," coming frighteningly close, ensnared but ultimately not "devoured" by that "bitter alkali water." And you provide a very interesting perspective for consideration with the final two lines about a certain woman's heart. Thank you for sharing this with us, PDCr203.
1/26/2022 c1 61tallsunshine12
Beautifully poetic piece! You've described the scene with delicate flourishes. Great job! :-)

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