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1/4 c13 Dspot
Happy new year. Hope you’re well and I’m keeping my fingers cross for an update soon.

7/24/2023 c13 ManofCulture69420
Thanks for the chappy.
7/11/2023 c13 1Salty Leclerc
Great chapter. I like what's brewing with the Mist. The direction you're taking Kaito sounds like it will be very fruitful. Excited to see how Itachi and Kaito will develop together.
7/9/2023 c13 2Sharpshooter16
Just finished reading it in full, and I have to say bravo, good damn chapter! Can't wait to see how this goes with Itachi since I know he's one of your favorites, oh the thoughts that must be running in your head. Keep up the good work and buckle down on the writing brother!

7/9/2023 c13 Krieger Techpreist
Phase one of getting kiato laid complete.
7/9/2023 c13 ThirdCabinBoy
also a great chapter!
7/9/2023 c12 ThirdCabinBoy
great chapter!
6/17/2023 c12 ryuschnitzel
things are getting juicy and im still waiting for an update. you are a good author who can bring life to your OC. i wonder if this clue will lead to Mizukage as he is currently controlled by Obito.
4/1/2023 c1 AlphaWolf02
Is last wind abandoned? It’s freaking amazing
3/25/2023 c8 3Artemuis
This is such a great chapter. The pacing, the characters. Everything
3/18/2023 c12 Dspot
For an OC character this story is amazing. You seemed to have found the sweet spot between an over powered character balanced with good storytelling and character, which honestly, most authors are terrible at. The way you write brings the character to life making it easy to picture your Fourth Hokage and not to mention your cool fight scenes - the Wind Walker in particular being seriously well thought out. You seem to be hinting at a potential relationship with Mikoto maybe? If so I would want to see how you handle developing romance. So far the flash backs with Kushina are really well done and you drive home the sense of loss beautifully. Now onto to some wish fulfillment as fan. PLEASE note these are just what I would want to see - don’t take this seriously as this is your story. Take this as straight wish fulfillment:

More Mikoto - she’s my favourite (waifu) character
Kaito going all out - That Wind Walker Jutsu is the shit
Kushina finding out about Kaito - Hence him getting his closer and allowing him to move on
Kaito teaching Itachi - It seems to just be work.
Naruto and Kaito future interactions
Hawk summons vs other summons - mind you, best depictions of Hawks I’ve EVER seen. Makes me wonder what the fuck Sasuke was doing.
Wind Walker vs Lighting Armour - I have no shame in begging to see this happen
Kaito vs Orochimaru

I’ll stop as my list can go on and on. I like the way you write and I’ll be keeping an eye on this story. Cheers mate.
3/15/2023 c12 Guest
Hey. So finally read all your stories. You have some serious talent my friend. Keep letting your ideas and inspiration flow because you got the gift of a great writer. Never forget that you hear? You got the touch! You got the powwweeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

*cue electric guitar*

Lol keep on writing!
3/15/2023 c12 1Salty Leclerc
Another ghosted chapter with another goated fight.

Keep up the hard work, king.
3/14/2023 c12 sirleirbag
I do hope Minato don't preach too much peace and love and understanding in his rule as hokage cause that's going to doom Konoha and Danzo will eat him alive from the inside.
3/13/2023 c1 OneNOnly
This is my third re-read of this story. Always have to come back to the first chapter because of this amazing fight!

Now I consider myself a Naruto nerd so when it comes to ninjutsu I get a little mad scientist. I remember reading a Reddit post about elemental manipulation that made me realize the possibilities are endless with wind manipulation. Using wind to muffle sound to move in silence, or creating vacuum attacks like Danzou, or from one of the novels Sasuke used a move to create an air bubble to speed himself up I think. Your wind-walker creation made me froth at the mouth. So cool! Anyways I went on a little rant but just had to leave this here.

Thanks for making me a fan!
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