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7/23 c2 2Templarsith
LOL, yes Kiritsugu you have a WMD on your hands. Is the void concept protecting the magical items attached to Alcides' soul? Sort of like add is protecting a certain spear? Well, I think this story has a bit compression problem. The actions of everything seem rushed just plot points to get to ABC. Furthermore, till we meet Kiritsugu every character felt like a deflated tire. Honestly, I do not care what Alcides was before the fire cause we never really meet the person in the driver's seat in the first place. If you took some time to flush out the MC personality beforehand and have a massive change after the fire would have been interesting.
3/10 c2 Shif125
Will the MC become a pseudo-servant?
3/10 c1 Shif125
Will the MC become a pseudo-servant?
3/10 c2 Shif125
Will the MC become a pseudo-servant?
2/17 c2 dragon slayer of death 98
hope this means illya waifu, and maybe rin waifu too, shirou can have saber and sakura, they would be happier with him i think, medusa is a maybe since alcides is a demigod so she may not like him
2/7 c2 Dayside
Pretty good. Made more sense than the first one. Kinda wish Shirou had died in the fire so we didn't have to put up with him. Hope you keep it fast paced, no one cares about the childhood part of the journey innit.
2/7 c1 Dayside
How is his skin brown if his father is Zeus and he's seemingly french/english?
The start could of been better. The world seemed way too messy.
2/6 c2 surge911
So far I’m enjoying the story, but I’m hoping to see the MC go back to his original world, hopefully strong enough to avenge his uncle, hoping he follows through his attachment even if it was a short while as you have done well displaying in previous stories.
2/2 c2 Chrome Fate
1/29 c2 Long Hao chen
small chapter, prelude to the beginning I guess. Did he inherit any power from Zeus barring lightning manipulation, like air and wind manipulation, commanding wind and air spirits?
1/28 c2 edoabb
His excuse for knowing that Kiritsugu is a magus is cheap, like really survivors guilt is a thing. This boy appears out of nowhere and because he has seen him flinch once he accuses him of being the cause of the fire and of regretting it. I call bullshit. Isn’t Kiritsugu supposed to be a paranoid assassin? What’s up with the mild response to having let an inhuman trained magus in his house? What, if he doesn’t magical circuits activated then it’s ok? What kind of assassin has that mentality?
1/28 c2 40Death Fury
nice chapter
1/28 c2 wstiglet
This seems pretty cool but I feel like he should feel SOMETHING for losing his uncl just now. especially now that he is more Alcides than his past self.
1/28 c1 Death Fury
loved the first chapter
1/28 c1 Tikio
The theme of the sword is interesting, although a bit cliche (personally, I would have chosen both of them so that they would complement each other with a short, medium and long range attack {and with the bonus of having a shield, although I think that comes with those gauntlets) And what a shame about Chaldea, I like that kind of story where there is an anime character who is in a new world and they have to cooperate. I know there is a similar story where the MC (Cameron SIOC), Raven, Yang, Barbara and Kara are in Dresden but the author goes overboard with the constant insinuations that one of them (Raven) makes a proposal that borders on the NTR or that she directly proposes it and it's a bit sick but it's good to have you back and I'll look forward to the next chapters (so far everything good with this story)
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