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for Chuck VS A Heart Torn

2/6 c1 Guest
This story has a good flow and pace. Best part about it is the humor and true-to-life social interactions.
1/16 c30 richjacobson001
I'm really enjoying this story. Great chapter, excellent work on how you presented Ellie. Thanks for sharing.
1/9 c29 4supesfan18
Another great chapter. Loved the interaction with frank and the rest of the family. Also the chuck and ellie time was great as well. When u write and you come up with new characters like frank and Joyce and her name escapes me at the moment but your computer wiz who do you picture if they were to make it to the show. Who would you cast to show your vision?

Just curious
1/2 c28 supesfan18
Well it was explosive to a point. It certainly did not disappoint although the slap. Ahh it was so close. Lol kidding kidding. That said are you sure Sarah isn't pregnant already her emotions are all out of whack. That said who was at the door could it be mimi? We shall wait and see
1/2 c28 Cnine
Love the dynamics of this chapter! Starting with Sarah's apprehension and Ellie's hardened position to the fun and innocence of Clara's dialogue which helps rebalance the mood. Clara's involvement/dialogue was pure fun to read. I laughed many times! I really like how you have developed and integrated the characters of Clara and Jeffrey into the story. I can hardly wait for Jeffrey and Gretchen to meet.
12/26/2023 c27 supesfan18
Another great chapter. But yes your biding your time getting to ellie and Sarah. I can't wait to see if the sparks fly betqeen Jeffrey and Gretchen and I can't wait to see how Ms Margaret Mae works out. The only question is if we go by canon up to the point of where this whole story begins how does chuck reconnect with Remington Steele? Do they run into each other does chuck tell him about how Bryce aet him up? I mean only going by Steele knowing about chuck being kicked out that would have been an I testing conversation and making Laura holt a secretary when the show fought to dispell that a woman couldn't be a pi bad choice lol I'm kidding the youngish reading probably don't even know that show. But great job as always
12/20/2023 c26 Bob J
Gretchen and the twins are fun to read about. Carina's back story is about brutal but does explain her character completely. Even Casey is coming around, treating Gretchen decently. Great read!
12/19/2023 c26 Cnine
The thing I like the most about this chapter is the amount of effort you have made to create the back stories for Alex, Morgan and in particular Gretchen. This effort has provided a richness to the story, around secondary characters, that we rarely see. I see Gretchen and her character in a completely different light after this chapter. Nicely done!
12/19/2023 c26 supesfan18
While yes in your words jonesing for the battle royal that is ellie vs Sarah lol (kidding). This was a much needed chapter. Morgan asserting himself with Casey shows his growth and that he is ready to stop being a part time player. Alex is always good, although I would have liked to see her maybe bring up the wedding and we see Gretchen's responses. She lightly touched on it with the medal of honor. I also would have loved to seen what Gretchen said to Sarah when she called her. I'm sure it will come out but with her growth in this chapter it could have been I served here. That said loved the chapter and can't wait for the next one were we only see chuck and Sarah in a plane and at the Chicago office and still have to wait for ellie lol I'm kidding maybe. Great job can't wait for more. Although I feel like with the build up for ellie and Sarah it could be played across the speakers like a monster truck rally THIS SUNDAY DAY DAY DAY SEE THE PSEUDO MOM VS THE FIANCE. IN THE THUBDERDOME LOL
12/12/2023 c25 Cnine
I really like how you have developed this story so far. I've thought from the beginning that the FORD part of the story would have made for a great Chuck movie storyline. In all the FanFiction stories I have read so far it has been the portrayal of Sarah and her character that has been the pivotal part, for me at least, of whether the story works-or not. In this story, she has had to come a long way from where she was at the beginning so I applaud your deliberate approach to developing her character.
Will be interesting to see how the Elle showdown goes.
12/5/2023 c24 rej070453
Excellent chapter! On to Chicago!
12/5/2023 c1 richjacobson001
... and emotional. I'm very happy to see it back on ff. Thanks for sharing.
12/5/2023 c24 richjacobson001
This story is one of the best out there. It's very original and yet true to the Chuck universe. On top of that, it is well written full of detailed and
12/5/2023 c24 supesfan18
Another great chapter but still no ellie confrontatio .can't wait for that
12/2/2023 c23 ddbadger
As you know one of best stories. However don’t ever stress Mrs Sawyer again. Never seen her but vision as an old gray haired lady, like my mom. You make us invest so much in the characters not even from the show that you feel the emotion when they are stressed. Amazing.
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