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for After I Die, Who Walks Away

3/1 c18 Guest
Touga knows a martial technique which lets her slip past ones senses, basically perception filter.
Nothing to do with her quirk.
3/1 c10 Guest
I wonder if Eri used Rewind his previous incarnations could be "revived".
3/1 c8 Guest
He should be capable of accessing some regeneration energy for some things for personal use, use it as a torchlight?
The Doctor once made his body temperature drop extremely low, at least 0C if not lower, can't remember to combat an energy parasite inside himself.
3/1 c7 Guest
I think he should get quirks as he regenerates.
There are ways to use multiple quirks.
If not at least let him access some regeneration energy at will, The Doctor was shown able to do it without dying at least once in the show.
11/8/2022 c1 1ashikbari15
Deadpool's daughter
11/4/2022 c24 Nwcleear
AFO IS HIS DAD! well maybe idk im a conspiracy theorist, but yumi is definitely connected to AFO. Shellshocked. Bewildered. I am completely baffled.
10/31/2022 c1 dahfer25
10/14/2022 c6 King0fP0wers
I feel like Regeneration is a really misleading term for his Quirk. Especially considering we have a quirk called Super Regeneration in the series and it works exactly the way you'd imagine it to!
Wouldn't Revival, Reincarnation or Ressurection be better quirk names?
You know, you could go really deep with this one, just like Theseus' ship. Whenever you die, you basically become a completely different person with different appearance, personality and freaking genes. What ties you to the original? Memories? The quirk itself? Family, friends... they basically become just acquaintances, don't they? Pretty sad for the people involved.
9/3/2022 c37 SomeRandomChicken
This is so out of left field, but does hatsu's quirk have have to do something with memories of the future past or shit like that? Because hatsu also uses his memories of one, so what if eri, and now hatsu, was using memories of the guy/gal who came after hatsu? Kinda wack, but it seems plausible.
9/3/2022 c37 dahfer25
so... aside from some voice in his dream nothing happened to hatsu?
8/29/2022 c36 Mugen-Muse
Sounds like Humarise put a quirk-enhancing spin on the idea from Batman Begins. Taint the water supply with something before turning the mix into vapor for people to inhale.
8/28/2022 c36 57ShadowPillow
Oooooof. That is not good. Also, uh. Has Eraserhead /ever/ used his quirk on Hatsu before? Because that quirk could be what's keeping him alive if the regeneration force is a sort of sustained thing. It doesn't really seem like it because Hatsu said the energy only comes in handy the moment he dies, but still...

They're not in a good situation. I woooonder if they're (Humarise) trying to prove/simulate the singularity theory by having everyone's quirks boosted up to the max in the city. Or bring it about early. It certainly seems so.

They already got enough blood from Hatsu to make something nasty...

Keep up the good work.
8/28/2022 c36 dahfer25
8/27/2022 c35 Nyll-Winter
Oh.. Oh my. I haven't touched this in a bit and immediately skipping 12 chapters wasn't a big-brain idea, but holy hell am I invested. Shit is heating up, and the character grew.. So much from the uninspired person he was before. I feel like a proud parent.

The Mama thing is adorable btw, and.. I love the Technobabble in this chapter. I'm always absolutely fascinated by biology stuff, but this one is defnitely on the cooler side compared to most movies and novels..

You say you're only writing this to practice your skills but it's been a ridddeee (Even if I'm not actually caught up) ty for writing this
8/27/2022 c33 Nyll-Winter
It's official. Hatsu turned Eri into the Library of Alexandria
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