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for After I Die, Who Walks Away

8/21/2022 c35 57ShadowPillow
Bad... chapters... where are these bad chapters!? I don't see 'em. I think maybe the result of your fast writing results in a different style—less flowery, more simple to read, more focus on story and happenings—but by no means would I call these chapters bad. In fact, they're pretty great. But I guess that's something you have to prove to yourself, huh.

Also. This explains a lot about why their quirks are interacting, and why Eri feels unwell when in theory, only Hatsu's mere existence in this world could have altered her fate. Uuuuuunfortunately, it seems that Hatsu's mere existence has already altered a lot. Guess you can't have a quirk like that without people getting interested in it.

Weeeeee'll see about how Nighteyes feels about letting a non-hero intern onto this raid. Somehow I have my suspicions that he might not be immediately amendable to it. But I feel that Hatsu can be oddly convincing when he needs to be. Not necessarily by words. Er, I don't mean by violence either. I mean just by happening to put himself in the right place at the right time. Maybe. Weeee shall seee.

And now I understand why "you need to get the silver bullet, or else none of this will matter". Without the silver bullet, Eri is only trading one evil for another.
8/21/2022 c35 MBS41
Ohhhh things just got more interesting.
8/21/2022 c35 dahfer25
8/20/2022 c34 BlueCore
Nice chapter
8/19/2022 c34 MBS41
Damn this chapter was crazy. I knew his power was already powerful but to be able to stop the Quirk Singularity Theory that’s even darker.
8/19/2022 c34 dahfer25
Thanks for the chapter
8/18/2022 c34 ShadowPillow
Lesson learned: never ignore telemarketers, just in case they might be trying to save your life!

(No, nevermind. Always ignore telemarketers. They'd just love you to believe that.)

That was very innnteresting. And Eri's quirk acting a bit... different is very innteresting as well. Hmm. Well, it's good that Hatsu stumbled into this new set of shady people that seem to know what is going on. At least they are nice? But it seems very unhealthy to leave your employment in Humarise, I wonder what drove this researcher man to both join and leave...
8/16/2022 c33 Mugen-Muse
To be fair, the Shie Hassaikai have at least two people with quirks that could rearrange the layout of their compound on a whim, though Overhaul might have an easier time of it. Hm...

On the bright side, it sounds like Hatsu and Eri might be on their way out of the compound. The only question is what sort of hurdles will they face before they are home free?

Actually, what will happen to Eri and Hatsu when they successfully escape? I can't imagine separating them will be a good idea.
8/16/2022 c33 1Made from broken hearts
You got my heart pounding on this chapter and had me wanting more lol cant wait for the next update keep up the amazing work :)
8/14/2022 c32 MBS41
Man I loved this chapter it was nice and I’m glad that Hatsu didn’t stick around to long when he knocked out that guard. And Eri hearing voices in her head is dope too. Hope Eri and Hatsu make it out safe.
8/14/2022 c32 Mugen-Muse
Given the circumstances, I don't think Hatsu could be blamed for failing to stick with non-lethal shots.

Hm, I wonder if Eri is hearing the vestiges of Hatsu's previous versions. Though that is the second time Hatsu's quirk had interacted with another quirk. Perhaps that plays a part in what's going on?
8/13/2022 c32 57ShadowPillow
Hatsu is very smart and competent. That was smooth, and a series of good decisions. He knows he won't be able to find the way out just by wandering, so he stops and thinks. He realizes he can't do anything real with Eri around to carry, so he hides her temporarily. Then he does his thing and knocks out a goon, and figures out that phone and pictures is a good place to look. Phone can get unlocked via fingerprint, so he doesn't just run off with the phone in hopes of figuring it out later, he solves the issue on the spot. He gets lucky then searching through the pictures, and actually finds the schematics.

And then he can go on the move again. Scary competent civilian dude. I would one day like to be like Hatsu.

Aaaand now I think the voices are like Three and the others. I can't believe I didn't question the 'voices' comment more in the preview, but to be fair, like Hatsu, I got tripped up over the 'mama' thing! But it seems they are all interconnected...

I'm wondering if something bad's going to happen also because Hatsu didn't go after the "silver bullet". Whiiiich might just be in the subject experiments room. But in practice, I agree with him, focus on escaping, not just nebulous extra goals that can end up in more trouble.

Thanks for the chapter, Mr. Purple Book. *grin*
8/13/2022 c31 Mugen-Muse
On the bright side, Eri was able to use her quirk to heal without going overboard. Though I wonder if going overboard would have just made Hatsu younger or rewind what the regeneration quirk has done so far. At least as far as Hatsu is concerned anyway.
8/12/2022 c31 MBS41
Oh this was a chapter I was not expecting. I’m surprised Eri knew where to find him maybe she meet one of his last reincarnates. And I’m surprised he just her name like that.
8/12/2022 c9 ShadowPillow
Ah yes, and I must say about the latest chapter, this is /exactly/ one of the scenarios that I feared with the Shie Hassaikai. Lucky he's asleep through most of it... And very luckily, Eri mysteriously appeared before too long.

(The hell? Have I reviewed every chapter of this story? I keep trying to find a random chapter I haven't reviewed on so I can post this extra review, but I keep getting rebuffed! I hope you know I'm not usually this review-prolific on every story I read, it's just that yours always seem to draw me in to a point that I feel that I need to! But damn it, system let me post my supplementary review!)
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