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for After I Die, Who Walks Away

5/5/2022 c27 57ShadowPillow
"My heart flutters in delight knowing that you miss me." Hatsu, that line just proved to me that you're funny as heck.

I get it though. It's easy to deliver smooth lines in context with friends. Getting up on what's practically a stage, and cracking the right joke in the right setting? Nah, that's a different skill. But I still think generally Hatsu is funny as heck. It's the wry tone of voice. And his interactions with Shinsou are great.

I really enjoyed the last two chapters. Keep up the good work.
5/5/2022 c27 For'Sleep 3rd
Ah... Black Company...I heard Japan has many of them around...which not wring something called Karoshi exist
5/1/2022 c26 Mugen-Muse
On one hand, not answering the unknown number sounds like a wise idea. Doubly so if the scam caller actually gets paid. Still, I would hope that the person trying to reach him isn't someone that's trying to save his life or the lives of others.

I wonder if Midoriya will later ask Hatsu for advice on how to interact with Sir Nighteye. Heh, it would be funny if Hatsu set things up so Midoriya would do his All Might impression while saying "Eat This!" Of course, that might not be particularly funny to Sir Nighteye for at least two reasons. He would probably see Hatsu recording the whole thing and Midoriya did pick the vinegar river incident as his All Might face of choice. Never mind the fact Sir Nighteye's quirk should come with spoiler warnings.
4/30/2022 c26 5ProfesorGoblitz
"Maybe I should handle the gags from now on and you can be the straight man."

Now I REALLY want this to Happen! XDDD
4/26/2022 c25 MBS41
I loved this chapter it was cool and I wonder how the story will change now that you had Iida’s brother attend the sports festival and prevented Stain from injuring.
4/26/2022 c25 Mugen-Muse
On the bright side, he managed to convince Eraser Head. Though I wonder and worry about what could happen during the whole investigation. On one hand, there is the issue that Hatsu might get killed, but what about Eri's quirk? What if any effect would her quirk have on Hatsu and his quirk?

Hm, if Sir Nighteye has any interest in Hatsu, then two possible reasons come to mind. One is that his discerning eye had seen Hatsu's quirk react to One For All. The other is that his quirk had shown some interesting images of Hatsu.
4/26/2022 c25 57ShadowPillow
Aww, that's so nice. I'm really happy about that.

"Aw man, they snitched on me? I thought those guys were cool." - hahaha, yeah, of course Hatsu would think that. They are pretty cool, but they also know how to make the responsible decision, bro

Hmm, several reasons why, huh? I wonder if it has something to do with Sir Nighteye's ability. I didn't think there would be any strange interactions between their quirks, but it seems that there might be. And there's also the All Might connection. If Sir Nighteye learned that he healed All Might... Well, that'd be interesting.
4/25/2022 c25 raph772
Hmmm i wonder if MC managed to butterfly it so that Nighteye and All Might reconciled and thus All Might told him about the MC
4/23/2022 c24 For'Sleep 3rd
Author in SB I see you added some omake? can you put omake in fanfic to?
4/23/2022 c24 Mugen-Muse
Personally, the fact they mentioned an aerosol version that was recently developed sounds like something that Hatsu should share with Eraser Head and/or Midnight. Even if Hatsu doesn't know about a certain movie, the fact someone managed to make an aerosol version of trigger sounds dangerous since it's easier to disperse over a set area. Granted, someone could invent a grenade or drone that shoots out darts loaded with Trigger. Though that probably requires a bit more effort and can be blocked or dodged. Aerosolized Trigger would be harder to avoid since most people would not be wearing a breathing device that could filter out the substance.
4/23/2022 c24 ShadowPillow
I love those two guys. As soon as Yumi started talking, I knew exactly who they are. Then the "Bicycle Shop" mention confirmed it. It was great when they mentioned they could just call up Aizawa or Midnight lol. They are helpful slightly-shady-but-actually-pretty-normal-and-chill dudes as always. It makes me happy to see them here.

Also, Yumi is scarier than I realized. That was a lot of info. I thought she was just the innocent bouncy-type friend, but uh. Guess there's some more going on. Also the fact that she just casually talks to people about their quirks all the time? Sounds like info-gathering to me now. But because Hatsu's known her for so long he's not thinking so deeply about it at all. ':)

Thanks for the chapter!
4/22/2022 c23 Mugen-Muse
Yeah, Midoriya definitely needs to streamline his ability to think.
4/22/2022 c23 1IceNeo2
Ah I was confused about the neutral stuff until you explained it a bit. Isn’t that what Toph does whenever she fights?
4/22/2022 c23 57ShadowPillow
"Rest in peace, Uraraka." That was great.

The end of the chapter sombered me a little bit though. I really, really liked how Hatsu just said, "No." And, "That's not true." Even though his teacher was trying to be nice and come to terms with what feels like a death for Hatsu's sake, it was the wrong conclusion and limited Hatsu's identity. If he had accepted that he would be lessering himself. It was very powerful to me that he was able to reject these good intentions in such a way, and correct them to instead make them right, and reassure Kotaru instead. It was a very good thing, and I think something we all would do well to do in real life when someone in real life misappropriates us as well, even with good intentions. In that way, Hatsu's actions here are inspiring to me.

Good work with this chapter. I did also like Midoriya's training exercise, it does make sense as an approach, in a very anime protag kind of way. "There must be suffering and tension and stakes to make a protag!" anime says, and Kotaru the sensei seems to understand this principle well. I do wonder if Midoriya will get it in time though.

Keep up the good work. :)
4/17/2022 c22 5SaucyHandles
This is one of those hidden gems. very well written and captivating. I'm excited to see where it goes!
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