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2/9 c1 wave.emma
Since you like to write would you be interested to write on another platform? Increase readers and gain tip from our novel readers! Contact me at editorwn. emma (4t) g mail or PM me. Thank you :)
1/12 c1 Nabookie
Thank you for taking the time to respond ️ and thanks for reposting. Finished the story and it’s lovely, very heartfelt in the beginning as I wanted to throttle Bella hahaha
1/10 c6 Nabookie
I’m so sad how everyone is treating Bella here and add on another baby for her responsibility. Bella just seems so gullible and naive in this story.
1/3 c19 MsLiss
Renee and Elliott are going to die?
I’m feeling that
1/2 c6 MsLiss
I’m worriedly Bella is not going to look out for herself
I hope Esme takes charge of steering Bella in the right direction for college
Thank you
9/13/2022 c1 carinaglaser0
The only thing that I don't like about this Canterbury is how wearing wide cloth is portreded as false and attractiv cloth as right, but this is wrong af. If you feel good in your cloth than they are right, it doesn't matter what you weare. If bella would have wanted this Chance it would be totally okay but not if someone other desite it for her.

Sorry this us making me really aggressiv becouse I hate Storys and movies it what this is the case.

Also that Emmett only accepted her becouse of the video game is toxic af. Of someone can't accept you how you are than they are the wrong people for you also of they only accept you only becouse of one part of you. Dirry but I hate all of that.

And you know what the average boots are B and D can give you much back pain that is why there are many who lett the reduce to B. It would be cool to tead a bout all parts and not about the good one. Also the sexuaisation becouse of that gives them a hart time what is a couse for breast reduction and for a lower self esteem becouse they are reducted to this part of them.

I would have liked it if you would have made it realisticly.

I think am will not read more of it becouse I don't think it will get any better with such a beginning that only scream toxic.

Kind regards, Carina
3/23/2022 c12 NeeNee246
S*cks they ended up helping and hopefully Bella doesn't let that be enough from the girls! They have so much more to make up to her! ;)
3/23/2022 c11 NeeNee246
OMG! HOLYSH*T! I knew it was those two wh*res! ;)
3/23/2022 c10 NeeNee246
WOW! I love this! ;)
3/23/2022 c9 NeeNee246
I am so happy that Elliott came home to the carnage! Those a**holes better get what they deserve! O.O
3/23/2022 c8 NeeNee246
3/23/2022 c7 NeeNee246
Oh my goodness! Tread lightly Mr Anderson. o.o This is great! ;)
3/23/2022 c6 NeeNee246
Oh goodness... ;)
3/23/2022 c5 NeeNee246
3/23/2022 c4 NeeNee246
Oh, dear lord! I am telling you, I was waiting for one of those ungrateful family members to put the blame on Bella and I was about to lose it! lol Edward's apology surprised me. ;)
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