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for The Legend Begins

12/25/2022 c1 46WyldClaw
That was beyond phenomenal
1/30/2022 c1 63KKD Silver
Easily one of the best written stories I’ve seen from you in a while, Buddy. I almost didn’t realize the creature from the start was Arceus until a ways in. Still, not having gotten the game started on my end, this is a great way to convey what you think the plot ultimately is. My favs were just seeing Shinx bond with Akari and how she proved to care for Pokémon to join the Survey/Galaxy Team. Bravo
1/30/2022 c1 9Pokemaster06
...I just so badly wanna tell that Akari did not belong to Jubilife...and she was 15 when she dropped in on Hisui

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