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for Brothers

5/29 c8 DV
Hey, i just gotta ask, was the part where they said somethings coming, something big a line from camp cretaceous?
5/27 c45 7nexusplayer
5/25 c3 Sicarius Claraflam
Honestly? I LOVE THIS. It's a concept many have tried before, but they've all made it uncomfortable when they ship their dragon-self with Toothless. A good trope, often done shitty, done RIGHT.
5/21 c44 Guest
I Hope You'll Update This Soon.
4/2 c23 Nob7
This fic is amazing and all, but you need to understand that Stormfly will never, ever be able to match a Night fury in speed.. I don't know what even gave you the Idea that she can.. but no, just no.
4/2 c44 nexusplayer
My my my!
It look's like you are doing race to the edge after all!
Though I am disappointed that you have cut out some of the humor but meh. Though i do hope you keep the humor in the future.
And maybe little ol' flint finds himself a lightfury or nightfury girlfriend. Also is there gonna be a comment about that, maybe it's bigger or thinner yet longer then before?
(16 hours of no sleep noah is here to talk!)
3/30 c44 7Spedyalarm
(Also. I really, REALLY, hope that we get to see a Sand Wraith in this. It's my favourite dragon, and it's also damn powerful. So, please. Include one! I'll even create it for you!)
3/21 c1 Anonomus
Rip my grammr btw but. DANG this was a banger and a pure masterpiece why dident anybody reply to this? Im at the 3rd Chapter and i hope there isent a lot becuase dang it takes a long time to get throught 3 chapters
2/4 c43 7nexusplayer
Race to the Edge!
2/4 c43 BlastMask
Ayyyyoooooo new chapter! thank you author! <3
2/3 c43 12Silverleone
I was pleasantly surprised to see the notification today! Great chapter!

1/25 c2 1Viviene001
fly fly away, and enjoy your life, necause i dont think theres any sci fi ti helo with getting back. rip si oc.
12/26/2023 c42 js537315
How long are you going to make more chapters for this story? I want to see more of this soon.
10/22/2023 c42 1Bacu
This was a really good epilogue for this arc! It made me feel all warm and happy for them. Though, as the story progresses I'm wondering how much influence Dith will have. Despite Clint asking him not to intervene, his presence must have an impact on something, right? I don't think it would be too good to have him just... be around and sometimes give quirky dialogue without any real impact. This is only my opinion, and, take your time to write the next chapters, I can wait and will look forward to what'll come next!
10/22/2023 c41 Bacu
Holy frick this chapter was amazing! I really like how you handled this. It really couldn't have been any better in my opinion. I feel like there wasn't anything that was left in the open unexplained and yet I still want to see Flint's adventure and mission continue!
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