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5/1/2023 c39 8nexusplayer
Hold up...
Change everything?
Very Interesting.
Perhaps being deformed? Losing something important?
Speaking the Human Tounge?
Or finding something from before it's time?
5/1/2023 c39 7Spedyalarm
I like the sound of that!
5/1/2023 c39 Dr.Salazar
My instinct tells me that one of these things is likely to happen:
1. Flint will turn into a human
2. Flint meets someone who will change the course of history
4/14/2023 c38 treyshawnhorse
can't wait for the next chapter, I've been addicted to reading this for a bit. this has been in my favs since the beginning!
3/14/2023 c38 2Dan Cauniel
This was a good chapter. I completely forgot to review when I first read it when it was uploaded.

Also, just for your information; you've actually written more than 600 book pages with your word count. Just thought of informing you about it.

As for this chapter, it was a good one (like I said first). Excitingly awaiting for the next chapter!
3/7/2023 c1 Guest
2/28/2023 c38 8nexusplayer
I love this Book. And I really want to be able to see if in the Future maybe as a spin-off or something similar if you want to write the Dragons and the nine realms. Maybe as just an omake.
But I do have something I wanna see.
The Nightfuries can use echolocation. And that could be used as a precise attack. Dragons are sensitive to noises and The type of Frequency needed would throw any dragon off. Perhaps using the Plasma blast as a beam with less intensity? And perhaps the best thing of all...
The Multiple Blast is used as 360-sight. Sending Fast wide Echolocation Blasts to Receive Knowledge.
2/28/2023 c38 7Spedyalarm
2/28/2023 c38 Skellefte
Are you going to continue i'm a what?
1/23/2023 c36 2Dan Cauniel
So, I just read all the current chapters up until now. I have to say this story is quite good. I liked how you used an OC to be transformed into a dragon instead of Hiccup in this type of storytelling.

Although there has been signs of a few mistakes, such as paragraph lines and whatnot, I personally don't think this is bad at all. In fact, it's a great story; it only needs some beta/proof-reading on the earlier chapters to make it a better reading experience.

Sometimes, underlining of a new object or character can get repetitive, I'd suggest you could get better by trying to know what things are already in the story by not using underlines of a new thing or character appearing all the time. (This was just a small critic, hope that's fine)

As for Flint's character development, it's great you made him act like a hatchling (kid) in the given age you made him in. It makes it much more realistic for someone who used to be an adult when de-aged into a different species. Makes the story more interesting, I'll say.

I hope that was a little bit of good feedback I gave you, dear author. It's an interesting story idea, and keep working on it, and it will become much better as time goes by. Enjoy your time and happy writing!
1/20/2023 c23 1Dexter's Rehab
For a 29 year old this mf acts like a 9 year old, damn. Really hope he isn't this stupid later in the fic.
1/11/2023 c37 ELION57
incredible as always! this new chapter was incredible we can't wait for the next ones.
12/9/2022 c1 7Spedyalarm
Major Asshole, cousin of Sergeant Asshole and son of Admiral Asshole.
11/24/2022 c36 Spedyalarm
Wonder if a Sand Wraith will show up since it hasn't shown up in any HTTYD animation yet, only in the video games, Rise of Berk and School of Dragons.
Fun fact, the Sand Wraith was initially called the Sand Fury, suggesting it is of similar power and ability to the Night and Light Furies.
11/23/2022 c19 Spedyalarm
Can't wait for the sequel to this where Flint goes to the present. In the Nine Realms.
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