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2/29 c1 Guest
I am here from web novel. The dude below me. I think you are over blowing the problem . It's like you forgot important details for no reason. He has a heal portion.-_-. There was no drama to begin with. Sasuke was in no real danger in this scenario. Also can you please stop being a Han-jee-Han "The Gamer " fanboy. Its stupid. The story was mid as hell. Gamer Mind doesn't mean you can't speak . Like this problem has occurred before as well. Some buffoons were screaming about the gamer mind before as well. And it was actually really problematic at that time. This is like... barely anything. Also, before pointing fingers towards others . Look at your own comment . It feels like you are complaining just for the sake of complaining. I found no issue in that chapter. And for the other chapters. What? What did you find bad ? Specify it. What drama bruh. You behave as if it did not happen in the manga itself . The manga is way more dramatic than this. Bro, get out of this wish fulfillment fantasy you have. OK! Stop the crap. One L , which most of the time is like a freaking scratch to the MC , and you'll start screaming like banshees. This is the reason , I think manga readers have the patience of a goldfish. Though I do agree that the pacing is too slow. You do know the author had an accident just two months back , no? Do you see anyone pointing things out or being overly harsh. Please be more sensitive bro . Like really!
3/1 c280 10nexusplayer
Oh daichi is gonna hunt down orochimaru.
3/1 c280 HemangSen
Monk-San , Please don't take the words of these commentators seriously. You did well . You gave enough for shadowing for this. If they can't handle that , then its there problem not your fault. Ignore Them.
To Insanecoop:- Bruh, Shunshin doesn't work that way. If she can use shunshin, then so can the others. If she uses Shunshin , then pedomaru will also do the same. Its such a stupid reason to hate. Like , I don't get it dude. How are you people feeling this is a forced event . Its an expected outcome. Like, are you this much oriented towards wish fulfillment that you cannot see a single freaking scratch on the MC. Bro , how is the story supposed to move forward.
3/1 c280 2AvidReader2425
Thank you for another, entertaining chapter
3/1 c280 insanecoop
It's taken a down turn for me truthfully, even with the attempted explanations, it doesn't make much sense to me as I can think counter points to all that, the main one being, saying that people don't have time to do things is the Naruto universe is, shall we say misguided, as the Shunshin is a wordless jutsu that it almost untraceable technique that can cover miles almost instantaneously, eg. Sub .0001secs , by the time any ninja declared their jutsu you could already be 100's if not 1000's of meters away.
So using time as an excuse is never a great idea as it can be used against everything in the entire UA if that thing hasn't taken you but complete surprise.
"I'm going to capture you"... Shunshin away!
"Great fir"... Shunshin away!
Oh look creepy, child mutilating psycho with a team... Shunshin away!
You cant use it to reposition during a fight, but running away? Absolutely!, especially at her level, you'd have to be soooooo much strong and faster to catch up as you can activate it with the other person knowing...
So...Unless your 6 paths Mandara, you aren't stopping it.

I'll keep reading for a few more chapters but honestly, I haven't enjoyed much in the last 20 ish chapters.
3/1 c280 Darkjaden
Thank you for answeing my question.
3/1 c279 dan.lew.upg
2/29 c279 HemangSen
I am from webnovel . The dude below me . I think you can stop your "farce ". Please. No one wants to hear it. Stop being a Han-Jee-Han fanboy . The story was mid as hell. Gamer Mind doesn't mean you cant scream. What is your problem. Why are you so wish fulfilment oriented . Just a little scratch to the main characters and you start to grow bonkers. Like, bro do you have the patience of a goldfish ! What? What drama? I did not see any kind of drama in it. Neither did the others . There is also the fact that any sane person could have given a single review at the end of the arc. But you decided to spam messages for no reason. I for one really liked the exponential results of the butterfly effect. It showed that Naruto graduating will have resulted in vastly different scenarios than the original . Something that other fanfics have not handled well. Though I do agree that the pacing is slow. You know the author had an accident just two months back , right? Do you see anyone pointing things out or being overly harsh. Please be more sensitive bro . Like seriously ( 。 •̀ ᴖ •́ 。)
2/29 c279 SilverBladeStar
This story has been, not too bad up until that last arc. Not the best, but still good. But now that cannon has started, it seems like it has gotten worse. I'm sorry if my reviews have been harsh. I just felt like you could've done better. And I read what you were thinking about doing before rewriting this chapter. I'm glad you did not do that. Why would you come up with something like that? I think you should slow down and back off on the 'messy complexness', if that makes sense. That was one of the overall problems with the Forbidden Scrolls arc.
2/29 c272 SilverBladeStar
It's bad. Really, really bad. It's just stupid for the sake of drama. I see what you are trying to do, but it's not working at all.
2/29 c271 SilverBladeStar
It's pretty obvious that you are making up reasons why this farce is still going on. It's like plot railroading, with things happening just so, and for dubious at times reasoning.
2/29 c269 SilverBladeStar
Also bad, for the same reasons. This is a horrible way to write a story. It' like, all disordered.
2/29 c268 SilverBladeStar
This is another bad chapter. It's just, badly, placed? And you have got some kind of whack flashback inside of a flashback thing going on here.
2/29 c267 SilverBladeStar
This chapter is dumb. The scream "NOOOO..." just ruined it for me. He does still have Gamer's mind, yes? And now Sasuke is hurt badly somehow. But there is no real stakes, even with Daichi going 'oh no' in fear because we all know he is a great healer. But again, where is his gamers mind? This feels like, fake drama being forced into the story for no good reason.
2/29 c262 SilverBladeStar
I think the part about Shikamaru tearing bits of his clothes is weird. For scent tracking with Kiba and Shino, right? But they all have been going to class together for years. It shouldn't be needed to find them. Also, what clothes of his is he tearing. And with what, his hands out of nowhere? Just seems odd.
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