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for The Adventurous Gamer Ninja - Daichi Hekima

2/29 c262 SilverBladeStar
I think the part about Shikamaru tearing bits of his clothes is weird. For scent tracking with Kiba and Shino, right? But they all have been going to class together for years. It shouldn't be needed to find them. Also, what clothes of his is he tearing. And with what, his hands out of nowhere? Just seems odd.
2/27 c279 Rain
Chapter 279

"But this was the opportunity they were waiting for. Ukon swiftly exited Sakon's body and entered Tsunade's. With her sight blocked by the fist, Tsunade quickly couldn't defend against the surprise invasion into her body."

I havent really watched the anime in full so... they have a bloody ghost that can possess people? What the heck!

I wonder what Orochemarus (or however you spell his name) plan is? He abducted Tsunade for what reason? Good chapter!
2/28 c241 SilverBladeStar
I don't like this Prince dude. He sounds like a greedy fucking pain. I don't really see him with anything Daichi wants or needs, so fuck him, he should get nothing.
2/26 c279 naruto
great chapter keep it up
2/27 c279 Leonelcito
2/26 c279 11nexusplayer
Yeah BABY!
I Can't wait to see what's gonna happen!
And if there is a reason we are supposed to know why she was kidnapped, I forgot it.
Anyway Can't wait for the next update.
And I bloody wish I could use the pat page.
2/26 c279 Darkjaden
Daichi never sign the slug contract?
2/26 c279 2AvidReader2425
The MC is going to be absolutely pissed about the abduction of his teacher, and we just might be able to see him letting loose some slaughter. Can anyone else hear the Doom music? Lol. Thanks for another fun chapter.
2/26 c279 insanecoop
I'm not sure why you would ever hold back strength In a fight with assassins and against someone who mutilates children for with no issues, also considering your vaster weaker apprentice is likely to be killed, or raped and then killed if you lose, so I've got to admit I didn't like this chapter.
It felt a convoluted way of one of the strongest chacters being taken down considering how much effort you've made into keep this realistic.
Two female shinobi confronted with a group of men, one who is a child experimenting monster, are going to do nothing but throw everything and the kitchen sink as fast as possible.
Now I really enjoy the story and think most things have been great but this one chapter was substandard.
2/26 c279 Tribernator
That certainly would have been a far more brutal way to distract and disorient tsunade long enough to strike, but that also could have flipped the button for genocidal rage and elemental nation destruction centered on orochimarus testicles. Wearing her down this way was probably the safer bet.
2/26 c2 3Detsella Morningdew
A bit of an odd cutoff for a chapter, combined with the chapter size being a bit short.

The quality is really good, though.
2/26 c1 Detsella Morningdew
Thank you for specifying ESL, it makes it far easier for me to just ignore grammar issues.

For a first isekai-type chapter, it's not bad or great. I personally would prefer either getting lots more detail on our main character, like seeing his interactions with other people to get that background instead of being told about it.

Alternatively, I'd prefer the story starting literally in the Naruto universe, and getting mini-flashbacks to relevant stuff from his previous life when relevant.

This isn't a horrible condemnation, though. It just means I tend to make my decision to read all of it on the second chapter instead of the first.
2/25 c232 TooGoodMkIV
I love this story, but 720k words in and the MC still hasnt made it to the chunin exams.
Its the curse of Naruto stories. Very few ever make it past the chunin exams. Hope you keep up the good work and dont fall under the effects of the curse.
2/25 c278 dan.lew.upg
cant wait for more
2/24 c278 TrumpasaurusRex
Beta MC.
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