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for Eiton: Naruto, The Crash Ninja

11/6 c3 1WOLF-GOST
update soon
10/25 c3 Black-Dragon007
Hope you plan to continue this it’s a great read, I’m also sorry about your loss last year
8/2 c4 rantu1324
6/12 c4 Xerxexz
I’m sorry for your lossTake all the time u need mate
6/11 c1 3131ljk
Great story so far please continue it
5/6 c4 jaytheehokage
I hope you continue this story. Good stuff
4/29 c4 Guest
This is really good, hope you bring it back, I loved it
4/14 c4 Guest
Hope everything is alright
4/11 c4 Namikazeu
i just finish reading this and i will say its fantasic, hope your doing well though your problems and hope you return to the crash ninja in the future, it has a huge promise to be a great story
3/18 c4 Rebmul
losing a grandparent is hard ive lost 2 never knew one and the other is well not a nice person so take all the time to mourn you need
3/4 c4 aiman031122
while i know that you still need time to move on but i hope you will update soon because i really can't not wait to see what will happen next so has a nice day take care of your healty and stay safe update soon bye.
2/17 c4 skyrim Morrowind
Have all the time you need
1/23 c4 210tailsJinchurikiNaruto
I understand if you do get a chance to look at this can you please put a few girls in the harem her is the harem list i would love to see in the story

Maybe temari
and some of the other girls like Mei, Kurenai, anko, kiba sister and if you want to you can add Yugao Uzuki (that's if you plan on her and kakashi not working out)
And some other girls from the other villages
Shion she is from one of the naruto movies
Sara who is also from one of the naruto movies (by the way if you can add please do add Sara and shion)

If you can add those girls or at least most of them ill be happy to see it
1/11 c4 DracoKing30
Really love this story can't wait for new chapters
1/10 c4 Zachary Davis
hope all is well and I will be back when you publish a new chapter
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