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for Things Could be Worse

7/12 c1 Essiter1987
Any word on if you'll come back to this? The writing was well done.
4/20 c1 Guest
Wonder what happens next
4/20 c1 Guest
Great pilot, can't wait to see what happens next.
4/20 c1 Guest
Great story. Can't wait for an update.
4/20 c1 Guest
Great story, can't wait for an update
4/20 c1 Guest
Great story, can't wait for an update.
4/20 c1 Guest
Great pilot, can't wait for an update.
2/15 c1 Dressyone22
I once dislocated my should while out on a hiking trail. Worst pain of my life but luckily emergency services were able to reach us so I didn't have to relocate it myself. Unfortunately, I had to walk out half way down the trail so that wasn't fun and none of the pain killers worked so I had no relief until the hospital knocked me out. Anyways, I hope this story does continue. Seems like it will be fun to see Jaune and the girls survive.
2/12 c1 ehbon172
Ohohoho… I can see you’re really showing your medical roots here!

Seems like a decent enough story set up too, even if there isn’t really much to go off of yet. I’m pretty pumped to see where it all goes, at the very least.
2/11 c1 seanjoshmassey
God this is such a great start. Really hope that you continue it.
2/8 c1 4Chryshauzer
Basically V9 with extras lol
2/7 c1 Asianman2
I like it. I hope to read more.
2/5 c1 2TheSlySage
love you and most of your works lol

would love to see a Jaune x Cinder story from you.
2/5 c1 Gg432
Good job
2/4 c1 PF115
Can't wait for more.
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