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3h c100 nintschibintschi
Wow amazing story thanks for the joy ride
16h c100 10Lord Cartwright
Damn that was good, really enjoyed it, a nice change of Harry going back in time and being as dark as needed to get his happy ending.
9/16 c1 Guest
Runes ruins. There's absolutely nothing magical about runes. About the only use for the subject is reading Saxon scrolls or carved objects. That's it. Anything else you've read in fanfiction is just a widely-copied, submongoloid idea, employed when a writer lacks sufficient imagination to make an idea work with canon magic.

And yes, the whole fanon thing with runes is my pet peeve. It wrecks stories.
9/9 c100 Tomon
This was truly interesting. For once a real descent into, gray? Maybe even dark? But without a grandiose plan to take over the world, it was all really just to get their little sunset.

I liked how they both changed and was being changed by what they done and undertaken. Towards the end they really couldn't be considered as someone of the 'light'.
Funny thing too, as all everyone needed to do was to left them alone. Maybe they would even be able to pull themselves more towards the middle line instead of being pushed so far along.

I also liked how even Marlene recognized they may strayed a little too far, but was just unable to change it and afterwards was swept further along.

There are a lot of 'Dark Harry' stories and just few do it justice. Especially if they intend to portray him more like an anti-hero or end justify the means kind of guy, instead of new Dark Lord.
But here? Action had consequences.
Still they prevailed and didn't loose sight of the goal. And that, they did manage to achieve.

So excellent job.
Because while 'Power, Freedom and a French Flower' may be more to my taste and overall preferences.
This may have been even more interesting given everything that happened and what they did.

Thank you for your story.
9/8 c100 Supreme Nurkey
Your oddball finish was consistent with JKR’s epilogue: entirely unwarranted and undermining the rest of an excellent story. It knocked your work from my list of top tier favorites to my list of unfortunate stories that trigger a self-obliviate. It also convinced me not to consider anything else you might write, since the time I spent reading this otherwise delightful story was squandered by the foul after taste.
9/8 c25 Supreme Nurkey
Why would James snatch the snitch that Harry gave Marlene? Unless it was from a slytherin game in a prior yearand that just introduces needless complexity.

Also, why would the book being master of death for more than half a decade be at all impressive?
9/8 c99 wewe1212
Harry basically turnes darker and darker, and ends up evil.
If I was dumbledore I also would try to kill him. He truly did not deserve to live after all the things that he did.
Really I love how this author writes, as seen in POWER FREEDOME FRENCH FLOWER, but this story and its morals are truly messed up.
9/6 c79 santos.luis.contato
all this shit about Voldermort wanting Harry to become strong... Is bulshit... Voldermort would never do that... Why make some stronger that could kill him? Even more so because there is someone out there hunting his Horcrux... And author making Harry losing all his friends and family, will only make this great story, a shit story, in my opnion... Why bring hin back, if all he did till now is let his family and friend die?
9/6 c79 santos.luis.contato
dude... I getting nervous with this author... Harry is shit... He cant save even the same people he claimed to save! What good he did until now? he didnt save even 1 person until now...
9/4 c50 santos.luis.contato
what I am feeling from Marlene is that she is manipulating Harry somehow... Dont know if its true or not...
9/4 c42 santos.luis.contato
dude... I was expecting a lot more from Harry... After all 42 chapters until now, of him being a lot more powerful than in Canon, and still, this is all he is capable of? Voldermort could just kill him right there, and he still think he is his equal? If not for MacKinnon sacrifice, his grampa wiould have being killed... I was expecting a lot more... Its a disappointment that author didnt make Harry a lot more powerful to battle Voldermort in equal stand...
9/3 c31 santos.luis.contato
I told you so... it was a bad idea of putting the books there... what a moron...
9/3 c29 santos.luis.contato
With the dairy in Hogwarts now, everything he put in the Chamber, will be spot by the horcrux...
9/2 c18 santos.luis.contato
Dude... This just complicated things! Now he wont know where is the locket, the cup and the diary... How the freaking hell will he destroy all of them?
8/29 c1 Sahamosveb
I read the comments, and decided to check the 54th chapter. Indeed, there is no point in reading further.
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