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10h c30 2Isaac Young-Star
I know I'm wrong for it but I'm reading Bletchly in the classic Electro voice
7/6 c3 FlawedBauthor
Wow, this sucks lmao

Why does Harry keep gulping? Why does he keep cringing? Why does he care about this? He's taken the Peverell name, which means of course he'd have the blood since his family is a progenitor of Potter.

He's supposed to be some super powerful Unspeakable, but seeing literally anything makes him freak out. What is the point of any of this other than terribly written drama?
6/25 c5 Soraslove
I don't really understand why this version of harry who tried to keep the future to himself is being so open with nosy teenagers. Regardless of the fact james was harry's father, he is very immature and not someone with so maybe secrets.
6/25 c1 Soraslove
How is harry supposed to 25 years old and also a teenager? What?
6/1 c100 LeightonWD
amazing work. congratulations
5/26 c100 Shadow2019
It started of really good and then I got to 30's chapters and it just went straight down hill and became stupid boring and extremely drown out. So I skipped to the last few chapters to see if it got better and it didn't. So I'm not going to bother finish reading it.
5/23 c24 IAmSoTired
2.5 million pounds50,000 galleons, for those who care.
5/23 c10 IAmSoTired
Real answer: A pipe.
5/18 c100 Saldur
What a wonderful story dude, a joy to read.
5/9 c88 moaning-myrtl3
There has been so many teasers of them killing Peter in the past several chapters and it still hasn’t happened. I swear if his death is a flop, imma metaphorically yeet myself from a building.
5/8 c1 musicintheair
it was really good at the start no doubt but in the end it felt like harry became obsessed with killing and keeping jis family intact to dable in soul magic like this way to much of a plot change imo.. its like 2 different versions of him and marlene like in the start theyre happy couples but in end they just becomes killers obsessed with their idea of sunset
5/6 c2 moaning-myrtl3
I know that Diary is misspelled but as I read it as Dairy, I briefly thought to myself, “when the heck was there a cow as a horcrux?” It made me giggle.
4/21 c28 Wantaknow
why would harry not advise james to ask lily out on the first hogsmead weekend? its likr harry is trying to mess with time..
4/20 c14 Big.Daddy.Dudders
Id actually argue that because lord mckinnen was one of the few nuetral lords to question him he’d have more of a reason to approach.
4/12 c70 5Advent of Shadows
Honestly, I've never quite understood why it is that people write in a fandom when they clearly don't like the main character. Early on, this was a really interesting story, but the Harry that we see at the beginning of the story is kind of similar to the one was saw grow up in the books, whereas the Harry we see in the middle of the story is so radically different that if you said that Voldemort switched places with him off screen, it would be more believable.
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