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2/27/2022 c7 10The Eschaton
Can I take inspiration from this story?
2/15/2022 c7 Super heavy weapons guy
funny clown
2/15/2022 c7 1nantono
Holy shit tricky
2/14/2022 c6 nantono
2/13/2022 c6 Super heavy weapons guy
already enjoying the story keep it up
2/13/2022 c6 nquangminh199
Hope you add main cast of Re:zero character like Rem,Ram,Emilla,...and Sabaru as a joke character
2/10/2022 c5 nantono
holy shit
2/10/2022 c4 nantono
Tricky is a god with the artifact of improbability nothing is going to stop him, unless he comes across another artifact or essence of improbability.
2/9/2022 c1 nantono
2/9/2022 c3 nantono
Well that explains how tricky got his powers, and hank is going to kill all the witches? He'll be disappointed in their appearance damn they're mostly little girls.
-Probably his reaction will be like this:
Witchers of Sin: Hank, despicable monster you are going to be annihilated now.
Hank:...HAHAHAHA what the hell is this? A magical girl convention, damn sheriff I didn't know you are a fucking otaku.
2/8/2022 c3 2BFTyrant
Thank you whatsupman for the review! To answer your questions yes the chapters that have Hank in it are primarily going to based on the Madness Combat chapters. However I am planning on making .5 chapters that focus on other characters like in Madness combat, this includes the witches and such. Also thanks for the project nexus info!
2/8/2022 c3 whatsupman
Good concept but just a question?

Are the chapters based completely on the madness combat chapters? If it thats the case then the lengh of the indiviual chapters are fine.

Just a friendly reminder: Witht the release of project nexus 2 we now know that hank is a true psycho but thats not a bad thing.

Following and favourited :)
2/6/2022 c2 1nantono
holy shit . Hank, the best protagonist psychopath.

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