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9/26 c33 mumphie
Imaginative, intriguing, and a well woven story! Hope you keep ahold of your mojo and don't let it go! ;) Will be looking forward to reading more.
9/23 c27 Runecutter
The fight with Draco and Harry happened in Myrtle's bathroom, which is on the second floor.

That Sectumsepra was in the books written into the margins of the potions textbook is correct, but unfortunately you told before that it was written on a blank page.
9/23 c26 Runecutter
Oookay, that was unexpected to see Harry being able to go so far through the connection...

but very satisfying, an aspect a lot of the last chapters with beaten down Harry had been lacking in... ahhh let me savor the sweet taste of minced Bella, chopped Lucius and sliced Tom...

Good times!
9/23 c24 Runecutter
When did their link strengthen? They could specifically NOT understand thoughts before but needed spoken workds or visual clues to communicate... now they suddenly can read each other's mind?
How ... convenient.

I like the changes to the cave scene... using a fat rat was a good idea, but Dumbledore is getting less and less stomacheable.
9/23 c23 Runecutter
What does Remus mean by waiting for Sirius notes? Sirius is dead. You mentioned Harry having the nightmare repeatedly... this is year 6 and supposedly the first five happened as written in the books. If Remus does not have the notes, regardless how he got them, who does he believe will deliver them to him?
9/23 c22 Runecutter
Are they friggoing serious? THEY HAVE ELVES, a couple of dozen by the descriptions of the kitchens... how can any student be unnoticed for more than 10 Minutes if they really want them found?
9/23 c20 Runecutter
Wait? Amelia DID receive the notice but did not even have the decency to explain her lack of actions to her niece? Is any adult in the magical world addled in their head?

She's almost as useless as Dumbledore by now.
9/23 c16 Runecutter
Amelia not replying at least saying "i cannot do anything" sounds like she never got the message, presumably due to Dumbledore interfering with the Owl Post (again). Can't wait to see the fallout of this!
9/22 c10 Runecutter
Well that seems to settle it then... that bond is not going away, if anything it seems to become stronger the more they use it.

I'm a bit uncomfortable, that the only "talk" Harry and Hermione had was about the cultural differences, seems that not getting into a big, cleansing fight over her trying to backseat drive his life would be doomed to come back and bite them when they least can afford it... but then, what do i know? Never had a Hermione in my life.
9/22 c9 Runecutter
That is a pretty big can of worms you have opened up here.

Technically that view is ALWAYS preferring the most conservative, least tolerant values over all others as the majority of travellers from muslim countries do NOT think that when they go to the West their women should be allowed to act like the locals and insist on them being fully veiled etc. So they can force their views on their own citizens AND on any visiting other people, but nobody is allowed to tell them to change it up "when in Rome"...

Now translate that to the Pureblood world? They put a lot of effort into gatekeeping, into keeping knowledge about proper manners and "how things work" from people raised outside, but "expect" them to follow these customs nonetheless. They also expect the Mundane world to function like theirs when moving out into non magical land, not even bothering to honor the statute of secrecy by clothing in roughly muggle-ish fashion or learning how to use easily explained decimal money, basic transports and whatnot. That's the worst of both worlds and makes it problematic to "humor" their fossilized views on morals just because "it's their world" .. it really shouldn't be, as they would NEED to live in both worlds if the series wasn't started as a humorous children's narrative and gave a real bother about not ever standing out in the mundane environment. They would at worst have weekly meetings in the common room where all firsties exchange how things are done and they find kind of a common ground. If that would even be necessary as Pureblood and halfblood children should already have learned to move in the non magical world and first generation witches and wizards should have been trained by the ministry in magical customs ever since their first accidental magic, to avoid the opposite "standing out" effect.

Harry acts and talks like a Quisling. Doing things the NSDAP way, because everything else "could be dangerous"... That is what leads to book 7 camps etc.
9/21 c5 Runecutter
While the scene of Harry fingering Susan the first time is written pretty decently from their reactions and all, the sheer mechanics feel a bit off. Why would his fingers need to slip inside (the labia) to search the clitoris? it's on the bloody top of the lips and shouldn't be touched directly at first anyway before it's engorged and thoroughly slippery. (okay Harry might not know the latter). also shoving two fingers inside of a vagina when you know the girl is a virgin... uhh NO. It's not impossible to slip something past it if you're careful, but the hymen IS there and you'd stretch that out or rip it way before your fingers could touch the G Spot, which carries a big risk of hurting a lot for Susan.
In short... if it helps you to write something like this, you can dare to be a lot more vague and imply things more than outright mention them. A weird description throws readers off far more than having to put in some work to imagine what is happening.

Hehe, the delay after they were done with sex was a clever twist and i'm giddy to read that the Scar is de-volded... Guess Dumbles will be floored by that happening, child sacrificing bastard that he is.
9/21 c2 Runecutter
What the heck is wrong with Dumbledore? How is any of that his business to make suggestions about.

Being there for questions is one thing, but trying to railroad the boy into a relationship is highly suspect and feels self serving.
9/11 c2 Guest
So, by holding Hermione back, Hogwash, I mean Hogwarts, ruined her future.
9/8 c1 Dude With Specs
Not an AU I can enjoy, with a weak and ignorant Hermione.
Canon ‘An’ they haven’t invented a spell our Hermione can’t do' (Hagrid in Chamber of Secrets). Hermione always best in Charms, etc.
9/3 c33 TuxedoMac
Well I've really got to say for this chapter it was more of a moving things a long type especially since you had to deal with all the trials and whatnot I don't like how you up we're able to a speed it up but yet also sneak some stuff past here and there so that made it better than what it would have been. I get it it's a filler chapter I'm going with it and we'll see what happens next.

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