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for Remastered: The Way Back To Family Book 1

6/20/2022 c1 Guest
if this is remastered, i cant imagine how bad was the original. You need a Beta ASAP.
6/20/2022 c12 jhechavarria
ch. 11 and 12 are the same
6/14/2022 c1 iTyncWithReality
Can’t read it. Found myself jumping entire chapters after deciphering the first few paragraphs to get a gist of what’s happening because I want to know what happens, but I don’t want the headache that comes with trying to translate this into understandable scenes.

Great hook though. Time travel is of course overdone (though I still like it), but there is something different about your plot that I just can’t put my finger on. Something special here-not that I’m likely to ever find out what that is until you get a very dedicated beta. Gods luck though. You have potential and your work is certainly not boring! (boring being the worst of insults I can think of for a fantasy/sci-fi genre story)
4/18/2022 c1 SHWAT
4/2/2022 c1 ADHD4FUN
you need to space your sentences and add commas
4/2/2022 c12 Kitten Arina
I don’t get why that this chapter was repeated. This is the exact same one as the one before it.
4/1/2022 c1 tidekeeper
Story seems good but difficult to read
4/1/2022 c6 Durruti
if this is a remastered versión i dont wanna to know how IS the original. this is a good idea but the ways IS written its soo bad that i want to drop the novel, but at the same time i want to know what happen, pls update the ways j write the novel.
dont have space, and its really confused how IS written, i want guión and space... in the first chapters i know the novel have a problem but only after reading a bit i see that the problem of the novel IS the format (writing this shit in a cellphone with autocorrector un spanish)
3/30/2022 c7 Prayag Raj Rai
Nice concept, always love time travel,no matter how many times u read.
Please use quotation marks for conversations, its very confusing. It'll take little effort to put quotation marks and start a new line after every sentence in the conversation, but it'll make it readable.
3/16/2022 c23 Guest
Sorry man, but i think you need to stop and TRY to read your own history. It is not good, try to get some help and rewrite this.
3/16/2022 c23 5kent-jensen
3/15/2022 c22 nokeyunderscore
What about the Vienna royal zoo started in 1780’s? Overall the story is nice.
3/8/2022 c4 Guest
Your idea seems to be interesting. But please use beta to improve your writing. No one can read this shi5
3/9/2022 c3 ToddGilliss
Good start for first time effort

Keep the muse and good luck
3/8/2022 c22 9mysweetkat
Glad to stop and read this HP do-over fix-it story. Looking forward to the next chapters ahead.
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