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2/27 c12 redhotlady7552
Wow! You are a bonehead! Why is it, that you think the Civil War was only about slavery? It wasn't. It was mostly about the damned north (mainly Washington) not wanting to pay the south for goods, and services. Slavery was a very small part of that. However, the war actually broke out, because 11 southern states separated from the union. Try doing actual research. Stop listening to fucking morons, who teach false history in schools.

And Carlisle stepping in between Jasper and Bella to appease Edward...preposterous! Bella is Jasper's mate, not Edward's! Jasper was stupid to step aside! WTF is wrong with these stupid vamps!?
2/27 c8 redhotlady7552
What is with pity party Jasper? He can have Bella. Seems to me she is his mate, yet he just wants to hand her over to the mind rapist. What's up with that?
2/6 c1 grumpieroldman
anything worth waiting for, no matter how long, makes the waiting more enjoyable. you're a great writer
10/14/2023 c12 Guest
Obsessed with this story
8/19/2023 c12 17bkhchica
This is so interesting. I love stories that change up the original story line so much. I do hope the Cullens see that they are connected in a much deeper way and force Edward to step aside… can’t wait for there to be more
3/30/2023 c12 3fabilok39-4
actualiza por favor... tu historia es muy buena
3/30/2023 c12 fabilok39-4
actualiza por favor... tu historia es muy buena
2/11/2023 c12 Booklovinkitten
oh that's bullshit!
2/11/2023 c8 Booklovinkitten
they really just said "fuck it(me/him)"
2/11/2023 c5 Booklovinkitten
I can't stop reading this! like oh damn this is good.
1/25/2023 c12 1mariana.pinguinito
god, this story is so good. I hope you keep writing it!
12/14/2022 c12 Iamthehungrysharkxx
SO in love with this!
12/14/2022 c11 Iamthehungrysharkxx
Absolute favorite chapter of all time!
12/14/2022 c6 Iamthehungrysharkxx
“If beauty were a sin, you would not have God's forgiveness.'” Wow.

And “she’s not food” lol

Love this!
12/14/2022 c1 Iamthehungrysharkxx
Yes! Where has this been all my life?!
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