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7/10 c1 67illyrilex
Mali~! I think I remember reading a small snippet of this a while back, but I never actually got around to reading the finished product until now, which is... regretful because it's so entertaining! Well-written as always, you've given us a look at one of the not-so-great aspects of family, found our not: the pointless fighting that goes on between siblings.

I BIG TIME relate to Maxima here, hearing something from another room and thinking that, surely, someone is in legitimate peril only to discover a ridiculous skirmish between two otherwise good kids who are being brats with each other. Like... I FELT that exasperation LOL

Anyway, as always, you did an awesome job with these three, and I look forward to seeing what else you'll cook up :)
2/13 c1 133jojoDO
...That escalated quickly. WOW. xD

This is absolutely beautiful, not in that K and Kula are exchanging blows but just the family picture you've painted with these guys... it really warms my heart to see them at this point, free from a life of tyranny with NESTS. The fact that they can HAVE these violent interactions over ribbons means they're truly free, and living the dream lol.

But anyways, K' and Kula are fantastic here xD I was laughing so hard at their name calling, K's rude mouth and Kula's more bratlike insults, but their level of aggression was equal. And then there's Maxima, ever that straight man, ever that voice of reason. He's absolutely the necessary glue here needed to keep things together, otherwise there'd be a destroyed household, probably the very paint melted off the walls.

For what a horrific fight it is, this is again just such a beautiful picture of family you've painted with them. I'm just happy they're here and free to have these bratfights LOL. nice job!

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