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8/12 c8 4Eoz Moon
Loved this! Katie and Marcus are so sweet! Brilliant add on to your Dramione!
8/9 c8 Lindsey2028
Wow, great follow up to Brand New World!
7/12 c1 Guest
It is me again I will read this after I read the draco hermione one. But I have to say I absolutely love Marcus and Katie stories it’s a shame no one writes them. Maybe because they started off with such animosity due to quidditch competition. But something about the two of them just thrills me. Probably because Marcus is dark and mysterious whereas most make Draco not as mysterious and dark. Anyway I am so excited to read your other stories.
7/12 c3 Guest
Ahh screaming oh what what happened I need to read your other story first. Oh my gosh my heart is hurting
7/12 c2 Guest
Ok I just can’t. This is hurting my heart too good. He obviously is in love with her and has been for a long time. Where are these men now a days! I am hoping for a happy ending.
7/12 c1 Guest
I’m pretending this is for real. I am screaming! My heart. Oh!
7/11 c8 melissa.munro.58
I wasn't expecting to fall in love so deeply. What a great story!
6/17 c8 12SarahFraser
Omg, I couldn't love this anymore. My heart, the amount I love the two of them.
Marcus needed this happy ending and daddy Marcus wanting all the babies is just perfection!
6/12 c8 Lococonut
BRAVO! I loved this side pairing for BNW! Very well done! I loved the ending!
6/5 c8 bullshit123
Amei. Obrigado.
6/5 c8 Guest
Happy ending. Grear story :)
5/29 c8 LadyPerspicax
I’m so happy that Marcus and Katie are both getting a happy ending. They both deserve it after everything they’ve experienced. This was definitely my favorite version of Marcus in a fic!
5/29 c8 130Aphrodite-Venus-u.k
Great ending!
5/28 c8 xbieber
This was such a lovely small story. Thanks for sharing!
5/28 c8 2roon0
What a glorious ending. Thank you so much for sharing.
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