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8/16 c30 rhianne.jones
This was excellentso descriptive with a compelling build uo of tension. Characters are believable un their choices. The battleresolution was the weakest oart but i wqs here for the intimate portrait of Snape and Harry so added to favourites.

sinfully hor toothat helped!
8/5 c30 3Anavas88
I loved this so much
6/3 c30 31Arodnas
Que retelonetp QwQ TTwTT
I liked ot a lot, thxs 4 sharing
6/3 c19 Arodnas
Aaaaaaaah! se larga a llorar...
5/9 c30 8Oznela
Mama mia ...
What a wonderfull story !
Thanks !
It's a verrrryyyy long Slash but it's perfect !
Fucking perfect !

Waouh !
Thanks ! Thanks !

I really love the last sentence. So true.

Thank you !
3/14 c17 JTot219
I almost spit out my coffee when Ron said that at the end! Lolololol. Freaking Awesome.
2/27 c30 fro-chan
Thank you for this lovely fanfic! I loved reading it and enjoyed every little sentence of it! 3
1/7 c1 Chadd Hawkins
Yeah a lot of this has been directly copied from an old fic. I'll find original eventually. I've submitted a message to mods that this is plagiarism.
12/16/2022 c30 Bexyou2
What a beautiful story of discovery and falling in love! Harry was already deep in before he knew he had begun. I love your writingit’s so poetic and vivid!
12/8/2022 c7 25Kimmytrainer
Holy shit you made me cry
11/10/2022 c1 stolen text
fricking heck
much of this is taken from an old old wattpad story with a title change
if your not original writer then did u really think you'd get away with it?
report to mods
10/9/2022 c30 2Hinata7
LIZZY! *Long rant here about this whole fic* whew that was a good read from start to here!
10/4/2022 c30 39Zeugma412
Merci pour cette histoire !
10/4/2022 c6 Guest
This is way too explicit for this site. This is NC-17 level slash smut. Perhaps you should move it to AO3. Otherwise, it's a pretty standard slash fic that is only mildly interesting.
10/3/2022 c30 caroolgm
Well, what a ride it was... Waiting for each update, reading bits of the chapters throughout the day, anxious to know more about their love! I can only describe it as one, if not, the best story I've read so far. Simply lovely, thank you for the amazing work!
(and hope to read something new soon)
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