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for Unrepentant - Triumphant Return

10/10/2022 c1 TBWL713
Well I am never going to be a fan of a story where Harry is humiliated and bullied and just taking it. I assume this Harry is more abused and shy than he was in canon as canon Harry certainly wouldn't have taken that. If he is then, while I really don't like it, it is in line with an abused child. Though if that is the case, some things that happened in the first year wouldn't have happened, like Harry's "I think I can tell the wrong sort for myself, thanks", he just wouldn't have had the confidence to stand up to Draco like that.

Interested to see where this will go.
7/22/2022 c1 Moderntimes 101
Really mystified by this Unrepentant Universe you mention, which doesn't seem to exist apart from 2 Oneshots.
6/26/2022 c1 sanbeegoldiewhitey
I actually believed that the last minute points were deserved except Neville's points. Dumbledore should have just given Harry one hundred points and Neville nothing. The efforts of Ron, Hermione and Harry prevented Voldemort from coming back that year. Unfortunately for the Slytherins, the merits of the points awarded to the Gryffindor trio could not be explained for security reasons. And of course, Snape was the most biased professor in Hogwarts in awarding and deducting points. The appearance however was bad because Neville's points were the tie-breaker. As for your Daphne, she seems prejudiced and judgmental against poor people. So Pansy was not the worst of the three Slytherins. Daphne was.
6/16/2022 c1 31529
This was… not very good.

Harry’s character seems to be all over the place, extremely immature to suddenly somewhat mature thoughts (more mature than his age), followed by more immaturity… the author needs to figure out who the main character is, because this was not a good start.

Defenses to all of the Slytherin’s points would not have been that difficult to frame (even with the promise not to talk about details) but Harry’s just agreed with everything that the three said? As an 11 year old, Harry’s responses might not be too out of the norm (but the deftness of the attacks would be), but Harry’s character (as uncertain as it seemed to be) seemed more logical and mature than his responses showed at that point.

I suspect the concept could be good, but it needs much better execution than has so far been shown.

Thank you for writing.
6/2/2022 c1 6Yaw6113
Please write the next chapter already. Thank you very much. I really appreciated it and liked it a lot. I am sorry if I am being rude; I don’t mean to be rude; I just really enjoyed it a lot.
4/27/2022 c1 sad
Spoiled kids are being cruel. What is the point other than you being bored or blocked?
4/18/2022 c1 Slytherin Potter
Don’t listen to some of these hateful reviewers.. like it’s astonishing how mean some people can be… I want to see them take up the time to write their own fic! This was a good start for sure!

I liked how believable everyone is at 11 year olds too! Harry did the best he could against three people who were basically hurting from their lost out of nowhere like that. I like how Harry just realized that I am going back to the mess of the Dursleys all over again… hopefully he gets out of that mindset and becomes his own person. He’s a Wizard and isn’t part of their trash any longer. I’m not saying get a whole makeover because you got emotionally bullied, but show everyone that what he is wearing isn’t him at all. That’s just what he had not what he wanted. I cannot wait to see where you go with this story and I can only imagine how triumphantly return Harry will show everyone. Best wait Pansy a new Harry is coming back to put you Slytherins away with comebacks of his own!
4/16/2022 c1 3Zandaino-Nova-Ari
This Harry is pretty pathetic. Then again he’s an abused child who has always been told he was worthless and that he should be glad for the things his abusers give to him. He’s also eleven and has spent the last nine or so months away from his abusers. Also where is this ‘Unrepentant’ story this is supposed to be a prequel to? You do realize that a ‘prequel’ is written after the original story to show how things got to where they were for the original story to take place?
4/10/2022 c1 Vegdeg
Well this story was dumb and your harry a morron. Guess you have to make your strawmen idiots in order for your writting to appear clever.
4/1/2022 c1 Sonata1992
I honestly agree that Dumbledore’s actions as Headmaster were seriously messed up. He was right to award points to the trio for their actions in driving off Voldemort but Dumbles couldn’t come out & say that out loud due to his secretive ways so he came up with ridiculous excuses for why they got their points.

He could’ve just said that they helped thwart off a dark wizard & were awarded for their courage & services to the school. Allowing Gryffindor & Slytherin to be tied in points would’ve been a much better ending to book 1.

Also I feel that Dumbledore’s priorities as an educator & as a general directing the war are in heavy conflict. He probably allowed Sirius to get away with endangering Snape because he had him marked down as a promising recruit for the Order. Ironically it’s the same reason he lets Snape get away with his behavior in school, because he’s too important for the war.
3/31/2022 c1 22stevem1
Nice short story. Looking forward to Unrepentant.

I heard a psychologist once say that men attack others with physical violence but women use emotional violence, such as humiliation and reputation destroying, as their method of retaliation. This short story follows that pattern.
2/25/2022 c1 mumphie
Seems so unfinished and sad. So sorry Harry was humiliated like that. Where is 'Unrepentant Story'?
2/25/2022 c1 suryamgangwal63
when will the unrepentant story come
2/23/2022 c1 119James92
This seems well written and I like how the characters are written in a way that seems genuinely child like. Harry loses in an area he could never hope to win, and has no experience.

Looking forward to see how the full story goes! Well done
2/21/2022 c1 PotterDieHardFan
Oh wow what a pathetic ff. It's like the Slytherin are so cunning and smart. Like Snape doesn't take points from other houses and particularly from Harry. Like he is not based towards his house and even doesn't do anything when malfoy tries to sabatog Harry's potion. Like he doesn't ignore when his house bullies other houses shamefully. You are talking about biased. Harry Potter and his friend saved the school and they got points. The Slytherin get points for cheating , bullying others and even for breathing from snape. You are talking about how stupid it was for dumbledoor to give Harry and his friends points. Those girls insults Harry and Harry does nothing because they are girls if that is the case you should say that girls weak and pathetic that is why Harry didn't shoved them or are you going to let them belittle Harry like that and Harry just walks with his head down like all of this is his fault when it is not. You are one of those stupid Slytherin fan whose major member are death eaters or bullies and whose head house is baised infact dumbledoor gives those death eaters more chance the others and ignores the bullying that happens because of Slytherin but you have problem when Harry and his friends points for saving the school. You are truly a pathetic writter and you just proved it with this pathetic ff.
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