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for Devil May Cry: Freezing Edition

10/27/2022 c1 waile
please continue
8/6/2022 c1 3RonaldM40196867
2/26/2022 c1 Bobainox
Looks good, moreeee, a virgil who kills no batting a eye and fuckings womens at every turn. Thats the way
2/22/2022 c1 Galeon82
I love the idea of the fanfic to give Vergil a little mercy for what happened in his childhood by not being able to do anything on that fateful day than to his Mother where one of his famous phrases was born "power is everything, without power You can't protect anything, not even your life."
That leaves Vergil a bit of redemption in trying to get her mother back, knowing what Mundus did to Ella, and making the person who left her in that state pay.
But thinking about what Dante mentioned at the end of the D.M.C. V S.E. Regarding the past of the twins and their relationship with their parents
"Dante: Let me refresh your memory of a little Vergil crying in a corner because Mom got mad.
Virgil: I seem to remember that it was you who cried every time father raised his voice."
If with this deep down Verigil is a mother's boy and from what you can see fortune does not smile at all because despite her youthful appearance no matter how mature Casandra looks, she is her younger sister, not to mention if Eva He asks him how his life is to find out that he was an absent father, he fought duels to the death with Dante, he mutilated his son and as a cherry that possibly will be a grandfather in a near date they will give Vergil a look. One thing is for sure that he will not be competing against his younger half-sisters one thing is Dante but they are not part of the Sparda pack.
Me encanta la idea del fanfic el darle a Vergil una pequeña piedad por lo que paso en su infancia al no poder hacer nada en ese fatidico dia que a su Madre en donde nacio una de sus frases famosas "el poder lo es todo, sin poder no puedes proteger nada; ni si quiera tu vida".
Eso deja a Vergil una piesca de redencion al tratar de recuperar a su madre, saber lo hizo Mundus con Ella y hacer pagar a quien la dejo en ese estado.
Pero pensado lo que meciono Dante en el final del D.M.C. V S.E. con respeco al pasado de los gemelos y su relacion con sus padres
"Dante: Dejame refrescarte la memoria un pequeño Vergil llorando en una esquina por que mama se enfado.
Virgil: Me parece recordar que eras tu el que lloraba cada vez que padre levantaba la voz."
Si con esto muy en el fondo Verigil es un niño de mama y por lo que se ve la fortuna no le sonrrie del todo ya que pese a su apareincia juvenil por muy madura que se vea Casandra ella es su hermana menor, ni hablar si Eva le pregunta como es su vida para enterarse que fue un padre ausente, se batiera en duelos a muerte con Dante, mutilase a hijo y como cereza que posiblemente sea abuelo en una fecha cercana se le van dar la mirada a Vergil. Una cosa es segura que no se pondra a competir contra sus medias hermanas menores una cosa es Dante pero ellas no son parte le paquete Sparda.

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