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8/31/2023 c1 3Maester Henrikson
amazing story always felt like Minato is often portrayed to good given his war record
3/15/2023 c1 Guest
Damn this was cold but fire to read. Awesome job with this one shot.
12/7/2022 c1 4Policy
Yo this was fire!

Amazing depiction of Minato and how much of a ice cold killer this man must have been. Well done
10/17/2022 c1 424kSakuya
Nah bro me personally I would never allow myself to get that level of disrespect. That’s just me though.
10/16/2022 c1 SnailRoyal
YOOOOOOP THIS WAS BEAUTIFULLY WRITTEN OP! It always fascinated me how Minato is usually depicted under konahas positive pov but hes known to be a horrifying beast in the battlefield and killed so many. It's really wonderful to see the enemies pov on how horrifying he could actually get during the war. The imagery of your work is just MUAAAAH delicious, like that steak!
4/1/2022 c1 Mation
very nicely written
3/7/2022 c1 repetto2016
WOW, great one-shot. I loved that final.
2/20/2022 c1 1Professor Fluff
... holy fuck that's dark
2/20/2022 c1 Guest
This is so dark. I love it!

squeak squeak loved this

Minato teleporting into your shower is a horrifying idea.
2/20/2022 c1 12DemonGokuto
i think this story really shows how brutal Ninja's can be, but Minato went above and beyond in this case

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