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9/24 c62 36An Preson Peepul
You know, I wasn't quite ready to believe it'd ended, but now that it has...

I'm oddly satisfied.

Of course there are so many characters involved, like Blake and the Arc Ops who missed out on the ending, and that's just kind of part and parcel for a story that doesn't involve a small band of characters but rather the effects on the whole world. I really didn't think it would end like this, I thought for sure that Jaune would be found out and that there would be some fallout, but I guess you've already written way too much of that.

I'd like to think you've been a huge inspiration in how I write the world around my characters, with ordinary people trying to survive in a world that can be cruel and hateful, and in many ways, it feels like this story is the embodiment of the things I've tried to take away from reading your stories. There's just something about the way that these ordinary characters still find happiness, even after all the horrible things that people have put them through, that's made me just a little happy, even as the world just continues to move on like nothing ever happened.

It's certainly not a good ending–the main character's problems are solved, not through overcoming their problems, but running away to the bad side–but it's a happy one, and for this story specifically, I think I'm fine with that. If this is how Jaune finally finds happiness, then it is what it is.

Keep up the great work, and stay safe!
9/23 c62 7Joshua's Tall Tales
Salem nothing, I can't believe Coer allowed for an Arkos pairing!
9/21 c62 2High Calibur X
This feels like it ended way too fast. Guess that plot point with Salem goes nowhere? No reprecussions for faking his death? There’s a lot of ways I feel that this story could continue. Enjoyed it regardless, just wished there could have benn more.
9/20 c62 3Phosphofinite
Loved this ending, its exactly what I wanted with none of the downsides I expected. Great storya
9/14 c62 John Smith
Well, I guess that's one way to end a story. I get the main focus is Jaune and his point of view but Coeur's not going to give us even a bit of insight into the wider world via other pov's with the focus being Jaune's death? No Ozma/Ironwood pov trying to figure out what Salem's immediate and long term goals are now that Jaune's dead? No Arc pov on the family's grief at initial news of Jaune's death shifting to shock and other emotions once they're informed he's alive? No Ruby/Yang pov about how Weiss/Blake were changed by/viewed Jaune's death?

I'll be honest, I thought the point of the story was for Jaune to come to some realization about needing to set personal boundaries while still attempting to help people. As it stands he let himself be overworked, took the first serious offer to fake his death, and is apparently going to spend the rest of his life focusing on his daughter and seeing Pyrrha 4-6 times a year. I'll give it a 5/10 overall, 8/10 for the idea but a 3/10 for the execution.
9/16 c1 1Chucklebot3000
What a neat idea! I wonder how his semblance would evolve? Would he be able to speak with people long dead, see, or even summon ghosts?
9/15 c1 wearedeadpool
pretty good start so far.
9/12 c13 MLG Samantha
He has the power to save anyone. And because of it, he now hates everyone. I should have seen it coming sooner. I wonder if Raven is resentful in much the same way. Not exactly the same, but similar enough. Her Semblance also let's her save people, though only her loved ones and only when they are on the brink of death, not past it. Because her semblance lets her save her loved ones, she is expected to do so, and so ends up hating it and pushing her loved ones away. I wonder if we'll see as much in this fic, maybe Jaune will talk to a certain older Huntsman who also has blonde hair and blue eyes.
9/14 c62
I really enjoyed this story, the news headlines at the beginning of each chapter was brilliant.

Adjacent to some other reviews, please make sure you are looking after yourself, you've provided probably hundreds of thousands of hours of reading entertainment to readers, you've definitely earned a break if you need one.
9/14 c62 Aetheryna
I’m glad to see this story wrap up, and not for the most positive of reasons. The ending only really made me think “yeah, that makes sense”, and didn’t make me feel much of anything apart from a faint disappointment that everything turned out the way it did. Rather, I’m hoping that the break from the stories can help you figure out whatever it is that’s going on, because I think everyone’s noticed the drop in performance lately. I don’t know if it’s from being busy, disinterest in certain stories, or something we’re all entirely unaware of, but I do know that I’d much rather have fewer but higher quality stories than a greater number of mediocre stories because, frankly, Second Choice and Raise felt mediocre compared to everything that came before. For a Drama Hurt/Comfort story, I felt surprisingly little emotional investment in this story, particularly the latter half of it, and I’m pretty sure heavy emotional investment is the whole point of this genre.

Everyone else has already gone into further details about this issue so I’m going to just cut it off soon. Unfortunately there aren’t anymore complete stories, so I’ll have to slow down my reading pace because I hate having to keep up with ongoing stories since I always forget and have to refresh myself every week.

9/12 c62 Guest
I'm sorry dude, but this is blatantly unfinished. There are way too many dropped story threads and unanswered questions. I know you don't normally read reviews but I hope the negative reception convinces you to lighten your workload.
9/13 c8 Aetheryna
Yeah halfway through the chapter I was about to say, as sickeningly sweet as this is, Weiss was acting just like the girl at the store and that it was an interesting reversal of the expected dynamic but that I couldn’t help but feel that this is going to be worse for Jaune than if Weiss had the canon reaction. Glad to see I wasn’t the only one with reservations.
9/10 c62 Cooldude
To the other reviewers complaining about the unresolved plot points:
Sure it’s a bit annoying but you have to remember that this fic is about Jaune’s story and not the issues of the world. Jaune (now Nickel) is happy and content with his life. Why does he have to fix the issues of the world? It ain’t his problem, that’s RWBY and the Ozluminati’s problem.

Regarding how this story ended abruptly:
I do agree that it seems like Coeur just wanted to end this story and I don’t exactly blame him. Writing what five or so stories simultaneously is absolutely insane. I’d personally suggest that Coeur write at most two or maybe three stories simultaneously and to prioritise writing the stories that he’s actually interested in and enjoys writing.

Any other ideas can be left on the back burner with a chapter or so written when interest strikes or added to a list of ideas for the future. Hell you could even add a list of ideas/premises you aren’t interested in writing onto your profile or something so people who are interested in them could adopt and write them.

My own questions:
What was Jaune’s family’s or home town’s reactions to his “death”?
Did Pyrrha become the half-fall maiden or did she refuse?
9/12 c62 1Makaphin
Long-time fan deciding to be more vocal for once, here.

You know, I read up to the second to most recent chapter of IYWD (as of Sept 12, 2023) and thought "Man, Pyrrha oughtta get a story where she wins the shipping wars at some point, right?" and then this happens and I'm now thinking "If this is some sort of cosmic joke, I'm all for it"

What a ride this has been- granted I wasn't there for all of it. I was there for Chapter 1, got to around 20-ish(?) and lost notifications (thanks FFN), and then came back just in time to binge the whole damn thing as the last chapter was released.

Anyway, another fantastic Couer fic closed out. I just can't get enough of your work sometimes. A long rollercoaster weaving through Jaune's politics, public scrutiny, and personal life (his three P's as it were /j) that you managed to wrap up with the bow that is a generally positive ending for almost everyone involved which I didn't think I'd see here.

I can't possibly go over everything I liked after only a day of processing so here's all I can list off the top of my head:
the disgustingly accurate portrayal of the media, the public, and the subject matter individuals, I don't envy Jaune at all and but I really feel for him the whole way through;
reworking Cinder's conspiracy surrounding Jaune was well-executed and honestly endeared me to her group more than I expected, they (well, half of them) really have become honest friends with Jaune through their scheming and it's kind of nice to see for once, and I'm glad you cleared that up by the end, someone might have;
Jaune's development in learning to navigate a world that wants him and finally taking action for himself;
the headlines were a fantastic touch and I think really make the fic work at its best, all the events across Remnant told through the headlines do a massive help in making the world feel way bigger than Jaune's immediate circle and just MMMMM, no words, so good, likely my favorite part about the fic, that final Levenin article... chef's kiss.

Minor criticisms and nitpicks:
I do wish the resolution after Jaune's faked death was a bit longer. Perhaps more time taken to show the reactions of everyone ever close to Jaune (aside from the immediate few) just to drive it home. We see the headlines of course, but a better look at the people he leaves behind just would have been nice, I think;
I feel like Jaune's aura problems post-Atlas felt a little too easy to deal with? I don't know. I know it stayed its visit in the fic for the right amount of time given its importance to the narrative. Maybe I need a re-read.
Lastly, and this is just me, I WAN SOM MOAR OF DAT EPILOGUE. Jaune and Pyrrha are my preferred ship (yes I am and seeing Jaune finally happy was just... aaaaaa. It's like a sugary dessert. Perfect treat at the end of the sixty-two-chapter meal that is this fic. I'm going to read just that part again as soon as I hit Post Review.

That is all to say, Thank you so much for this fic. I love your work. You are probably my favorite fanfic Author. I'd support you if I had an income. I look forward to the next fics you have in store for us in the coming weeks.

(PS. If I were actively reading around the time you had your car accident, there would have been nothing to stop me from making "But he's got a Jaaaaag" jokes. Sorry, not sorry. Wishing you safe journeys on the roads for the future.)
(PPS. "Mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu-mu" -Bocchi)
9/12 c62 19vmoneywashere
This was a fun fic. Glad I was here for every chapter of it.

And an Arkos win? Goddess, I can't believe it! You actually ended with Arkos being in the limelight!

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